Oh yes, they are. No Man’s Sky Steam experience was a bumpy one. The game that promised to take you towards some beautiful stars and intergalactic planets that will either mesmerize you or frighten you is finally here, after 5 years. But the guarantee is that you won’t be bored by playing this game with all of the recent new updates.

No Man’s Sky Steam Explorers

And for the true fans of survival games too. First and foremost the graphics are downright beautiful. And with the story elements that this game has, even the hours you spend with this game will feel like minutes. But there’s no denying that this is a long long game that has been through a long journey of improvement and development. To infinity and beyond the long game. But hey, it’s an open-world game, and over here you get to explore a lot. However, you’ll also spend your time mining rocks to craft metal plates while you’re out there.

That you’ll need to make the starship engine fuel of course. And yes, there’s so much seemingly boring stuff along the way. But don’t despair. That’s just one step to the ultimate goal really. What you’re in for later are hours of exploration and plain fun. But the good thing is the universe provides goals even for your menial tasks. Go there, research this, build that. You’re not just roaming through space without any purpose.

Although that space is just astonishing. 18 quintillion planets worth of astonishing. Each of them is intricate, beautiful and terrifying. But each of them has its own story that’s waiting for you to discover. Sure there are some bugs here and there but nothing too drastic. And although the survival gameplay can become repetitive at times, the sheer beauty of the game will keep you mesmerized. It’s a good game that really leaves you planets, galaxies and the entire universe to explore. Remember this

The latest No Man’s Sky Steam Update is called Frontiers which introduces the concept of large living breathing planetary settlements which travelers can encounter, interact with and even be elected Overseer of. As the leader of your adopted people, travelers can choose to help them, even lead them, ensure their future prosperity and happiness and ultimately develop these fledgling towns into even larger towns.

NMS is available for purchase here at IndieGala. Just click here and enjoy.

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