Tales of Vesperia

I still remember when I first played Tales of Vesperia. It was 2009, trouble-free times. I remember being fascinated by its magical graphics, an enchanted world that was innocent but at the same time dangerous.

In the last period, I noticed the Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition, a sort of remake with better details. This videogame came out a short time ago and it you shouldn’t miss it.

Why? Well, let me explain to you the magic that accompanies this Bandai Namco work and explore together the marvelous world of Tales of Vesperia!

The sorrows of young Yuri

Yuri, the main character of Tales of Vesperia

First, I want to talk to you about Tales of Vesperia’s story. The main protagonist, Yuri, has always fascinated me. This boy is a former imperial knight who lost faith in institutions.

He lives with his dog Repede, a faithful companion, and tries to survive in the world of Terca Lumireis. Yuri decides to fight the corruption of the other imperial guards and he desires to succeed in changing things one day.

I expected this guy to be the moral hero, the classic Japanese RPG main character. Instead, Yuri is more of an anti-hero, who has no scruples to carry out actions of dubious morality.

In a succession of events, which I invite you to experience firsthand when playing the game, Yuri finds himself involved in the search for “Blastia” a very important source of energy for his reign.

Tales of Vesperia characters

On his way, he will meet comrades with whom he will form an unbeatable team. For example, he will join the warrior princess Estelle, Blastia researcher Rita, war veteran Raven, a knight called Flynn and others.

I don’t want to tell you any more about the plot because it’s beautiful to discover. However, you should know that by playing Tales of Vesperia, you can reflect on values such as friendship, loyalty, ethics, and morality.

I mean, for how long is it possible to respect authority if it’s corrupt? Do social relationships count more or do we sometimes have to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good?

These are themes on which you can reflect by venturing into the story of Tales of Vesperia. A deep and beautiful RPG to play, do you want more?

Tales of Vesperia: an amazing gameplay

The gameplay of Bandai Namco Game

There is another aspect that has always struck me about this game: its special gameplay. It is a variation of the classic Linear Motion Battle System. The game’s combat system is called Evolved Flex-Range Linear Motion Battle System.

Each battle will be carried out in a kind of arena without a surrounding environment. You’ll have to control your main character by carefully choosing your moves. Three more characters from your party will be controlled by the game’s AI. I want to tell you right now: do not trust the AI! It is kind of silly.

Remember that during the different turns you can also control the other avatars, so you’ll need to plan your attack tactics quickly. You will be able to use different attacks, of course taking into account the abilities of the controlled character.

If you want advice, always pay attention to the elemental attributes of each character. It’s good to use them properly, so you can always get an advantage on enemies.

Tales of Vesperia has a wonderful gameplay

During the battles, you can also discover new skills for the characters of your party. In this way, you will be able to get an even stronger team. The gameplay of Tales of Vesperia is also characterized by the use of Artes. The latter are special abilities that characters can use to inflict more damage or heal others.

If you can master the Arts, you can create perfect combos and your party will become invincible. Regardless, it will take you some time to understand the perfect combinations for your team and I assure you that the game is not easy. You will have to do your best to defeat your opponents, otherwise, you may be wiped out.

Graphics in HD and an exciting soundtrack

Tales of Vesperia and the beautiful graphics

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition HD graphics are very nice and pleasant to watch. Each landscape is colorful, rich in elements, and quite varied. Sometimes I felt like I was admiring real paintings in the background.

A feeling like that rarely happens, there are not many video games with a poetic style like this or that of Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night.

Graphics of the game

During your explorations, you can also delight yourself by listening to the wonderful soundtrack of the game. Believe me, some tunes will get you excited and get stuck in your head.

To be honest, I thought the music from Ori and The Blind Forest was the best I ever heard, but after playing Tales of Vesperia again I’m not so sure anymore. So, for an immersive experience, don’t forget to play the game with your headphones!

Tales of Vesperia: will you try it?

Ultimately, I recommend you try Tales of Vesperia. You can play a fantastic RPG that gives you over 70 hours of play. Also, by trying this videogame, you can form your opinion, perhaps analyzing the themes of the story and discussing them with the Indiegala community.

At this moment, Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition is available at a special price in our store, and you can take advantage of it now.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let yourself be told the Tales of Vesperia, but live them!

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