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Video 1: Chainsaw – Woodcutting

In order to build your defenses and fortifications, raw material will be needed. In the sylvan section of the island wood is easily available, from small saplings, bushes to tall and majestic trees. There is a bountiful arborical selection.

However, harvesting and gathering wood isn’t such a light task. Tools are needed. While punching a tree, with one’s brute force, could, in some circumstances, offer a few splinters, an axe or a hatchet would do a slightly better job. But, we have evolved beyond such primitive methods, and have found a more efficient method: the chainsaw.

A fairly hefty tool but it gets the job done: trees, logs, evergreen, wild animals and more, as long as you have the space and strength to carry, with enough fuel in your tank, you can clear out an entire forest in a jiffy.

Video 2: Close & Personal – Chainsaw Combat

Chainsaws, hatchets, hammers, etc. There are plenty of melee options that allow you to get close and personal. But, did you know that chainsaws can be used for more than just cutting trees?

Yes. Originally, the first chain saws were being used in surgery, for the excision of diseased joints or simply cutting bone. Luckily nowadays on the island, you do not need a medical degree nor take the Hippocratic Oath in order to operate a chainsaw…and there are plenty of diseased specimens that need a check-up.

If “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, a chainsaw keeps everyone away, every day.

Video 3: Circuits – “Let there be light”

Fuses, diodes, resistors, capacitors and lots of wiring. While becoming an aspiring electrical engineer can be a great prospect for the future, getting back alive from the island must come as a priority.

Completing a broken panel requires the rotation of tiles of a network trying to connect power to the grid. Generation of the grid is entirely procedural so that no playthrought has the same puzzle.

By solving the electrical puzzles, mounting enough fuses and with the right parts, entire buildings, dark hallways or even sewer sections can be illuminated.

Remember: light may maintain your sanity…but may also attract unwanted visitors.

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