Vorax Update 0.7

New AI Update Preview Video

We’ve prepared a special treat for all the Mercenaries. A short video compilation featuring some of the new improvements and changes that will be brought by the 0.7 Update in the Steam Next Fest Update.

This video will highlight the improved dodge system, improved ragdolls and hit effects, improved melee combat with brand new dismemberment system, improved blood effects & more.

IMPORTANT: This is our first video featuring audio commentary, so make sure to give it a proper listen.

Vorax Update 0.7: The habits of wild dogs

Observation Report:

Wild dogs have always been part of the island’s fauna. The wolf is known as the apex predator and a crucial component for a healthy ecosystem. Their effect on the overpopulation of the forest is remarkable.

Unsurprisingly, they even may practice cannibalism, because they are opportunistic carnivores.

Wild Dogmen cooperation extends to their social structure, they have complex hierarchies, similar to regular wild dogs, and move as packs using cooperation and teamwork to pursue, overhaul and bring down their target. They can communicate with each other by touch, actions, and vocalizations.

Dogmen have been observed capable to sprint after their prey at speeds of over 70km (44 miles) an hour.

Vorax Update 0.7: Gameplay Improvements & Balancing

Vorax Update 0.7

Bringing various gameplay fixes and improvements, as well as visual and quality of life optimizations, a few of the changes bring:

– Map lighting, day/night/storm effects, UI, textures, and models improvements and remastering

– Adjusted and balanced several materials / ammo spawn locations

– NPC drops overhauled

– Fixed various clipping issues

– NPC pathfinding improvements

– New behavioral patterns added to NPCs

– Minor Audio improvements, additions and bug fixes, to, vehicle, gun and combat sound effects

– Fixed mission-related problems where sometimes essential objects weren’t handled correctly

– Enhanced appearance of several Hunters

– Added more roads and locations to drive to, together with road signs and landmarks

– Various other minor fixes and improvements

– Added more environmental storytelling & secrets to be discovered

More to come!

Vorax Update 0.7

Update 0.7 is in the works, continuously being polished and will be ready and live just in time for the upcoming Steam Next Fest.

We will Update our Demo and open Alpha as well they will receive most of the new software features, apart of course, being strictly limited to 1square kilometer, while full version being huge 10 sq km open world.

Don’t forget we will be part of this year’s upcoming Steam Next Fest in around two weeks.

Join the nightmare today on Discord and get ready to be scared out of your wits. Remember, in Vorax, the horrors are real, and the nightmares are endless.

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