Provided you’ve got hardware decent enough to run it, we’d say that Street Fighter V is one of the hottest fighting franchises you can pick up. With ±1,000 daily online players, it’s a great venue for the competitive gamer. It delivers exciting battle mechanics for endless fighting fun! It’s also got some of our favorite DLC characters!

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Some of the Favorite DLC Characters

We won’t get into the hot topic of using FM (Fight Money) or real currency to purchase new stages or characters in Street Fighter V. (Getting the Arcade Edition is probably the most convenient option). But we will talk about some of the coolest DLC characters that are current fan favorites!


Street Fighter V's Favorite DLC Characters So Far

In Street Fighter V, Urien wears his business attire as his primary outfit with minor changes. A button combination just before a match makes him incinerate his clothes and fight in his loincloth. This is obviously a shout-out to Street Fighter III fans.

Urien screams phrases such as “crush”, “destroy” and “kill” during most of his special attacks. The names of those special attacks also highlight his violent, destructive nature.

Urien’s basic fighting style is possibly based on the ancient Greek Olympic discipline of Pankration. In Street Fighter V, he maintains his moves from the Street Fighter III games and gains more moves at his disposal. His Metallic Sphere is faster to execute and charge to make more damage. Urien’s V-Skill is the Metallic Aura where it appears as the enhanced version of his Chariot Tackle where he glows in a purple light during execution. His Super Art, Aegis Reflector is his V-Trigger which makes it a combo extender to deal more damage. It has the added benefit of deflecting projectiles rather easily. His Critical Art is the Dominant Crush in which he unleashes a powerful Temporal Thunder and crushes his opponent by punching on the ground, creating a devastating red violet thunder blast.

With a little practice, you will indeed be ending your opponents quickly with Urien!


Street Fighter V's Favorite DLC Characters So Far

We think Kolin looks awesome in her premium battle costume (above)! But her looks are as soft as her attacks are deadly.

Kolin fights using the Russian martial art Systema. She is a cryokinetic, able to manipulate ice and snow for various attack effects.

Kolin utilizes her cryokinetic powers to turn her hands into icy blades for slashing attacks. Her V-Trigger, Diamond Dust, is a wave of ice on the ground that prevents the opponent’s stun gauge from depleting. She can freeze her adversaries solid if the gauge fills. Her V-SkillInside Slash, allows her to deflect and automatically punish incoming moves with ease. Her Critical ArtFrost Tower, has her dash forward with a slice of her hand and if the attack connects, she’ll continue summoning large icicles from the ground, throwing the opponent into the air and shattering the ice to drop them to the ground.

It’s easy to see why Kolin is one of the favorite DLC characters so far!


Street Fighter V's Favorite DLC Characters So Far

FunFact: Alex is the second reigning Street Fighter champion in the main series’ current timeline, the first being Ryu.

In Street Fighter V, Alex plays extremely similar to his Street Fighter III counterpart by retaining all of his special moves. There are only some very minor changes and new additions. He gains a new special move called Head Crush. This is a combination of his Headbutt normal command and Stun Gun Headbutt Super Art from Street Fighter III in which he jumps towards the opponent using a single headbutt if he grabs them successfully.

Alex’s V-Skill is Overhaul where he stretches one of his arms then executing a hard-hitting attack to damage his opponent if they are counter-attacked. Fans will notice that it’s just like his taunt in “Street Fighter III”. His V-Trigger is the Rage Shift where he empowers his wrestling fighting style and gains access to a powerful clothesline attack called the Sledge Hammer. His V-Reversal is the Big Boot, he hits the opponent with a powerful forward kick. Like Ryu, Alex also gains a parry when his V-Trigger is activated as he can block either basic attacks or projectiles.

This New Yorker is one serious fighter. His combination of wrestling and kickboxing moves forms a neat powerhouse variation of street brawling.


Street Fighter V's Favorite DLC Characters So Far

This brutal South Korean Taekwondo martial artist derives pleasure from inflicting pain on others.

Juri roughs up many traditional Tae Kwon Do moves by putting her own sadistic spin on them. She also throws in a few of her own moves. Juri is designed to be a hectic character with fast attacks that keep her opponents off guard. As such, she is weak defensively, and many of her moves can leave her open if blocked. She was created to be a very hard character to learn, yet very rewarding once fully mastered.

In Street Fighter V, Juri maintains her moves. Her V-Trigger is the Feng Shui Engine (alpha); she chains her combos to her opponent. Her Critical Art is the Sakkai Fuhazan; Juri unleashes a devastating heel drop to inflict multiple hits on her opponent.

The few players who have enough skill to fully master Juri hail her as the best DLC character hands down.

Street Fighter V – Beyond the Characters

Street Fighter V offers an amazing assortment of variety in terms of gameplay, characters, stages, costumes, and more. Another delicious feature for fans, new and returning, is the cinematic story DLC “A Shadow Falls”.

If you’ve been hesitating on Street Fighter V, don’t miss your chance to pick it up in this Capcom Summer Sale.

And, of course, also let us know who your favorite DLC characters so far in Street Fighter V are!

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