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Elden Ring lore will be interesting. The new From Software game, just like its predecessors, will have an exciting story full of twists and turns.

However, the game story will not be explained linearly. As usual, Hidetaka Miyazaki’s games hide the main story in detail, descriptions, and secondary quests. While we are waiting for the release of the game, scheduled for February 25, 2022, what do we know about the Elden Ring Lore?

We try to connect all the information that From Software and the creators of the game have provided us to understand the lore so far.

Attention! This article will include official information with relative sources but also speculations. This means that we will analyze the details shown in the trailers and the Closed Network Test. There are no spoilers, only official material and fan theories. After this premise, we enter the new epic world created by Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin.

We are tarnished in the Lands Between

First, let’s try to understand the role of our character. We are “tarnished“, devoid of grace. We still have no definite info about this, maybe our condition will be similar to the “Hollows” of Dark Souls. In a nutshell, we’ve lost what we deserve and come back to reclaim it.

Elden Ring Lore official

As the official website of the game also indicates, we must become an Elden Lord. We need to gain enough power to conquer the Lands Between and get what was once ours. Not surprisingly, we have clues about this from the gameplay reveal trailer, published by the official Bandai Namco channel.

So, our goal is to dominate the Lands Between. Regardless, will that be our role? That’s an intriguing question. The games of Souls saga seem to push us towards a well-defined goal, trying to make us ignore the reality of things. Our TRUE purpose may be much darker. However, there are still too few elements to grasp it. To find out what our true nature will be, well, we have to wait until February 25th.

Anyway, the official website gives us information about Lands Between. The open-world will be full of characters, quests, and elements to discover, as indicated by the official description.

World exploration

I mean, there’s a lot of hype about this new fantasy world. Plus, as you saw from the trailer, the environments we will face in our path will be different and very dangerous.

Elden Ring Lore: demigods and bosses

Elden Ring Lore Bosses

What makes Souls games epic? Well, the bosses of every From Software game are incredible. Fighting every boss in the saga gives you goosebumps. Elden Ring will not be the exception. From the story trailer, you will see some exciting and complicated bosses.

However, what is the role in the lore of the bosses of Elden Ring? I mean, why do we have to kill these powerful and scary beings? To get an answer, we need to analyze the figure of Queen Marika The Eternal. In the official descriptions released so far, we know that Queen Marika is the one who rules over the Lands Between.

The queen’s offspring, the demigods, received exceptional powers due to a catastrophic event: the Elden Ring fragmentation. Each Demigod has collected a shard of the Elden Ring, known as the Great Runes, and now aspires to become the new ruler. In addition, this greedy quest gave rise to a war called The Shattering.

That’s where we come in. As I said before, we’re Tarnished, we’re the ones who should rule the Lands Between. To do that, we’ll have to take all the Great Runes, beat the demigods. Who are these enemies? For now, we know they are six and they are the most difficult bosses in the game. Some fans speculated on this and came to the conclusion that only three enemies shown so far are Demigods: Godrick the Golden, Radahn the Conqueror of the stars, and Malenia, the blades of Miquella. However, there is no certainty.

I’m sure the demigods will be phenomenal bosses, which will leave us speechless. This fact gives me hope for the difficulty of Elden Ring. It will undoubtedly be a difficult challenge for anyone. The hype rises, even more, fool tarnished.

What’s the Elden Ring?

Here we start speculating. What is the Elden Ring? Well, there are two theories about that. First, the Elden Ring is an object of exceptional power now destroyed. This theory seems to agree with the fact that the Elden Ring is in fragments and the demigods have collected the Great Runes. It would not be a real ring, but an artifact with extraordinary powers.

The second theory concerns the view of the Elden Ring as something “metaphysical”. In short, it would not be a real object, but an abstract concept. Miyazaki himself mentioned this theory in his interview with Edge Magazine. Besides, the interview has led some users to think of a connection between the Elden Ring and alchemy.

We must not forget, the connection that the Elden Ring might have with the Golden Order. The official description of the game opens with the words “The Golden Order has been broken“. Soon after, we learn that the Elden Ring has been shattering. A coincidence? We don’t know if there’s a connection, but we need to consider the idea that the Elden Ring is a group of people. A kind of souls of the great lords now fallen and dead, but so powerful to become ethereal.

Hey, this is a From Software game and impressed George R.R. Martin, so you can expect something imaginative and never seen before.

And what about the Erd Tree?

The Elden Ring is the source of the Erd Tree. The latter is a bright and majestic tree that illuminates the Lands Between. I was intrigued by this and it made me speculate.

Many web users believe that the Erd Tree is a magical element that draws inspiration from various mythologies. Some believe it is Yggdrasil. Others think it’s the Tree of Knowledge. I think the Erd Tree is a classic From Software trick. This software house always uses a veil to hide the true nature of the game world. For example, think of Gwynevere and Anor Londo in Dark Souls or Rom the Vacuous Spider in Bloodborne.

Perhaps, the Erd Tree is nothing but a deception, a majestic element but that hides much. A shield for the naive who explore the Elden Ring Lore. If the Erd Tree were to be destroyed at some point in the gameplay, I wouldn’t be surprised. I almost expect the map to change and be completely different from the early stages.

We’re looking at some twists and turns, no doubt.

Elden Ring Lore: the cosmic power

The cosmic power may be the biggest and most absorbing speculation. In Elden Ring, several elements seem to come from space and stars. I first mentioned Radahn, Conqueror of the Stars. In addition, a “temple in the sky” is mentioned in some descriptions of the Closed Network Test. Furthermore, several statues are pointing to the sky in the game.

Cosmic power(?)

Besides, let’s look at the cover of the game and its logo together. I mean, it seems a celestial constellation, something reminiscent of planets and astronomy.

In short, it is undeniable that there is a connection with the cosmos, an association that could be more important than it seems. It reminds you of Bloodborne, doesn’t it? Is it too much to dream of such a twist?

What do you expect from the game?

It’s almost time to play. Only then we will dive into the Lands Between and find out more about the Elden Ring Lore. If you haven’t already, you can pre-order the game now, in the standard or deluxe edition.

Moreover, what do you think of the game? What are your ideas about it? Share your thoughts with the community and show your hype for the game!

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