Trepang2 Experience

My Trepang2 Experience has been rather interesting. Why? Well, because I struggled per usual. But that’s hardly news anymore. No, more importantly, because after a long, long (and I mean a long time) I had a first-person shooter to try. And enjoy of course. How long you might ask? Well, if my memory serves me right, Destiny 2 was the last FPS I explored. You can check out my Filmaholic Gamer Review here. But here’s the thing. That’s not the only Filmaholic Gamer Review I had of the FPS game. Borderlands 3 was a great experience as well. You can also check it out here. And I also wrote about the Halo TV series. We don’t currently have the Halo game series at IndieGala, but that might change in the near future. Stay tuned and keep visiting IndieGala for some more fantastic games, sales and bundles.

But let’s get back to the topic at hand. Trepang2.

Trepang2 Experience

As I mentioned, Team17 and my very own IndieGala were kind enough to let me try it out. And of course, to incorporate my thoughts and impressions of Trepang2 into my usual Filmaholic Gamer Review series. It took me more than 5 days to finish it, but hey. I had a lot on my plate. But after all, it was a time well spent.

Oh, before I forget. If you’re curious to know more about the games that inspired Trepang2, then head out to the latest article here at IndieGala. And of course, Trepang2 is available for purchase here IndieGala. Get it while it’s hot.

OK, here it goes.

My Trepang2 Experience: A Gory And Action-Packed Experience

Oh boy. I haven’t had such a bloody, gory and action-packed experience in a while. No, scratch that. Probably never. I’m squeamish when it comes to gory movies, let alone video games… But I figured if I muscled through Evil Dead Rise, I can power through Trepang2. By the way, you can read my Evil Dead Rise Review here. However, in this FPS game, I played as Subject 106. A handcuffed amnesiac test subject that’s that must fight my way out of a heavily armed facility. I have supernatural strength and abilities, but not much else. So, I must adapt and fight, and boy… I did that and then some. 

Trepang2 Experience

It took quite a time for me to get used to the blood, but once I did, the game became more fun. I became semi-pro in sliding past my enemies and then blasting them in the face with heavy lead. But I have to admit, I enjoyed the bullet-time moments in those scenes as well. Made the bloody effects even gorier. And there’s a lot of that here. You can even see the blood splatter in tiny details. On my guns and on the destroyed remnants of the facility I was in.

But I can’t simply choose which ammo was more effective. They all kinda were (not that I’m an expert on that), but at times even at times, the cloak helped. It did come in handy for sure, which is awesome. But I managed to find other ways to stay out of sight, so to speak. Breaking the lights proved to be hella effective, which is saying a lot since I played on the normal difficulty setting. I’m still a wuss, I know.

My Trepang2 Experience: Cool Missions And Bosses!

Oh, yeah they are. My personal favorite was the one at Jorvik Castle, but I quite enjoyed the one at Horizon HQ as well. Why is the Jorvik Castle my favorite you might ask? Well, it had The Patriarch. One of my favorite bosses in the game. I had fun taking down wacky cult members, but the juxtaposition of the mission is what appealed the most to me to be quite frank.

Think about it. It had such a beautiful setting (I’m a sucker for castles and old mansions) and such hatred, violence and death in it. For an old and preserved place, it had DOOM-like death metal music blasting throughout it. I could go on, but you get my train of thought, right? I sure hope so. Speaking of cool yet scary bosses, the 107 one was the toughest to kill. Boy did I struggle with this super soldier? I got stuck the most in this mission, and 107 gave me the most grief. I was KIA more times than I can count, but hey. It was a learning opportunity for me.

Mayhem and Action!

Yes. They go hand in hand here. And you grew to appreciate the madness that these two can bring to a game. Especially if you’re a rookie like me. Especially if it takes you a while to get used to the chaos that is in the Trepang2 gameplay. It’s frantic, fast-paced and I can’t even count the times I died just because I couldn’t even get the hang of my surroundings. It threw me off in a loop. 

But to be fair, I also found that simple punches work like a charm as well. Dual-wielding shotguns are great here, but there were times when I had to improvise with a simple blow to the head. Heck, I got surprisingly good at cracking some necks. Surprisingly effective tactics in my hour of need (and improvisation). Especially in the nail-biting moments when I was low on ammo, which I must admit were a lot.

My Trepang2 Experience: A Cool Game For Sure!

I loved that the game was inspired by other cool games from the past (namely FEAR) but I also love that it knows that it is. An FPS that allows you to shoot and blow-up stuff. It doesn’t bother with the story. In fact, there’s hardly any story (wh Oh no. It’s an ultra-violent game and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. I love that. It keeps things simple. It doesn’t overstay its welcome and it doesn’t pretend to be more than it is. I think you’re going to enjoy Trepang2. I did.

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