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The Ninja Gaiden Games are a favorite of ours. Which is why we’re choosing to devote another article about this game in a span of just a few months. You can check out our previous Ninja-themed article here. However, the latest one is a rather continuation of that general theme. Four additional movies are added to this list, and yes. We’re fans of all of them.

But first… I believe a reminder about the game itself is very much needed here.

What Are The Ninja Gaiden Games All About You Might Ask?

[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ to be exact. And you can find it on IndieGala’s page just with a single click here. Oh, and you can find the [NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ Deluxe Edition here. You’re welcome.

But speaking of the Master Collection… It allows you to enjoy 3 games from the NINJA GAIDEN series in this one title. Each title is still just as fun as you remember. While providing the same high-speed action of the original releases. Look forward to heated battles with fearsome opponents! Yeah. In addition to Ryu Hayabusa, 4 other characters, Ayane, Rachel, Momiji, and Kasumi, are also playable.

All of the previously released game modes and DLC costumes for each title are included in this set too. In addition to Ryu Hayabusa, each of the other characters also have many different costumes to choose from. And they all allow you to enjoy action-packed battles in whichever outfit you prefer.

Don’t miss out on any of them.

And What Are Some Of The Steam User Comments Saying (More) About The Ninja Gaiden Games?

  • Tppl__ says goated game goated trilogy!
  • While DaGreatDoom adds: you’ll never play anything like this.

And which additional movies go well with this new ninja-related article?

Well, much like with the previous article, the ninja theme is observed here. All of them have ninjas in them, but this is a bit more eclectic mixed bag of ninja goodness. You can find guilty pleasures, 80’s indie classics and yes. Some comedies as well. Which ones made the cut? Scroll down to find out.


Now a ninja/martial arts movie list wouldn’t be complete without Scott Atkins movie. Which is why 2009’s Ninja is now on our list. And what’s Ninja all about? Well, it’s about an American martial artist named Casey Bowman (Atkins). He’s asked by his sensei to travel to New York City and protect the Yoroi Bitsu, an armored chest that contains the weapons of the last Kōga ninja. What ensues, is some true ninja magic for the fans of the genre. And for the fans of Scott Atkins as well. And if you’re a fan of the Ninja movie, then you’ll love the sequel. Ninja: Shadow of a Tear which also has Atkins in the lead role.

Fun fact: ‘Yoroi Bitsu’ is Japanese for ‘armor.’ Thus, when the characters speak of the Yoroi Bitsu, they’re not referring to the box itself. But what it contains.

Enter The Ninja

A true blast from the past. This is probably the oldest movie on this list, but one that it’s inevitable when it comes to the ninja movie ranking. And it’s about a martial artist named Cole (Nero) who is visiting his friend Frank in the Philippines. He ends up fighting a lot of men, who want his buddy’s plantation, but those fights are not easy. Or fair. And the thing is… Enter The Ninja not only has a cult following now. But it also began a craze of ninja-themed Hollywood films during the early 1980s. Not to mention, was the first film in Cannon Films’ Ninja Trilogy.

Fun fact: Franco Nero’s voice is dubbed. Cole is from Texas, and Nero couldn’t master an American or Texas accent.

Revenge Of The Ninja

Another one from the ’80s. But this time with the legendary martial artist Sho Kosugi in the lead role. And the movie follows a ninja trying to protect his only son from a cabal of ruthless gangsters. However, this is the second installment in Cannon Films’ “Ninja Trilogy” anthology series. The first being Enter the Ninja (1981), and the last Ninja III: The Domination from 1984. Yes, it’s not the best movie on this list (or ever), but it’s one of those guilty pleasures from my childhood. The action scenes are great, and the B-movie quality gives it a slight dose of charm.

Fun fact: Shô Kosugi personally crafted many of the weapons in the film.

Beverly Hills Ninja

Speaking of guilty pleasures… This is a delicacy for me but from the 90s. A true physical comedy classic with one of my all-time favorite comedic actors. The late Chris Farley. And he’s Haru in the movie. A white orphan boy who is found by a clan of ninjas as an infant in an abandoned treasure chest. And is subsequently raised by them. However, he’s good-natured but clumsy, overweight and severely lacking in any ninja talent. But that won’t stop him from trying to solve the mysteries ahead of him. Sadly, this was the last film starring Farley to be released in his lifetime. He died eleven months after its release. If you’re looking for a good belly laugh, then look no further. Beverly Hills Ninja is here.

Fun fact: Christian Bale, when asked what his favorite movie was, named this as his favorite comedy. Though he’s only ever watched it twice.

Are You A Fan Of The Ninja Gaiden Games?

Let us know which one is your favorite. We’d love to know all about it.

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