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Little Hope review: the new chapter of Dark Pictures Anthology will meet the expectations of fans? Well, you know I’ve always been fascinated by this idea of the Supermassive Games software house. Not surprisingly, on the blog, you can also find my review about Man of Medan, the first episode of the series.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is an interesting project, a series of games unrelated to each other that involve maximum participants. In a nutshell, it’s more than just a videogame, it is a psychological experience. Overall, what is Little Hope, the second chapter of the franchise? Let’s not waste any more time and analyze the features of the game together!

Little Hope Review: a horror movie plot, more or less

First, you need to analyze the plot of the game. Little Hope like the other titles in the series, puts a lot of importance on storytelling. I also linked the trailer of the game at the beginning of this section. This is because you can realize the atmosphere and emotions you will find playing the game. However, do not believe that this is the classic horror title. The plot is more complex than it might seem.

Little Hope is a cursed town. In 1600, this place was considered a place where witches dominated, realizing their demonic rites. Of course, in the game, it is the ubiquitous Curator to tell us such stories. Over time, this place has maintained an aura of mystery, also due to the fire of a house caused by a doll, an event that killed an entire family except for a child.

Little Hope Review plot

The story moves into the present when a group of college students visits Little Hope. Due to a bus crash and the driver’s disappearance, they will have to explore the city, fleeing from death on several occasions. Will they be able to save and discover the mystery that grips the town?

I don’t want to tell you more about the plot, you have to know that some moments will blow your mind and maybe you won’t understand anything. This is a small flaw, in some case, the story is too confusing.

Regardless, I appreciated how the plot in the background presents numerous ethical themes, such as fighting your inner demons and confront yourself with the past. The message behind the game is pure and moving, but I tell you that you will have to complete the game with the good ending to fully grasp it!

Gameplay not suitable for those who love the action

The gameplay of the game

In this Little Hope review I want to be honest: don’t try it if you love the action. This title is a survival horror and psychological. This means that some parts of the gameplay will be slow, made of exploration and attention to detail.

You’re gonna play third-person view and you’re gonna have to gradually lead all the college students trapped in Little Hope. In short, the action will be reduced to the smallest detail and you will not have much freedom. The most exciting moment will be the famous Quick Time Events, where you will have to press the right keys at the right time, otherwise, there will be the killing of a character.

As I said before, tension is the real highlight of the gameplay. Your every action will have a consequence and the slightest mistake could get you a bad ending. I mean, don’t play this game if you want to relax!

Little Hope Review: playing together is better

Gameplay multiplayer

I rarely say that some games are better when tried in multiplayer, but in this review of Little Hope, I have to admit this fact. I think the best way through which you can play this title of Dark Pictures Anthology is with a group of friends.

In this way, each of you will interpret a character, creating a kind of interactive role-playing game. I tried this experience firsthand and realized some advantages. The game becomes more fun and tense than normal because you will not have control over the actions of the other characters.

Plus, this way the game increases its longevity. In Single Player, the title lasts really little, just 3-4 hours. In multiplayer, the game can also last 8 hours. Moreover, you can also replay the game several times trying to unlock the three different endings.

A breathtaking technical level

Little Hoper review, technical aspects

From the technical point of view, Little Hope is a gem. The graphics are wonderful, sometimes it seems to watch a movie. Also, the main characters are played through Motion Capture by real actors. While you play, you can recognize some faces known as Ellen David or Will Poulter.

I suggest you play Little Hope with a computer that reflects the recommended requirements. Believe me, the experience is completely different from the usual and you will be able to fully identify yourself in the game world!

Play or not play Little Hope?

If you liked Man of Medan or Until Dawn, you have the green light to play Little Hope. Once again, for an optimal experience, I suggest you try it with friends. If you prefer FPS and action, well, don’t try this game.

You can buy the game at a discounted price in our store, don’t miss this opportunity! Is Little Hope really as evil as it seems? Discover it in this fabulous adventure.

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