Through the Woods

Through the Woods is the bonus game you can get on Indiegala right now. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Why? Well, this game can drag you on an unforgettable adventure.

I tried this title and I was very satisfied. You should know, some horror games scare me a lot, like the ones I recommended for Halloween. However, Through the Woods is not a “classic” horror. This game published by 1C Online Games has a special style.

Take a look at the trailer then continue reading my review and find out its features.

A plot that will make you travel Through the Woods

First, I want to talk to you about the plot of this game. The premise is thrilling. However, I’ll just give you a hint about the game. I don’t want to spoil, you have to enjoy every moment of this adventure during your gameplay.

A young mother travels to the western coast of Norway. In this cold and spooky country, the protagonist has only one goal: to find a missing child.

The story of this woman will be mixed with events of her past and you will find out more about the disappearance of the young man, little by little. Besides, the story will intertwine with the myths of Norse folklore. Will you be ready to face scary creatures to discover the truth? If you have the persistence of a mother who has lost a child, you can overcome any obstacle.

A dynamic narrative that makes the game exciting

Through the woods narrative

The story of Through the Woods will not follow the classic narrative canons. I found it exceptional the choice to give this horror adventure a dynamic narrative. What does that mean?

Well, not all plot details will be revealed to you. If you want to know more about the child’s disappearance and what happened in the forest, you’ll have to be brave. Why? Because you will have to explore ALL environments of the game. Only in this way will you find different objects that will increase the clues. Moreover, you will unlock new things that will help you understand the mysteries of the game before you get to the end.

I mean, if you want to find out more, the game will satisfy you by giving you what you want. Otherwise, you can settle for the few plot crumbs that will be revealed to you gradually.

I want to give you a tip as a gamer: try to complete the game by exploring it to the maximum. In this way, you can experience the complete adventure that this title wants to convey to you.

Simple gameplay suitable for everyone


What about the gameplay of Through the Woods? It is a very simple game system. Even if you are not a try-hard gamer, you will feel comfortable with this video game.

As I said before, most of the time you will have to explore the different gaming environments. You will have at your disposal a flashlight that you will need to investigate in the dark. That’s right, the darkness will be a constant and unpleasant presence.

In fact, in the darkness, ravenous creatures will hide in wait for the right moment to attack you. Watch out for the trolls, disgusting lurking monsters that will do anything to catch you.

You have to remember that you will get in the shoes of a young mother. Simply put, you will not be able to defend yourself against these monsters. Hey, you don’t have an arsenal like in Doom Eternal, so what do you have to do? Exactly, RUN for your life!

Through the Woods mixes elements from interactive graphic adventure to survival horror. The result is a wonderful game that will keep you glued to your PC until the end when you discover the shocking truth.

Through the Woods: lights and shadows (literally)

Setting and graphics

Lights and shadows are very important in this game. The team of developers worked well from a graphical point of view, creating phenomenal delusions. As you play, you will notice that light and shadow form images that will fascinate you. Well, some illustrations will frighten you.

Regardless, this made me appreciate the work that developers have done. They were good at creating a creepy but also magical woodland. At times, you will feel an ethereal, almost dreamlike sensation. I felt a whirlwind of emotions during my experience, very similar to what I perceived playing ABZU.

However, I couldn’t help but notice some minor flaws from a technical point of view. Now you understand why I named this paragraph light and shadow, don’t you?

In particular, I found the movements of the characters slightly mechanical. I think they could be made more fluid. In short, it is an element that does not ruin the gameplay. Anyway, it is bad to see the protagonists move unnaturally.

After all, nothing is perfect, is it?

A constant psychological distress

At this point, I want to focus on one of the things that struck me about the game. It is a horror, but you will have to understood that it is not a classic horror. The fear that Through the Woods instills in the player is psychological.

As you advance through history, you will experience a steadily growing anguish. You will find yourself in this natural, murky, dark environment that will swallow you up completely. On the one hand, this perspective can frighten you, but on the other it made me think. This game leads the player to fully identify with the protagonist.

Through the Woods can be seen as a metaphor that represents continuing to live after death, even when it seems that the whole world collapses on us.

I think it is also appropriate to describe the current pandemic period that we are experiencing. We are in a difficult situation and everything seems dark around us. Of course, the hope is that after crossing the forest we could “save” ourselves going on with our lives and leaving behind the dark forest.

So, we’re gonna bite the bullet, we’re gonna hold on, and we’re gonna get through the woods!

Through the Woods: now you have to try it

Through The Woods is a little gem. You have to try it, I assure you it will be worth it. As mentioned above, for this period you can get it FREE, in addition to any purchase worth 10$/9€/8£.

Alternatively, if you’ve already tried the game, let me know what you think. Express your opinion, the other members of the Indiegala community will discuss it with you!

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