Tour de France 2020 Steam

Tour de France 2020 on Steam, why buy it? Well, there are several reasons to do it. If you love sports games, this title will get you excited. Be careful though, because such a game is different than others in this genre. I mean, Tour de France 2020 is not like AO Tennis 2 or PES 2020.

Why? Well, first, take a look at the trailer.

Did you see it? Now let’s discover together the features of the video game published by Bigben Interactive.

Tour de France 2020 Steam: leave your opponents in the dust

Are you ready to become a professional cyclist? With Tour de France 2020 you can do it. In the game, you will have the opportunity to create your cyclist. That’s the main feature of the Pro Leader mode. You will have to start from the rear, participating in different qualifying races before you can reach the coveted Tour de France.

Of course, you can customize every aspect of your character. You can choose what type of cyclist to become, whether a sprinter or a climber. However, if you want to win you will have to manage the race to the smallest detail. You will have to take into account your endurance, the position on the saddle, the trajectory, and the inclined sections of the track. If you can control these parameters then you will cross the finish line first.

Tour de France 2020 on Steam is not a difficult game. To be fair, it’s not even easy. I could see a lack of balance in this respect. Some goals will be really easy to achieve, for example, you can get the polka dot jersey effortlessly. At the same time, winning the main Tour will be hard. In short, I think finding balance with this game is harsh! All in all, the gameplay is enjoyable and will keep you glued to your PC.

Pro Team: build a winning crew

Pro Team is a mode that I enjoyed. It is a more managerial mode. This way, you can be behind the scenes and take your team to victory by controlling every aspect of your crew.

You can choose which cyclist to aim at, who to entrust the most difficult tracks, and when to attack the race. In a nutshell, you can be the mind that moves the athletes in the race, guiding them to victory.

That’s why I told you that Tour de France 2020 is a sports game different from the usual. Here you don’t have to rely on instinct, but you have to plan your every move, just like you’re playing a real-time strategy game.

Try Tour de France 2020 on Steam and give your opinion

Tour de France 2020, try it

So, is Tour de France 2020 a perfect game? Well, no. Sure, it is addictive and fun but its graphics aren’t great. I mean, it is the same engine as the other cycling games. Of course, it’s not horrible, but in general, it seems too “artificial”. Regardless, from a graphical point of view, I enjoyed the game’s first-person mode. You can experience the race differently thanks to this view.

What do you think of the game? Feel free to share your opinion with the Indiegala community! Alternatively, if you want to try the game, buy it now in our store at a reduced price.

Become the strongest cyclist in the world and win the glory of the Tour de France!

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