Indivisible is an indie game that I enjoyed. Some aspects have delighted me, making me spend time with a smile on my face.

Why should you try this game and what are its strengths? Let’s find out together in my review of Indivisible.

An indivisible narrative between characters and plot

Indivisible and its plot

First, I want to focus on the narrative of Indivisible. Let’s make things clear, this aspect is NOT the main point of the game. It matters but it is not essential. The story focuses on Ajna, a stubborn and capable girl who wants revenge on the army of Ravannavar, a ruthless tyrant. This villain has destroyed the girl’s village and she now wants to even the score.

During her adventure, Ajna will discover that she has incredible power. The young woman manages to trap in her own “mental realm” some incarnations and make them return when she has to face battles. A skill that will allow the girl and us players to face seemingly impossible challenges.

That’s all. I must admit that at the beginning I felt the usual Revenge Story™, not brilliant and original. However, there are other aspects of the narrative that I particularly appreciated.

Narrative of the game

I really liked the construction of the character of Ajna and its continuous development. As a simple rebel girl, the character becomes a true heroine, charismatic, and with a strong leader. Besides, there are the surrounding “incarnations” characters that prove to have quirky and funny peculiarities. The dialogues are reduced to the bone, it’s true. Do not expect sarcasm and cynicism as in The Outer Worlds, but they hint at the different character traits.

If you like over-the-top situations, you’ll love playing Indivisible!

Combat System and character progression

Indivisible has a magnificent combat system

In my opinion, Indivisible has its greatest strength in the combat system. You can have fun trying new moves as you advance in the game. As mentioned above, you can “collect” different heroes during your run and recall them during battles.

Each time you can create a party of 4 characters and fight by choosing the specific abilities of each of them. From this point of view, I must admit that Indivisible is perfectly structured, with each character having unique and effective moves.

It will be nice for you to combine the different attacks and at the same time understand which incarnation can assist you. The more battles you fight, the higher you’ll level up. Fairly standard.

party of 4 characters

The characters you’ll use will progress automatically, developing increasingly complex abilities. I don’t usually like these automatic mechanics in RPG games. However, in Indivisible it seemed an appropriate choice, which goes perfectly with the pleasant gameplay.

If you want advice, always try to vary the characters of your party and try to add as many incarnations as possible in your being. This will allow you to experience the potential of the game and will entertain you thanks to the varied combat system.

You should know that in this game there are 20 (!) playable characters and trying them all will be a real delight. Plus, this will also increase the level of difficulty and you can try your hand with these challenges.

Explore in an Indivisible way

Platforming and exploration

When I started playing, I didn’t think exploration in Indivisible was so important. I soon realized, that this is, in fact, crucial if you want to win. This way you can reach secret areas and improve your skills. You can also find upgrades that you will need in the platforming stages and during the fights as well.

I liked how at the beginning the game design is quite linear, from a classic scrolling game, but then going on it becomes more and more complex, becoming a worthy Metroidvania, just like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Moreover, the platforming phases combined with a curated combat system reminded me of the demo of Exit Limbo: Opening.

In short, I didn’t expect such complexity in an indie game like Indivisible, but I must say: it was a nice surprise.

The power of fairy tale graphics

Indivisible graphics
The cake is a lie even in Indivisible

Those who read my reviews should have understood by now: I have a weakness for fairy tale landscapes. I don’t hide that I love games like Ori and The Blind Forest for its magical and unforgettable settings.

From this point of view, Indivisible has managed to earn a place in my heart. I enjoyed the colorful backgrounds and particular graphics, even during the backtracking phases, which for some may seem tedious.

I loved Ajna’s character design, with its strong and weak look at the same time. If you, like me, love fairy tale graphics, then you shouldn’t think twice and try Indivisible now! Believe me, your eyes (and your heart) will thank me.

Indivisible: accompany Ajna on her journey

Ready for a fantastic trip with many “friends”? Indivisible will allow you to do it in a light and touching way.

Remember that you can find it now in our store at a discounted price, an opportunity not to be missed. If you have already tried Indivisible, let me know your opinion with a comment below!

Finally, after trying this game I’m sure it will become, well, Indivisible from your gamer collection!

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