Players versus Developers: Stayin' Alive until game over

This summer, there’s only one main thing on our agenda: playing! So we’ve decided to organize a little “players versus developers” event with some prizes for participants too. You know, the kinds of prizes that are the reason you love IndieGala so much… You do love us, right?

Players versus Developers Match 1: Stayin’ Alive

How would you like to take on (and possibly take out!) the devs from Stayin’ Alive? If you don’t know, Stayin’ Alive is quite probably our L-O-L funniest indie game. You play as either a suicidal retiree — hellbent on ending his life — or as one of the nurses in the retirement home whose job it is to keep said retiree alive. Stayin’ Alive has often been compared to Who’s Your Daddy and we agree. Still, we think the YouTube videos for Stayin’ Alive are far more hilarious.

So, how does this “Players versus Developers” event work?

This event is going to be really simple; there are just two key things to remember:

  • Date: We’ll be online from Monday 3:00pm CET till — goodness knows o’clock
  • Prizes: We’re going to select prize winners semi-randomly for players who participate in our bonus activity

What’s the bonus activity?

Do you like photography? 📸 When you join us during this “Players versus Developers” event, take screenshots (or GIFs and videos) of your own funny moments and share them in Stayin’ Alive‘s Community Hub. You can also feel free to invent memes and add funny text to your submissions. Like we said, the selection will be semi-random. We’ll be looking at factors like vote popularity and images that make us chuckle. We’ll be considering all submissions from the beginning of the event up until Friday, August 10th.

More information about prizes

  • We will select 5 winners from all the participants
  • 5 winners will win all live bundles on IndieGala (that’ll be in the neighborhood of 90 PC games!)
  • You’ll need to have an IndieGala account in order to redeem this prize

Also, you do not need to play against the devs in order to win the prize. We just thought you might like a chance at having the bragging rights for taking them out… if you can 😛

If you have any questions, just let us know. Otherwise, we’ll catch you on Monday!

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