Super Bowl 2023

All right now. The Super Bowl 2023 event is upon us. The long-awaited sports/entertainment spectacle is this weekend and we couldn’t be more excited. Heck, we’ve been writing about the Super Bowl for years now. Just take a look at some of our previous articles. But this time it’s different. Why? Well, for one, because the event will take place post-COVID.

No serious attendance restrictions and no special protocols. Secondly, unlike last year which had plenty of entertainers, the headliner during the half-time show is going to be Rihanna. Just Rihanna. The singer and newly minted mom will take over the stage during half-time. And this will be her first live performance in 5 years, wo you can imagine how excited her fans must be.

Super Bowl 2023

Super Bowl 2023: Games, Football And More

Yes. As you can probably tell by now, we have plenty of football-related games that you can pick and choose here at IndieGala. For instance Bowl Bound College Football game that you can purchase here. Or the amazing Blood Bowl games that are also available for purchase here. Go nuts.

And as for the game itself… You know… The actual football game that the world will be watching from the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona? Well, as always two teams are gonna be competing for the Super Bowl trophy are Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are favorites to win, but we’re gonna need a little bit of patience to find out the winner. Who are you rooting for? Let us know. We wanna know really bad. Oh, and the cost of a 30-second commercial during half-time is gonna cost around 7 million dollars. Crazy right?

Speaking of money… Apple Music was announced as the new naming rights sponsor of the Super Bowl halftime show. They’re replacing Pepsi, which had sponsored the previous ten halftime shows and we are yet to witness the strength of Apple Music.

The country singer Chris Stapleton is gonna sing the US national anthem but we all know what the world is actually waiting for. The one and only… Rihanna.

The Super Bowl 2023 & Rihanna

A match made in heaven? Well, the fans seem to think so. Since they’ve waited for 5 years to watch her sing live. Let alone in an event like the Super Bowl. In October of last year she released her first song in nearly seven years titled “Lift Me Up.” The song is featured on the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack, and serves as a tribute to the late actor Chadwick Boseman. As you know, “Lift Me Up” is currently nominated at this year’s Academy Awards for Best Original Song.

But right here in this article we’re gonna focus on her acting career. Yes. Rihanna is an actress as well, and we’re gonna take a closer look at some of her finest performances. Both on the silver screen and the small screen. We’ve selected 5 cool performances from Rihanna’s filmography. Which ones made the cut? Scroll down to find out. So, without further ado.


A 2012 movie adaptation of the legendary board game. It had a great director, a great cast and good source material. But not much else. However, at the core of the plot, the crews of a small group of warships are forced to battle against a naval fleet of extraterrestrial origin. Why? Well, in order to thwart their destructive goals. Rihanna portrays Gunner’s Mate Second Class Cora Raikes in Battleship, and yes. She’s not that good, but to be fair… The whole movie wasn’t that good. It’s formulaic and terribly written, but it was fun at times. Rihanna won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress and that should tell you about her acting chops. However, the girl never gave up.

Fun fact: The film utilized 600 extras.


Ah, Annie. We all know about the little orphan girl, right? Well, the 2014 movie is actually a contemporary film adaptation of the 1977 Broadway musical of the same name. Quvenzhane Wallis stars in the titular role, while Rihanna portrays Moon Goddess. A supporting character in MoonQuake Lake. And while many praised the movie as a progressive take on a well-worn story… Many also criticized the cliché and materialistic parts of the story. Rose Byrne is once again stellar in her performance and Jamie Foxx is not too bad either.

Fun fact: This is the musical debut of writer and director Will Gluck, producers Jay-Z and Will Smith, and actresses Quvenzhané Wallis and Rose Byrne.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Raise of hands. Who agrees (with me) that Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets wasn’t as bad of a movie as everyone wanted it to be? It had great visuals, an amazing director (Luc Besson) behind it and a great base for the adaptation. The science fiction comic book series, Valérian and Laureline. Not to mention Besson independently financed and personally funded the film. Oh, and Rihanna, plays the human form of Bubble. A shapeshifting Glamopod entertainer. It’s not the best in Besson’s body of work, but it’s definitely the worst. It’s also worth your time.

Fun fact: There are 2,734 visual effects shots in this movie. Compared to only 188 in director Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element (1997).

Ocean’s 8

A heist comedy and a spin-off from Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean trilogy. Filled to the brim with incredible actresses, Ocean’s 8 follows a group of women led by Debbie Ocean. The sister of Danny Ocean, who plan a sophisticated heist at the annual Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Rihanna portrays Nine Ball / Leslie in Ocean’s 8. A talented hacker that sadly doesn’t have a singing performance in the flick. Again… Not the best movie in the careers of Sandra, Cate, Helena, Sarah and company… But not the worst either.

Fun fact: This film opens in the same way as Ocean’s Eleven (2001). With an Ocean being asked what they will do when they leave prison during their parole hearing.

Guava Island

Another musical, but not on the Annie level of famous. In fact, Guava Island is a feature directorial debut of Hiro Murai. A frequent collaborator of Childish Gambino (Donald Glover), while the movie is written by his brother. Steven Glover. Thanks to Donald’s story that is. It stars Donald Glover and Rihanna in the lead roles of Deni and Kofi. And is an animated folk tale narrated by Kofi Novia (Rihanna). Letitia Wright has a supporting role here, and it’s one of the best works in Rihanna’s filmography.

Fun fact: Rihanna does not sing in the film at all despite the heavy use of music.

Super Bowl 2023: What Are Your Expectations?

About the game and about the half-time show? Let us know in the comment section.

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