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AO Tennis 2 for PC is a game that intrigued me. You should know that in addition to football, tennis is my favorite sport. Not surprisingly, one of my perfect sports games is Top Spin 4.

After this game, no noteworthy tennis games were released. In recent times, the trend has been reversed and developers have released several tennis-themed videogames such as Tennis World Tour and the aforementioned AO Tennis 2 for PC.

What are the characteristics of the latter? Here’s everything you need to know about it!

AO Tennis 2 for PC: a mix of realism and arcade

AO Tennis 2 PC: a mix of realism and Arcade

It’s not easy to make a good tennis videogame. This sport is dynamic and quick. The movements are lightning-fast and there are so many elements that need to be controlled. In these respects, AO Tennis 2 for PC does its job very well.

When you control your player, you can make smooth movements. Overall, each game will be enjoyable and highly competitive. There is realism, when you use some licensed tennis players.

Yes, because the roster of AO Tennis 2 includes numerous legends of the sport. You can play champions like Rafael Nadal, Stan Wawrinka, Fernando Verdasco, Ash Barty, Samantha Stosur, Angelique Kerber, and others.

Watching them play on the screen will give you the impression of seeing a real match! Regardless, there is also an arcade component. This factor makes the game fun and never repetitive. Don’t be surprised if sometimes some points seem amazing: tennis can be unpredictable and hey, it’s just a (video)game!

Start your career among professionals

Character customization

I liked the career mode of AO Tennis 2 for PC. Compared to the classic professional path that you can find in games like PES (Yes, I’m talking about you Become a Legend), I found it a difficult mode to deal with.

You’ll have to start at the bottom step, from smaller tournaments, beat stronger opponents, and make your way into the world rankings. Only after several hours of play can you compete seriously for the most important tournaments.

I enjoyed this mode, which increases the longevity of the game and makes it enjoyable. Sure, sometimes it can be frustrating to lose, but from every defeat, you can learn new tricks and strokes. At the same time, you’ll need to customize your character in every detail. You will have to choose the type of game you want to use on court and increase your winning skills. Plus, you can choose the appearance of your player, changing your clothing and accessories.

AO Tennis 2 offers wide freedom for character customization. Believe me, it will be satisfying to bring your player to victory, a gaming experience that I advise you to try at maximum difficulty!

The power of the community

Player list from community

Another thing I appreciate about the game is the power of the community. I think it’s revolutionary, something I’ve never seen in a tennis video game. As said before, the roster of players is varied but still limited.

Only some tennis players have unique movements and look like their real counterparts. However, AO Tennis 2 for PC allows the community to share custom players and make them available to every user of the game.

This means you can download an entire list of real players created by fans. Of course, their movements will be cumbersome and almost equal to each other, but this possibility is really enjoyable, at least for those who follow tennis like me.

You can also download venues, scenarios, and logos and make the game much more like reality. I mean, I didn’t expect this chance and I was impressed with it. For this reason, I think AO Tennis 2 for PC is slightly better than the other tennis simulators released in recent times.

AO Tennis 2 for PC: technical and graphic aspects

AO Tennis 2 PC and graphics

Here are some things I didn’t like about the game. I mean, it’s 2020 and having a tennis videogame that has PS2 graphics, well, it’s not great. Apart from licensed players, everything else it’s not up the standards. The audience looks cardboard, just awful. The overall atmosphere of the graphics is mediocre. Honestly, I expected more from the developers of the Big Ant Studios software house.

However, I understand that perhaps the budget was not optimal. Anyway, I hope that this was just a starting point and that soon there will be a tennis game that has better graphics. Nothing to complain about the audio compartment, which seemed pleasant, with clean and coordinated sounds.

Try it and then judge it

Ultimately, AO Tennis 2 for PC is a good game that entertains despite not exceptional graphics. However, I have to consider it inferior to Top Spin 4, which despite being released 9 years ago (!) remains the best tennis videogame ever created.

If you consider yourself a sports fan who wants to play virtually beyond watching the best movies in the genre, then I suggest you try it. You can find it in our store at a very low price, so I suggest you take the opportunity.

Grab your racket and get out on the (virtual) court, the world ranking is waiting for you!

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