Scarlet Nexus review

In our Scarlet Nexus review it’s time to talk about this game published by Bandai Namco. I want to tell you right now that this game has attracted me from the first moment. The game graphic style is very fascinating and the idea behind the story is incredibly interesting. Take a look at the trailer of the game, I’m sure you will have good vibes.

Is it exciting, isn’t it? Well, let’s go deeper, analyzing what are the positive and negative aspects of this title.

Scarlet Nexus review: Let’s start with the plot

Scarlet Nexus

I want to start this review by talking about the game’s plot. Scarlet Nexus presents a story developed from different points of view. The branches and subplots reminded me of the best Japanese games. I mean, with Scarlet Nexus you can expect a game full of twists and turns. Nothing will be trivial or obvious, but little by little you can immerse yourself in an interesting and detailed story.

The main plot follows the story of two protagonists both with psychokinesis. At the beginning of the single-player campaign, you can choose your main character. The first is Yuito Sumeragi. He is a recruit belonging to the Other Suppression Force a military force that deals with eliminating the Others, scary mutants that threaten humanity.

The second character is Kasane Randall, a mysterious and experienced warrior who fights with the OSF to eliminate the Others. Whatever your choice, you’ll face twelve chapters that will reveal secrets about the game world and the characters you’ll meet in your path.

I don’t want to spoil you because it’s worth discovering firsthand the twists and turns that reserve the game. However, I suggest you play Scarlet Nexus TWICE, first with one character and then with the other. Remember, the Others are not the only threat to humanity, but maybe you’ll find out when it’s too late!

Pay attention to the dialogue!

I want to give you some advice that can be useful: pay attention to the dialogues. Scarlet Nexus is full of moments where the main characters will talk for a long time. From this point of view, the game reminded me of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

If you love action and not character interaction, maybe you’ll get tired of following all the conversations. Anyway, don’t give up. The dialogues will help you to understand the character’s personality. In a nutshell, you can indirectly discover their secrets just conversing with NPCs, like in Dark Souls.

Ultimately, I want to congratulate the authors of the game. In this Scarlet Nexus review, I want to thank the creators of the game. In my opinion, they have done a great job mixing action and plot.

Gameplay: Classic and modern Action RPG


Scarlet Nexus is an Action RPG. So, the action is at the heart of the gameplay. Initially, you may find yourself in trouble with the combat system. The latter is unique and limited, especially in the first chapters. For example, making combos will be hard. I found it very tricky to make attacks with melee weapons, much worse than other games like Tales of Zestiria.

However, later the combat system will become more fluid. The protagonist will become stronger and unlock skills as the psychokinesis. In my opinion, this is the strength of the gameplay. You will have several skills to unlock to make your character stronger. I suggest you put everything on supernatural powers. You can defeat the strongest enemies by combining your telekinesis, throwing objects, and creating alternative tactics. The more creative you are in the fight, the more chance you have of beating the Others.

Plus, you will not have to fight alone. You will have some party companions who will follow your moves and help you to defeat enemies. Exploiting teammates’ abilities is a move you can use to destroy the terrible creatures.

In the final chapters, you will experience the incredible potential of the Scarlet Nexus combat system. You can combine powers like super-speed, telekinetic attacks, pyrokinetic, and much more. The initial difficulties will only be a memory and you will be ready to face the final bosses.

Scarlet Nexus review: Stunning Character Design

Scarlet Nexus review: game design

The characters of Scarlet Nexus, in addition to having their personality, have a fabulous design. Trust me, their aesthetic features are treated in detail. Everything is enhanced by a style that I adore and that I had already highlighted in my Code Vein review.

Others characterization

Besides, I loved the design of the enemies, the Others. The latter are scary monsters, extravagant, and with crazy elements. I’ve never seen anything so bizarre, some of them are gonna be weird and creepy. Do you have in mind the Bloodborne monsters? Well, incredibly the Others will be even more beastly and fierce.

Once again, praise to developers who have managed to create enemies never seen before.

Background and landscapes: You could do better

Scarlet Nexus, why do you do this to me? Of course, this game is not a perfect one. It has a flaw that I noticed almost immediately. The settings and landscapes are, well, too repetitive. It’s simple, there is no variety! After a few hours of gameplay, all scenarios seem flat.

This also applies to enemy arenas. Here I have seen little creativity and it is a shame because this element is out of tune with the rest of the design. However, the gaming experience this weakness doesn’t ruin the game experience. You’ll be immersed in the game that you won’t even notice what’s in the background.

Scarlet Nexus: Are you ready to unleash your telekinesis?

If you want a modern, heartwarming, and interesting action RPG, Scarlet Nexus is what you need. You can find it here in our store at a special price. In addition, you can purchase the Deluxe Edition of the game. This special edition includes the digital soundtrack, the digital artbook, a special battle set, and Brain Punk Bundle.

Do you want to save the world from the Others? Well, be a hero and eliminate them!

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