VORAX Update 0.7 Preview #4

Cave Retrospective

We are one week away from Steam Next Fest and the upcoming 0.7 Update.

Hope you are having an amazing weekend. In anticipation of the upcoming event, we’ve updated the full version early for everyone who acquired it from IndieGala.

It features only some of the Next Fest Update elements, but enough to give you a taste of what’s to come. We are continuously working on polishing it, every day and your feedback is very valuable.

Many of the locations have been updated, including caves as well as the monsters residing inside. Bigger and more deadly dangers are to be expected.

VORAX Update 0.7 Preview #4: The caves got more dangerous

VORAX Update 0.7 Preview #4

Observation Report:

The inside of the caves seem contaminated by the virus. Walls are drenched in the mutagenic tissue, pulsating and emanating a horrible odor. There are also valuable resources that are worth investigating.

The infection only seems to spread further, even outside the caves. Variants of the similar type of specimens get created.

The situation seems to be getting worse. Variants who appear human, but they are taller, stronger. They do not seem capable to communicate. It would also appear that these caves are the main nests and hatchery for these specimens.

VORAX Update 0.7 Preview #4: More to come!

As previously mentioned, Update 0.7 is in the works, continuously being polished and will be ready and live just in time for the upcoming Steam Next Fest, so look forward to that.

We will Update our Demo and open Alpha as well they will receive most of the new software features, apart of course, being strictly limited to 1square kilometer, while full version being huge 10 sq km open world.

Don’t forget we will be part of this year’s upcoming Steam Next Fest and we will also have some surprises ready for then.

Join the nightmare today on Discord and get ready to be scared out of your wits. Remember, in Vorax, the horrors are real, and the nightmares are endless.

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