Days Gone Experience

Lately, the open-world games (much like the Days Gone experience) have been a nice indulgence for me. Nonetheless, my true love remains point and click adventure games. But yeah. I’ve grown to appreciate and love the open world games as well. Even more so when I get to explore them on PC, but this was not the case unfortunately. You all probably know about my struggles to adjust to PS4 even after all this time. I did detail them in my previous articles as well. But right now with my Days Gone experience, I had to shut up and persevere at PS4. At the very least, it made me understand the PC preference of so many others as well. Not just my own frankly. It’s just not the same, but you do miss the stuff you can’t have.

Days Gone Experience

My Days Gone Experience Was Nerve-Wrecking

But it was fun I have to admit. Although it took literally 3 days to add the game to the PS4 console. You know, after some annoying power shortages where I live. And despite the lack of patience on my side too, I managed to do that. It was an ordeal sure. But hey. It’s been scorching hot for months already and the power grid can take so much I suppose.  But the nerve-wracking feeling continued with my inability to work the controller, and it was a trial and error for the next few days. Or more like… Trial and death by Freakers. But hey. It was a fun experience nonetheless.

Oh and one thing I learned the hard way… Freakers react to noise too. So make sure to disable loud speakers before you turn on the generator! Live and learn I say.

Days Gone Experience

But What’s Days Gone All About You Might Ask?

Well, I played as Deacon St. John in this open world, survival horror game. An-ex army veteran turned bounty hunter, who’s trying to find his wife Sara in a post-apocalypse world. Two years after a zombie-like pandemic, Oregon is a barren place. Filled with Freakers and splintered camps. Deacon (along with his friend Boozer) will spend the majority of the gameplay trying to find Sara. But their journey will take them to the most unlikely places. And unsavory faces too.

Days Gone Is available for purchase here at IndieGala. Just click here and enjoy.

My Days Gone Experience Was Scary Too

Oh, man. Those freakers are scary AF. I had little to no trouble killing them while they are in smaller groups. But when they’re in hoards… Oh, man… Say your prayers fast because you’ll die even faster. And yeah of all the scavenging, crafting weapons and finding spare parts for the bike was fun. Especially the Molotov cocktails. Oh, and the baseball bat was nice thing to have too. Not to mention it was handy in most of my fights. But that bike is sooo cool let me tell ya. After a while it’s like an extended character or something. And most of my existence revolved around that bike.

And while I’m on the subject. There are very few characters that I care about. Deacon and Sarah of course. Loved the progression of their relationship, and how the studio chose to tell their story. Through a lot of cutscenes. And I do mean a loooot. Hey, I enjoyed them, to be honest. They’re a good narrative tool here and gave a nice backdrop to the entire plot of the game.

But don’t let the genre scare you. Yes, there are zombie-like creatures and they are indeed, scary. However, that blowtorch torture scene and the subsequent amputation scene were way harder for me to stomach. I mean… I’m squeamish on top of everything else, and the zombies were not in the top 3 scary moments in Days Gone.

Days Gone Experience

The Characters Do Make The Game

Not the story. The characters my friends. At least that’s my impression of the Days Gone. Full disclosure I didn’t care all too much about the camp leaders nor about any other characters. The time spent in those camps was boring for the most part, but hey. It is what it is. For me, the top three are Deacon, Sarah and Boozer in this game. Furthermore, I invested the most time and energy in those relationships and yes. They all have great relationships. Each in their own unique way. I love the brotherly love between Deacon and Boozer. Their loyalty is great, and they’re a constant source of support for each other. Truly their friendship is one of the best I’ve seen and loved every moment.

Deacon’s relationship with his wife is very much similar. I loved the progression of their story throughout the game. You know… How they met, their wedding, their life/work while together and so on. It was nicely put together.

Awesome Voice Work

Look, I did make note of the fine voice work in AC Odyssey (which you can read here again). It was decent for the most part, and I even mentioned that in my article. But over here the voice work is pretty darn incredible. Especially from Sam Witwer. I remember him from The Mist and Battlestar Galactica, and I was pleasantly surprised by him here. He gave Deacon Life and personality. And yeah. Made him even rougher around the edges.

Jim Piri as Boozer is also great in Days Gone, and so is Courtnee Draper as Sarah. But my top 1 here remains Sam. He’s amazing, don’t you think?

This Was My Days Gone Experience. What’s Yours Like?

Tell us in the comment section. We’d love to know all about it. Don’t be shy. Hit that comment section and let us know.

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