Update 0.7 Preview #5

Guns, guns & more guns

Update 0.7 Preview #5

Steam Next Fest is just a few days away. The updated Demo is almost ready for everyone to try out.

We overhauled bullet dynamics, impact physics, tracing mechanics, and accuracy systems and the firearms functionalities, as well as some animations and textures, for the existing weapons as well as some new ones.

We will explore these improvements and highlight the distinctive features of some of the new firearms within the game. The polishing continues, since there is plenty of work to be done, but we are striving to get better and better results each time.

Update 0.7 Preview #5: Weapon & Bullet Improvements include:

Weapon Recoil & Dynamics

We have reworked animations and interactions. We hope that now the feeling is reasonably realistic as well as somehow fun too. Even if it is challenging to have both a realistic and fun gun mechanic at the same time, we hope that the realistic sensation of using the new improved weapons matches at least half of the genuine sensation of guns in real life. But that will be for the players to decide.

Update 0.7 Preview #5

The audio of the weapons has been resampled using real weapon sound samples for an improved immersion and audio accuracy. Thanks to the rework of our talented sound designer, Simon Chylinski, who did a good job for the soundtrack and effects in our previous game, Die Young, and was also the composer of the Subnautica OST. In our humble opinion, he is doing some of his finest work with Vorax right now and we are thankful for his support.

Bullet Tracing & Impact System

We truly reworked the entire bullet tracing system. We refactored in a more efficient way the tracing: now there are queries traces in the system with no physics involved. They, however are not just simple point to point lines. They also involve some complex curves, in order to simulate the accuracy of the weapon.

We hope that this system ensures the realistic gameplay that we want to feel in our game. It also brings a lot of functional efficiency, meaning that gameplay will not be so resource consuming, reducing stuttering and avoiding frame drops in the most intense system demanding moments.

Update 0.7 Preview #5: Bullet Accuracy & Aiming

There are complex calculations in the moment when you use the iron sight (zoom-in the weapon). We hope we have developed a believable system, that when a player right-clicks realistically improves their accuracy, from a functional point of view, not only visually. The enemy is zoomed in and the bullet accuracy calculations are more precise.

Since it is a game experience, not a highly accurate militaristic simulator, it is always a difficult tradeoff between having a satisfactory experience for the players and the accurate reproduction of reality, which sometimes, if not properly balanced, can lead to frustrating sensations.

We do hope that by playing the upcoming 0.7 Update, coming to both the demo and full version, people will enjoy the new improved experience and share with us all the feedback, both positive and negative, which will help us further improve the game.

Update 0.7 Preview #5: Weapons Highlighted Earlier in Order

Weapon Spotlight: AK-12 & AKM

The AK-12, (“Avtomat Kalashnikova, 2012”) assault rifle and the AKM are the ideal choice for engagements across various ranges. Accuracy and recoil control are some of their strong advantages.

Weapon Spotlight: Double Barrel Shotgun

The double-barreled shotgun has a wide spread pattern. Its devastating close-quarters power involves a calculated risk, challenging mercenaries to choose their moments wisely for maximum impact, especially since it only uses two single shots. Manage your shells and your reloading wisely.

Weapon Spotlight: Uzi

The Uzi’s submachine is ideal for swift and deadly spray actions. Its fast fire rate, light design and its compact design makes it useful for keeping multiple enemies at bay. Ammo may deplete faster than intended, if used without proper care.

Weapon Spotlight: M9 and P226

Sidearms, like M9 and P226 models, are viable alternatives in critical situations, providing mercenaries with reliable backup options for precision shooting. Pistols use 9mm ammo and are light weight. Their semiautomatic makes bullet conservation more accessible.

Weapon Spotlight: Mossberg 500

As a pump-action shotgun, the Mossberg 500 receives a technical facelift, ensuring that every shell counts. If you are seeking a close and personal approach, and faster than the old reliable double-barreled shotgun, this tactical shotgun can do a good job.

More to come!

We hope now that the system is improved in many aspects. We are listening to your feedback and appreciate all the involvement of the community.

As previously mentioned, Update 0.7 is in the works, continuously being polished and will be ready and live just in time for the upcoming Steam Next Fest, so look forward to that.

We will Update our Demo and open Alpha as well they will receive most of the new software features, apart of course, being strictly limited to 1square kilometer, while full version being huge 10 sq km open world.

Don’t forget we will be part of this year’s upcoming Steam Next Fest and we will also have some surprises ready for then. Any feedback is appreciated, so please share your thoughts and content with us.

Join the nightmare today on Discord and get ready to be scared out of your wits. Remember, in Vorax, the horrors are real, and the nightmares are endless.

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