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Vorax Open Alpha is LIVE! Play Now!


            Are you looking for another survival horror experience? Interested in playing a game that requires planning and resource management to overcome hordes of mindless enemies. If the answer to any of those is yes then you should consider giving Vorax a look.

            Set on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, the game follows an army battalion set to investigate what happened to the population after being exposed to a strange pathogen. After 48 hours radio silence installs itself and there is little hope of any survivors making it back. Will you be the one to survive and prove them wrong?

            For those willing to give it a try there are good news for the open alpha will be available both Steam and on the IndieGala website/client. Consider checking it out.

What to Expect in the Open Alpha?

More Tools & Weapons

In this vast and difficult land, you must survive through creative ways. Utilize the chainsaw, hatchet and bow and arrow to succeed.


Incendiary, explosives, and tripwires have been added to your crafting arsenal as additional means of protection or for whichever purpose you may see fit.

Wood Piling and Crafting

Wood is a vital component for protection and survival if used correctly. Cut, chop, farm, gather, all in the hopes to see another day. Our new improvements to wood piling should lend you a hand…

…And More

We have added multiple features, monsters, and locations for exploration. If you would like more information about these updates, please visit our Steam Page.    

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