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Megaman X is a Capcom icon. I always preferred the classic Blue Bomber. However, even the coolest and most aggressive version is very nice.

For this reason, when I saw that Megaman X Legacy Collection was available, I took it without a second thought. Moreover, I think everyone who loves platformers should do the same.

Why all this love for this game? Well, keep reading my review and let me explain why you should try this Legacy Collection at least once in your life.

Megaman X Legacy Collection: how many games has it?

His Gameplay

First, I want to explain what this collection includes. You should know that the Megaman X saga has no conclusion. Over time, several games have been made, released on different platforms.

Franchise fans, like me, have had to buy different consoles from time to time to continue with the story. With the Legacy Collection on, the other hand, all this is completely forgotten! You can have at your disposal ALL the games dedicated to Megaman X in just two parts.

In fact, with Legacy Collection 1 you can play the first four chapters of the saga. Legacy Collection 2 allows you to try the most modern games, those released between 2000 and 2004.

I suggest you try them all: if you love the challenge and want a game that tests your skills, this collection is for you.

The frustration of gameplay

Megaman X gameplay

Now let’s talk about the gameplay. Let me tell you right now one thing: Megaman is not easy. Any game from the collection will put your patience to the test.

I think it’s a good thing. Not surprisingly, I’ve always enjoyed challenging games, especially new ones like Exit Limbo. So, if you prefer calmer and more exciting games, I suggest you look elsewhere.

The games of the franchise, are platformer where you have to calculate each movement precisely. At the same time, fatal and bad enemies will emerge from every part of the screen. Believe me, sometimes you will feel the fall of despair. But do not fall! With trained reflexes and desire to triumph, you can face even the most difficult levels.

Besides, as in any game dedicated to the hero Capcom, you will have upgrades and power-ups at your disposal. In a way, this allows you to customize the gameplay. You can choose the best weapons to beat the bosses and advance without too many complications.

Moreover, some power-ups will allow you to unlock secret areas. Your curiosity will always be rewarded, do not stop exploring! I advise you not to neglect to backtrack. Just like in Indivisible, sometimes, to overcome certain areas, you have to retouch back and take advantage of upgrades.

Although longevity is not exceptional, I can guarantee you that Megaman X games can have fun and ensure you several hours of gameplay. Being able to finish even a single chapter of this collection, can give you great satisfaction.

A clash of graphics

Megaman X and a clash of graphics

One of the things I like most about this collection is the clash of graphics that it creates. The older chapters have 2D graphics while the new ones have a nice 3D. In any case, the games are treated in detail. Every aspect is perfect, not to mention the colors, always bright and lively.

I can say that I prefer 2D graphics. With this, you can play with a magical atmosphere that will transport you fully into the game world. Once again, I can say that games with non-hyper-realistic graphics are the best and those who read my reviews know what I mean.

Besides, I want to point out that 2D graphics are even more accurate in the controls. Any action is performed at its best and the character will respond to perfection in jumps, shots, or attaches. This does not mean that the games in Legacy collection 2 are ugly or bad. However, playing one after the other, you will notice small delays and imperfections that may slightly undermine your gaming experience.

In any case, thanks to this game you can enjoy a magnificent experience with “ancient” elements for videogames: platforming, high difficulty and, wonderful 2D graphics.

Megaman X Legacy Collection, the advice is clear: try it!

I’m talking to you as a fan of the series and a videogame lover: Megaman X Legacy Collection is a monument in a period where we often hear about retro-gaming. Try it guarantees hours of gameplay, challenge, and lots of fun.

If you’ve already played it, feel free to share your experience with the Indiegala community. You can leave your comment in the section below and discuss the different aspects of the game with other users of the blog.

If you want to buy it, I suggest you try the bundle that contains part 1 and part 2, available in our store at a special price.

Eliminate evil from the cybernetic world with Megaman X!

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