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The much anticipated moment is here. The Steam Next Fest together with the 0.7 Update allows you to fight dogmen, craft and shoot like you’ve never done before. Try the Demo on Steam today!

Steam Next Fest: What’s new in this update?

Steam Next Fest

As mentioned in Preview #1 we have the new Dogmen included in the game, and you can meet them at any hour of the day.

In Preview #2 we expanded on their behavior and a new type of barrel monster.

In Preview #3 we covered more aspects regarding the overhauled AI and gameplay features.

And in Preview #4 we talked more about the changes brought to the caves and its monsters.

And ending on Preview #5 where we expanded on the many changes and improvements we brought to the weapons.

You can read more in detail by checking the Steam News Section for Vorax.

We are trying to offer the finest experience to all of the players, and while we know that not everything will be perfect from the get go, we would like to take this moment to thank everyone who has contributed and keeps sending us feedback and suggestions.

We know that the game still has a long way to go, but we are working hard on it and want to develop something special.

Steam Next Fest: Here is a short changelog styled list brought to the game:

AI Behavior Overhaul, totally redesigned.

Human enemies Animation locomotion system totally redesigned with a new layer-base system.

  • 3 New Enemy types: Dogmen (aggressive, defensive and passive )
  • 2 New mini bosses Pockmarked Mutant and Naked mini boss,
  • Barrels Boss ( not available in demo)
  • Tame/recruit companion/ally feature added for some enemies like Dogmen
  • Ragdoll logic, blood, bleeding and dismemberment visual effects totally refactored
  • New base building crafting options
  • Car/driving mechanics improved ( not available in demo)
  • New weapons and resources.
  • Map lighting, day/night/storm effects, UI, textures, and models improvements and remastering
  • Adjusted and balanced several materials / ammo spawn locations
  • NPC drops overhauled
  • Fixed various clipping issues
  • NPC pathfinding improvements
  • New behavioral patterns added to NPCs
  • Minor Audio improvements, additions and bug fixes, to, vehicle, gun and combat sound effects
  • Fixed mission-related problems where sometimes essential objects weren’t handled correctly
  • Enhanced appearance of several Hunters
  • Added more roads and locations to drive to, together with road signs and landmarks
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements
  • Added more environmental storytelling & secrets to be discovered

Try the updated Demo today and share the news with your friends, we would greatly appreciate it and it will motivate us to work even harder and more passionate than ever.

Join the nightmare today on Discord and get ready to be scared out of your wits. Remember, in Vorax, the horrors are real, and the nightmares are endless.

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