Wow, the streak continues for me. And I love that. What streak you might ask? Well, Syberia is my third Filmaholic Gamer Review (game) with a female lead in the center of the story. And yes. As you can probably tell, from my previous posts, I love me some female lead characters. Which is why I’m excited about Syberia.

However, as with plenty of other Filmaholic Gamer Reviews, a disclaimer is in order here. This is just a basic, ordinary and very down to earth opinion of one Filmaholic gamer. I’m a rookie by all accounts and this is far from an expert review. But I do want to share my experience with Syberia (the first game in the acclaimed game series) with you. This is my third gaming experience with a female character indeed. However, this is the first point and click adventure/puzzle game here at IndieGala. It’s truly a different type of adventure, and I love that. And with that in mind, I hope you’ll enjoy this post. So, let’s begin, shall we?


What’s Syberia All About?

Well, you play as Kate Walker in Syberia. An American lawyer on a mission to handle the sale of a toy factory. The factory is in a small village in the French Alps, but what she will find there, will prove to be more than a surprise. The owner of the company is dead. And the mysterious reappearance of her only (long presumed dead) brother will change things in the sale. So, a new destination awaits Kate. A remote part which will bring new adventures. New mysteries and puzzles await too. And things will get even more tricky for Kate once she gets there.

And yes. As you can probably tell we have all of the Syberia games here at IndieGala. They’re all available for purchase here, so go for it. You can also get the original for free for a limited time. Syberia is an oldie but goodie game series that will guarantee lots of fun and excitement. At least, that was the case with me.


Love The Main Character in Syberia

I’ll get to the puzzles, game-play and surroundings in just a moment. However, let me just mention that I adore Kate. And yes, I adore her sense of logic and adventure. She’s straightforward, logical and tough. But what I loved the most about her, is the development of her character. As the game went on, I got a new side of her character. And thought different channels as well. I mean you can learn a lot about her through her actions, and reactions to other characters. And even though her phone calls.

But of all of the things I mentioned, I enjoyed the interactions with other characters the most. Her dialogues are great of course. And they’re also a great source for characterization. But I also love the voice-over in Kate’s character. Despite the game being almost 2 decades old, the game holds up in almost perfectly in that regard. Except for the visuals I guess, but hey. I suppose they’re not that bad when you think of the 2 decades that passed.


But yeah, the voice-over is great. Especially from Kate, and pretty much every other character. You can hear the disappointment or the excitement in her voice. At times even her frustration. However, what I didn’t like was the walking/running I had to do while playing this game (so much walking in this game). But it’s all part of the charm I suppose. But yeah. Prepare to do a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of walking.

The Surroundings Are Exquisite

As you can probably tell, I adored the scenery and surroundings in Syberia. However, the charming little town of Valadilene impressed me the most I must say. It was so lovely and beautiful that it captivated me from the moment I set foot there. And I loved the characters in Valadilene too. Momo and the Consierge are two of my favorites, but the architecture is captivating as well. Oh, the factory, the Inn, the church. They’re absolutely beautiful, and I took my time there. Not so much of the puzzles (OK them too), But I desperately wanted to soak in the beautiful architecture a bit more. The slight surrealism yes sure, but the architecture a bit more. I’m a sucker for cool architecture.


Cool Architecture In Syberia

Don’t get me wrong. The mammoth statues at the entrance of Barrockstadt University are out of this world. And much of the sights in there do have their rustic, disheveled charm too. The Komkolzgrad Cosmodrome and Komkolzgrad Industrial City first come to mind. They’re captivating as well, but I loved the Aralbad Spa Resort the most. It’s beautiful, don’t you think? You can just smell the history of that place, straight through the screen. I don’t know about you, but I love the aesthetic. Slightly romantic, and slightly art-deco at times. Just beautiful.

Oh, and on that notion, I would love to make the Blue Helena cocktail in the near future. Just because I loved playing this game so much. And of course, because I love a good cocktail now and then. And The Blue Helena would be a perfect cocktail I do feel (without honey in my case). You see, because of the pandemic, I haven’t had a cocktail for so long. A proper cocktail in a bar. Or at the beach for that matter. So I think this would take the edge off the many months I had to stay isolated at home. It’s not the best solution, but hey. I’ll take it.

Cool Puzzles As Well

Here in Syberia, the narrative and the story take a center stage. But I like the puzzles as well. And yes, they range from pretty easy to pretty hard. However, nothing that I couldn’t handle. Indeed, at times I needed to have a bit of help form my husband (he played it some 20 years ago). However, for the most part I did it all by myself. But there’s no denying that they’re anything but interesting. The puzzles I mean. They immerse you into the story, and they make you alert at all times. You have to keep an eye on everything and I like that in a game. It makes you think, and it keeps you on your toes. They’re all logical as well. But yeah. All in all, I love Syberia. It’s a fantastic and exciting game. Perfect if you’re fans of point and click adventure games.


Are You A Fan Of Syberia?

Are you a fan of Syberia? I am now for sure? Let us know which Syberia game is your favorite. And what you like the most about it? We’d love to know all about it.

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