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OK Let’s face it. Speed has been a recurring theme in my posts. And I love it. So it makes sense that Train Sim World is the latest topic for me. But I’m not complaining though. I’ve written about air combat movies, car combat movies, racing movies, so films that feature fast trains seems like a logical step forward. And why wouldn’t it be the case? Trains are awesome, and for those of you who like trains, I’ve got you covered. This is a post that features a train simulator-type video game and some excellent movies (that are set on trains) as well. How cool is that?

As previously mentioned, we have plenty of great train simulator video games (most notably Train Sim World from Dovetail) on sale here at IndieGala. So, feel free to pick and choose. But, a the same time, I love watching movies that either feature trains or are entirely set on trains. Why? I’ll elaborate my reasons and (my undying love) for train-inspired movies later in this post, but for now… A word or two about the video games itself.

train simulator

Train Sim World: What’s this train simulator about?

Developed by Dovetail Games, Train Sim World is an immersive first-person simulator for every train aficionado. With complete in-cab interactivity, accurate detail on locos, real-world routes and hours of game-play as well.

It allows you to take yourself to the rails and find everything you need to master new skills. From general to advanced operation of locomotives as you operate smooth passenger and freight services, scenarios and much more.

Train Sim World puts you in the engineer’s seat of breathtakingly authentic machines. Also, the game allows you to control your brake pressure, your speed, and re-fueling. The ‘Journeys’ feature will guide you through over 24 real hours of scenarios, tutorials and service timetables for each, so don’t miss out on Train Sim World.

Train simulator and the train movie’s variety

Variety is the keyword here indeed. Who’d thought that such a small and confined space like a train could hold so much potential in making entertainment? And especially video games and movies as forms of entertainment? But it’s true. There are plenty of great movies set on trains. Whether it’s just part of the plot or the entire plot that’s set on a train. That’s right, trains have been a source of inspiration for Hollywood for decades now. Which is awesome.

Now, what’s the first thing you think of when you hear about movies that are set on trains? Murder mystery directly from the books of Agatha Christie? Certainly, Murder on the Orient Express is a great example of that. That’s probably the most well-known train of all time and, possibility, one of the best-known murder mystery movies as well. That happens to be set entirely on a train. But don’t think for a second that murder mystery is the only genre out there for movies that are set on a train. Far from it.

Train simulator

Western, action thriller, horror, romance and science fiction

When you think about it, trains are the basis for a whole variety of film genres. Why? Precisely because of the closed confined spaces and the opportunity that brings a moving train to the story. It’s as simple as that. And sometimes the destination of the train doesn’t even matter. What happens on the train is the interesting part. The people occupying the train, different settings, the different passenger cars and so much more. That’s where the fun usually is in movies. And because of those things, we have movies like Unstoppable, Before Sunrise, Under Siege 2 and Cassandra Crossing. A thriller, romance movie, action movie and a horror movie. All of them are set (fully or partially) on moving trains (and subway trains). But what are some of my favorites? Scroll down to find out.

Runaway Train

What do you get when you put together icons like Andrei Konchalovsky, Akira Kurosawa and John Voight? Runaway Train. One of the best Canon movies in existence. Yes, that’s Canon you read there. Although a commercial flop, Runaway Train is a true 80’s gem. Two escaped convicts and a female railway worker find themselves trapped on a train with no brakes and nobody driving. The movie has incredible performances from John Voight and Eric Roberts, great direction from Konchalovsky and a thrilling plot thanks to Kurosawa’s original vision. Runaway Train is a “can’t miss” movie.

Train To Busan

Talk about the perfect zombie movie! Am I right? It’s scary, emotional, thrilling at the same time. Train to Busan has fantastic characters, a dash of social commentary and a scary zombie breakout, to enhance the movie watching experience. Not a lot of movies have all of that, that’s for sure. Hey, even Edgar Wright called it the best zombie movie he’s ever seen, so you have to take Edgar’s word for it.

Zombie GIF

The Taking of Pelham 123

I’m talking about the 1974 movie, not the remake with Chris Pine and Denzel Washington. The OG movie, which in my opinion is way superior. Although admittedly the original, lacked the technical abilities of the modern cinema, it’s a fantastic movie nonetheless. But there’s no denying that The Taking of Pelham 123 well made up for in pacing, writing and the fantastic musical score. And what’s the movie about? Much like the title suggests, it’s about taking the passengers (hijacking to be exact) in a NY City subway car as hostages. The hijackers are demanding a ransom or they’ll kill the passengers. What follows is one of the best movie plots ever made, and I highly recommend it.


Forget about the most recent TV series. No. The Bong Joon-ho’s 2013 masterpiece is what you should watch before binging on the TV series. Or just read the Le Transperceneige, the graphic novel on which Snowpiercer is based on. That’s awesome as well. But while I’m on the subject of the movie… Although set in a dystopian future, Snowpiercer’s social commentary is ever so slightly present, while the atmosphere is ominous, claustrophobic and bleak. It’s also one of the best SF action movies ever made, with probably the most engaging performance from Chris Evans. A globe-spanning train that carries the last remnants of humanity? It’s a must-watch for every film buff out there.

Chris Evans GIF by Coolidge Corner Theatre

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

Just because I’m not a total snob, and because, believe it or not, I watched it recently. Both Under Siege 1 and 2. Hey, I was in a lock-down and was running out of ideas, so don’t judge. OK?  But, Dark Territory is Steven Seagal at his most Steven Seagal-est. All joking aside, I actually liked it. It has plenty of action, Eric Bogosian as the crazy villain and young Catherine Heigl. Now, I would argue that the first Under Siege is way better, but I enjoyed this one as well.

Train simulator and some of your picks

What are some of your picks when it comes to the train inspired movies? Is it Unstoppable or your preference is movies like Before Sunrise? Tell us all about it in the comment section. We’d love to know.

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