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Writing about Star Wars has been one of my favorite job assignments. However, writing about the new Star Wars movies is just an unexpected bonus really. Why? Because I love everything that’s even remotely related to the Star Wars Universe. And especially about the brand new movies on the horizon. There’s plenty of them so pay attention. However, before I go any further with this post, I must mention the reason that brought me here in the first place. The Star Wars Video Games.

Before the New Star Wars Movies, Some Classic Star Wars Games

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What’s On The Star Wars Agenda?

Well, As I mentioned a lot is on the Disney’s agenda. I’ll start with the single new Star Wars movies that are planed. Then I’ll move on to the anthology movies and trilogies. Let’s begin, shall we? The freshly minted Oscar Winner Taika Waititi will direct a Star Wars feature film. Waititi already directed the season 1 finale of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian and I can’t wait for this movie as well.

The untitled movie will be made for theatrical release and Waititi will co-write the script along with Krysty Wilson-Cairns. Speaking of the writing, in a recent interview for BBC, Waititi confirmed that he and Krysty Wilson-Cairns already started writing the script for his Star Wars movie.

But in the BBC interview, when the topic of Star Wars came up, Waititi confirmed, “We’re writing. But Star Wars?’ How am I supposed to answer that? Yes,” Waititi joked.” It’s unclear how far along with the wiring process Taika and Krysty are, but one can only hope that the finished product is going to be good.

But here’s an interesting fact about the appointment of Krysty Wilson- Cairns. She’s will be the second woman to co-write a Star Wars movie. Indeed, Leigh Brackett was the first, when she co-wrote The Empire Strikes Back with Lawrence Kasdan. The IMDB page lists the premiere of this movie on 20th December 2025, but the cast and crew are still a mystery.

New release dates, new hope

Speaking of the release dates… Due to the current pandemic, Disney and Lucasfilm made brand adjustments for three of the upcoming Star Wars movie releases.

  • Untitled Star Wars previously dated December 16, 2022 moves to December 22, 2023
  • The Taika Waititi directed Untitled Star Wars previously dated December 20, 2024 moves to December 19, 2025
  • Untitled Star Wars previously dated December 18, 2026 moves to December 17, 2027

Disclaimer: All three of these films were announced prior to the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. And at a time, the Game of Thrones co-creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were set to helm a series of films for the studio. However, Benioff and Weiss dismissed the project, and parted ways with the studio.

Kevin Feige Is On Board Too

Another film-maker who will dip his toes in the Star Wars universe is Kevin Feige. The Marvel Cinematic Universe producer announced that he is developing (producing) a Star Wars film with no other than Kathleen Kennedy. Yes, apparently Feige is a huge Star Wars fan, and the news didn’t come as a shock to many people in Hollywood. Furthermore, according to one source close to The Hollywood Reporter, Feige approached a “major actor” about a role in the upcoming unnamed Star Wars movie.

It’s unclear which actor it is, but one might think that it’s someone from the MCU. But some really see this move as a prelude to a larger role for Feige within Lucasfilm. While others say it merely reflects the Marvel executive’s passion for the franchise. Since Disney owns Marvel, and since under Feige’s leadership, Marvel has had an extraordinary string of hit movies. So, who knows? Maybe he will bring the Star Wars franchise to its old glory.

Star Wars New Movies

Guess Who’s On The Scoop As Well?

J.D. Dillard and Matt Owens are also developing a brand new Star Wars movie as well. That’s right. Although not that well known as Marvel’s Kevin Feige, Dillard and Owens are teaming up for a feature film, reported Variety. The project is still in its very early stages, and it is still unknown if the movie would hit the theaters or it would end up on Disney +. Also, there’s no word on whether Dillard would direct the film or Owens, but it would be the first time that an African- American filmmakers would lead the development of a Star Wars movie.

And who are J. D. Dillard and Matt Owens? Dillard is a young director with just 2 feature-length movies in his resume (Sleight and Sweetheart). While Matt Owens is a writer behind shows like Luke Cage and Agents of SHIELD. What they will come up with, remains to be seen.

The Anthologies And Trilogies Are Next

As previously noted, you can expect a lot of upcoming movies from Lucasfilm. That’s right. The company already confirmed that “multiple” Star Wars solo (spin-off) movies are currently in development. However, it’s unclear about which Star Wars characters exactly. You know, since the young Han Solo movie didn’t do all that great at the box office and with the critics too. So, like the Boba Fett solo movie, the Obi-Wan spin-off has also changed into something new. A Disney+ series that I already mentioned in my previous post.

However, if there’s one clear thing it’s the fact that The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson will return to the Star Wars universe. Indeed, Johnson was given the green light to return to the Galaxy far, far away. With a trilogy no less which he will write and direct.

Rian Johnson Is Back!

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His long time collaborator Ram Bergman is expected to produce the trilogy, and the three new Star Wars movies will be separate from the episodic Skywalker saga. However, there’s no official date on the release of the first movie of the new trilogy. There isn’t any hint on Johnson’s official IMDB page, as Knives Out 2 is the only announced movie. But here’s the kicker.

According to the company, Star Wars movies are going on slight hiatus, said the company in a statement. The Lucasfilm team will focus on Disney+ streaming shows and will seek ways to make new content too. So you can expect plenty of good TV shows, and the new Star Wars movies will just have to wait. However, if there’s one thing in common with all of the upcoming, or dare I say it… new Star Wars movies… Is that all of them will be starting from scratch. No more milking the Skywalker saga, no more dealing with the existing Jedi. All of them will feature new time-line, new story-lines and new characters. Those things take time, and effort. So, we’ll just have to wait.

Which are your New Star Wars Movies picks?

Which of new Star Wars movies are you excited about the most? And why? Tell us in the comment section. We’d love to know all about it.

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