Hitman GOTY

Hitman GOTY is a game that has a lot of potential. Believe me, when it was announced I was excited. I’ve always been a big fan of Agent 47 and I’ve always enjoyed the games of the series.

However, Hitman GOTY differs from other games in the saga. Why? Because it’s an episodic game, like a TV show, and you can finish the missions the way you want. Now let’s talk about the videogame developed by IO Interactive and focus on the main aspects of Hitman.

Hitman GOTY: A little plot that never hurts

Hitman Goty and its plot
He’s waiting for you

Let’s face it, the best aspect of the Hitman games is the gameplay. Regardless, in this new chapter, there’s room for the plot. The prologue tells the origins of the bald murderer and his initiation at the ICA agency.

At that point, Agent 47 will have to perform several tasks that will take him around the world. The main purpose will be to eliminate terrorists hiding under a facade of “normal” people.

But is killing right? Can this solve the problems and dangers for humanity? Hitman GOTY will make you question yourself and through your way of playing you can probably discover the answer. Remember that your actions will have, more or less, an impact on the story. If you want my advice: never play this game too lightly. Carefully evaluate your every move.

You have a license to kill thanks to a free and varied gameplay

Be a sniper, Agent 47!

The gameplay of Hitman GOTY is something spectacular. You should know that in the game you will have to perform certain contracts, eliminating the indicated targets. Each time you will act in a “sandbox“-styled delimited area where you can move with absolute freedom.

This allows you to explore the area and proceed by choosing different ways to kill the enemy. You can blend in with the crowd to get close to the target without being noticed or exploit elements in the environment that will allow you to pass the murder as a simple “accident“.

Alternatively, you can also rely on a dear old sniper rifle, choose the highest point from the map and shoot without being noticed by anyone. Believe me, playing this way will be satisfying and will make you feel like an infallible sniper, like in the best Hollywood movies.

Assassin in disguise

Hitman GOTY: just something normal
He will laugh to death

I also mentioned the possibility of approaching the target without being noticed. Well, in this case, you’ll have to choose the appropriate disguise. I assure you that some disguises are funny and give the game a little healthy dose of nonsense. It’s not every day you see a killer clown with a baseball bat, right? Well, in Hitman GOTY this will be a simple routine.

I remind you that if you don’t want to be subtle, you can also decide to start a “war” to eliminate the target. However, this must be your last resort. Remember, this is a stealth video game and your goal is to be invisible. From this point of view, Hitman reminded me of the masterpieces of the genre such as Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell.

I mean, this game will surprise you every time you try it. Thanks to its extensive gameplay, I can guarantee you that the game will be long-lived and you can replay it several times without ever getting tired.

Ears open Agent 47

Conversations are fundamental

A gameplay mechanics that I want to explain further is the one related to the conversations that you can listen to during your missions. The game environment in this way will seem “alive“.

Moreover, thanks to these conversations, you can unlock several possibilities to complete your mission. For example, you may hear about an entrance door left clear by security or a free place where you can set up with your sniper rifle.

So, before trying your luck with the elimination of the target, explore the setting and above all, keep your ears open!

Hitman GOTY: graphics and difficulty

Hitman GOTY and its graphics
Remember, wearing a mask can protect you

From a technical point of view, Hitman GOTY is fantastic. Every detail is well defined and will be a delight to admire the different settings. Besides, thanks to the graphics, when taken to the maximum, the main and secondary kills will be spectacular to see. Even the aforementioned disguises are well defined, with many decorations and aspects that will make you smile.

I assure you that it will be amazing to move between Marrakesh, Paris, Bangkok and other cities.

The game can be hard or easy, you decide

As for the difficulty, you cannot select the classic levels as easy or hard. Regardless, Hitman GOTY explores the concept of difficulty originally and realistically. If you want to try a competitive challenge, then the game allows you to disable ALL the help you have.

This means that you will have to complete the mission without radar, targets, suggestions, indicators, and much more. In short, you can try your skills as a a true paid killer…of course, virtually speaking!

Hitman GOTY: Try it now and you won’t regret it

Ultimately, at this special price, you absolutely must get Hitman GOTY. If you love stealth games, this will become one of those that will breach your heart, I’m sure.

Have you already tried the game? Then tell me about your experience with it. I’m curious to know which aspect you loved and which one bothered you. The Indiegala community will appreciate your comments.

Be invisible like Agent 47 and become the king of killers.

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