Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is a videogame about lawyers and lawsuits. Sure, I know what you’re thinking right now: “How can a game like that be interesting?”

Well, let me be honest, the game is just amazing! Once you will try it, you’ll realize I was right. But first, allow me elaborate on the special aspects that made me fall in love with the title.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: free your lawyer spirit

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: what a gameplay!

First, you may ask: “What is the gameplay of the game?” In many respects, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is not very different from the classic Japanese visual novels. There is not much to do as gameplay, but you will have to pay attention to the dialogues of the different characters.

Not surprisingly, a good lawyer stands out through his unstoppable dialectic, but also his ability to listen to his client and his opponents. In the game, you will play as Phoenix Wright, a rookie attorney who finds himself involved in some very special cases.

Essentially, the game is divided into two phases. The first is exploratory and you will have to visit a certain scenario and talk to various characters. The other is more exciting, the courtroom trials where you cross examine witnesses.

In Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney you have to listen to the others

As far as exploration is concerned, you will need to pay particular attention to all possible clues such as the location of the crime or the home of a suspect. In a way, I assure you you will feel like Sherlock Holmes! Plus, remember to interrogate all the characters, both those that seem good and those “bad”.

The game will try to confuse you all the time and that’s the beauty! As you progress, you will realize that you have to pay attention to every detail, otherwise, you will ruin your defendants.

As for the causes, well, this is better to dwell in the next paragraph…

Objection, your honor!

The stages of the game in court can be summarized with one word: FABULOUS. I don’t want to hide the fact that I initially bought the game just because I was curious about how the cases were handled.

Basically, you’ll find yourself dealing with a system that works exactly like the best JRPG ever. Alternating against your opponent, you will choose your moves carefully, which may go hit the mark or fail miserably.

For example, you can choose to question a key character or examine certain evidence found around. It will then be very important for you to use the Cross-Examination and examine the testimony of a character used by the opponent. In this way, you will be able to discover what are the false testimonies and you will approach victory.

Personally, I can tell you that I loved this aspect about Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. The atmosphere in court is always tense and every step you take can condemn you or make you rejoice. Of course, the first cases may seem easy to you. Fear not thou, since the more you will advance in the game, the greater the difficulty you will tackle.

Besides, I found the reactions of the various characters amusing during the stages of the process. They can both provide valuable info about their stages of mind and a good amount of comic relief.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney & the over the top characters

Yes, it's a meme and it's from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy

The characters in the game are simply epic, original, and…over the top. By your side, you will have the charismatic but somewhat ambiguous allies, such as Detective Dick Gumshoe and the inventor Ema Skye.

Regardless, what’s gonna win you over are the “villains” in the game, the lawyers/prosecutors who will want to beat you at any cost. I’m sure you’ll love characters like Miles Edgeworth, Franziska von Karma and Godot. Everyone has their own personality and they will do anything to get in your way.

Besides, the plot of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is much more articulated than it seems and spoiler: there will be twists and turns that will make you reassess certain characters.

A little advice that will help you during the game: not everything is as it seems, do not resign even in front of “reality”!

Eliminate injustice and plead (in court, obviously)

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a lawyer and defending the oppressed, then you have to play this game. I suggest you bet on the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy edition for the three main chapters of the saga.

Also, right now, this game is discounted in our store and you can find it at a special price together with even more Capcom titles.

With Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy you can have fun, no objection!

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