My Figment Experience

Figment is a brand-new experience for me. I mean I’ve had the pleasure to play and write about adventure games before. And even about games that have fun and intriguing puzzles. Just take a look at Syberia here. To this day one of my favorite gaming experiences, I might add. However, I’ve never had the pleasure of exploring (and writing) adventure/puzzle platformer games. Well, there’s a first time for everything I say, and yes. I enjoyed Figment quite a bit. But where are my manners?

Let me start from the top and introduce the game here.


What’s Figment All About You Might Ask?

Figment is a weird and whimsical game. Well, it was for me at least. And it started of with a nice dose of surrealism as well. While the adventure of the game itself takes place in the mind of an adult with head trauma, at the start we also get to meet Dusty. The red-nosed, long-tailed, sword-wielding hero of Figment. He’s the mind’s courage. And along with his cheerful and optimistic friend Piper both try to retrieve the scrapbook which the fear of loss stole from him. Along the way, they must overcome plenty of obstacles and even more nightmares but the journey is what counts here. Not the destination.

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Figment: Short and sweet?

But to be honest I enjoyed the journey and the destination as well. I enjoyed the characters too, even though Figment is one of the shortest games I’ve played. I’m not complaining though. Loved Dusty the most, although Piper grew on me as well. But from a visual standpoint, the whole game was like being in a children’s book. The hand-drawn art was impressive and I liked the other characters you meet throughout the gameplay. But did you notice how the colors and the environment changes as you progress with the game? There’s gloomy weather, rain and overall bad vibes at the start. But as you go further in the game you start to see a bit of sunshine, clear weather and get an overall nice, positive feeling from it. Well, to a certain point that is…

Oh, and speaking of the gameplay, one of my favorite puzzles has a literal train in it. Yes. You need to clear the road and open a few new areas in order to make way for the train of thought to go through. Much like it is in real life. Oh, and speaking of real life… You noticed the doors you can knock on in the game, but the voices that come from the other side of those doors are something else. In fact, they’re emotions that each of us has in our heads. Fear, anxiety, anger… They’re our unconscious and they’re scary to encounter, but truly scary ones are the rats, spiders and bug eating-like creatures that come out of the ground. Smart I must admit.

Puzzles And Plenty of Puns

To be honest, I was drawn to the puzzles. As always. But over here in Figment, I found less-challenging puzzles to be honest. Sure, they’re there but I expected to be more mind-bending and well… hard. I guess I am now officially spoiled by my previous Filmaholic experiences. Especially those who involve puzzles, but I really didn’t find any challenge in most of the puzzles here. There were plenty of puns, that’s for sure and quirky characters that rime. Bu the puzzles were a letdown for me. Sure some of them are clever and fun without being too draining, but yes. Not that impressive or head-scratching.

Oh, and here’s a thing. Aside from the puzzles, there’s a bit of combat that you must engage with. Defeating the enemy requires some muscle here but much like with the puzzles, not that big of an effort. Even I as a rookie managed to eliminate all of them. And without the assistance of my long-suffering husband, whom he played this game before on Nintendo Switch. I’m kinda proud of myself because of that, to be honest. But I’d love to hear your thoughts too. What was your experience while playing Figment? Did you enjoy the puzzles? Or were they a miss? Let me know in the comment section.

It’s A Visual Experience!

Here’s a think. For me, Figment’s Filmaholic experience was a visual experience. A visceral one too. Rather simplistic in the gameplay but boy oh boy did it made-up in the art, music and characters. I loved the psychological themes and undertones, too, but the visual representation of the human mind was the one that sold me on it. Not to mention, the voice acting was pretty decent too.

But yes. All in all, I enjoyed Figment. It’s an unusual game that won me over with its quirkiness, and charm. Oh, and the characters too.  It’s visually whimsical and at times poignant in the depiction of trauma. So yeah. I loved it.

What’s Your Figment Experience?

Did you like the game? Let us know all about Figment. What did you like the most about it? The drawing, the soundtrack, or the puzzles? Feel free to share your thoughts with us. We’d love to know all about them here. Hit that comment section and let us know.

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