Pandemic Movies

All right now. I’ve written about pandemic movies so much here at IndieGala, that I think I’m becoming obnoxious. I truly do. But hear me out. I do have a solid inspiration behind this particular post as well. As the world deals with a deadlier third wave of the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic…. I think it’s time to look at some of the movies from a different perspective. From a scientific perspective that is.

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Pandemic Movies

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Exploring The Accuracy Of The Pandemic Movies

And why are we going back to the pandemic movies? Well because I’m sorry to say but they’re still relevant and eye-opening as well. Furthermore, the world is getting closer to an end to this nightmare, but progress is still slow. It will take time for things to get back to the old normal. But as always there’s hope and we’re all about that.

And in the past year or so, movies have been our constant source of entertainment. Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming device has been a constant in the task of forgetting our mundane existence. So… Without further ado… What are some of our movie picks? Well, I’ve already mentioned some of them in our previous posts. But some of them are fresh and brand new. So, I’ll focus on the virus accuracy in them. How it’s manifested, is it a real or fictional virus and how are they treating the virus in those movies. Every single one of these opinions is based on medical personnel’s opinion regarding the matter. Let’s begin.

Oh, and shout-out to my husband! A healthcare worker who spent this year selflessly taking care of the vulnerable, the sick and the elderly. He and millions like him are a true source of inspiration, and we want to thank them for their dedication and tenacity in dealing with this virus.


Probably one of the most binged movies of 2020. And perhaps 2021. Why you might ask? Well because it portrays a very similar scenario with the one we’re dealing with now. It’s been a decade since Contagion’s release and we’re still finding similarities with it. First and foremost, even before the Coronavirus pandemic, Contagion got all the praise for its accuracy. And with good reason.

The movie portrayed a hyper-realistic path of spreading the virus, the containment and the path to an eventual vaccine. Not to mention the movie follows scientists, members of the WHO and CDC in the race of finding a cure for the disease. And although the MEV-1 is fictional we clearly see that it spreads in the same matter as the COVID-19 virus. And it has a high mortality rate as well. But the thing is, Contagion goes beyond the medical staff. It shows the global economic ramifications of the pandemic, and yeah. It hit way too close to home for so many of us.


It is a 90’s movie, but still, a great and thought-provoking one. Oh, and another movie that has similarities with the current pandemic. And also a movie that has an animal host carrier of the virus. Outbreak has 4 Oscar winners in the cast and remains to this day one of the most beloved movies.

But is it accurate? Not really, according to most modern scientists and epidemiologists. And it was thanks to Contagion that the world understood how inaccurate and shallow Outbreak is. Well, in medical terms anyway. But yeah, in a nutshell, the film is loosely based on a virulent Ebola-like virus outbreak. However, had nonsense containment responses. Such as erasing villages and towns by blowing them off the map. Or a single monkey having enough antiserum to save the world. It’s just not plausible in real life, but it does provide a good source of entertainment.

12 Monkeys

Another 90’s movie, but a movie with a different virus. And also a movie that’s mostly set in the future. So, after a deadly virus whipped out most of humanity in the mid-’90s, some of the few survivors are hiding. Underground. So a prisoner must go back in time, and find the virus. Oh, and help the scientists find a cure for the virus as well. 12 Monkeys is only my second favorite Terry Gilliam movie (after Brazil), but in terms of the accuracy, it’s somewhere in the middle.

If we accept that time travel is possible, the virus story in this movie is improbable. Furthermore, in reality, populations that get exposed to a virus either die, recover, or are still susceptible. Moreover, It also engages with themes like the ethical treatment of animals and activism. And it also offers commentary on environmentalism and the fragile socio-economic fabric of society. All in all… It’s a pretty great movie (with great performances), but really not that accurate.

The Andromeda Strain

The Andromeda Strain is probably the oldest movie on this list. And also a movie that blends Science fiction and reality beautifully. But the movie depicts a team of scientists who investigate a deadly organism of extraterrestrial origin. And yes, despite the 130 minutes of running time, this is a fantastic movie. With great CGI (for the period anyway) and great production design. But at the same time, it’s a movie with highly unlikely development. The idea of a virus coming from space is improbable.

Why? Because it would have to survive a very harsh environment and travel enormous distances to get here. Furthermore, organisms mutating and becoming able to digest plastic and rubber is absurd. Not to mention being able to escape from a lab. But if there’s one thing that we do know to be true from the movie… A virus can be eliminated with proper hygiene. Just a little bit of water and soap is all you need. Remember all the PSA announcements to wash your hands? Well, there aren’t there for nothing.

28 Days Later

Let’s dive into zombie territory, shall we? Now, I’ve written about 28 Days Later before. Heck, I even did a review of the movie last year. Check it out here. But just how accurate the movie really is? Not much. It’s probably the least accurate movie on this list. Zombies or not. Indeed, the movie still has a razor-sharp political and social commentary. But not much else. According to modern scientists, the science portion of the zombie virus transmission is not accurate at all. Even in an unlikely scenario that could potentially happen.

Viruses can be transmitted from one person to another through a bite, but not that quickly. In 20/30 seconds. Furthermore, viruses need to make more of themselves, and that takes time. First, they have to penetrate one of your cells, often through the lining of the mouth. Then they must spread to other cells. With the flu, it takes about 24 hours before you even recognize you have some sort of disease. However, the only thing that will take effect immediately is a toxin. So, yeah. Not likely that you will turn into a zombie in less than a minute. Sorry.

Which Are Your Favorite Pandemic Movies?

Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know all about them. Oh, and make sure to share some of the inaccuracies that you noticed in some of them. We’d love to know about them too.

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