Dying Light

If you are a true gamer, you will know that zombies are a theme often present in this medium. Even in cinema, there are many films (ab)using this topic, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Dying Light however is a game that manages to be original despite its main topic may seem a cliché.

Why should you play this game? Well, let’s analyze together what are some reasons to do so!

A varied and fun gameplay

Dying Light has a fun gameplay

Dying Light has an original gameplay that differentiates it from common games with zombies and monstrous creatures. As you know, games like this usually require you to stay hidden, with few resources at your disposal, running away and hoping not to be killed. Exactly, just like Resident Evil 3

Regardless, in Dying Light you can give vent to your violent creativity. Mutilations, disfigurements, deadly executions, you can do everything because they are already dead!

You can also use different weapons and objects, always paying attention to their durability. In addition, you can have fun doing parkour and moving from one place to another, performing amazing stunts.

Personally, I found the game a mixture of Mirror’s Edge and Dead Island as far as gameplay is concerned and I liked it!

Dying Light…in a dark atmosphere

Despite the various possibilities of killing zombies, Dying Light is not a serene and reassuring game. Its atmosphere is terrifying and it can give you terrible anxiety.

Not to mention the phases when you have to go through dark areas. Believe me I had nightmares but at the same time I was delighted. That’s exactly how a game like that should make you feel.

Besides, I also enjoyed the appearance of zombies, decadent and scary to the right point. They seemed real, with creepy deformations, enhanced by the great graphics of the title.

Who are the real Dying Light enemies?

In Dying Light you have to fight human enemies

The story of Dying Light takes you to the middle of an apocalypse where zombies are not the only enemies. Our goal is to recover the vaccine for epidemic disease. However, this solution is protected by a diabolical dictator who wants to use the cure for his political purposes.

In the game you will face human enemies, a real ruthless army that will do anything to eliminate you. They will be the most difficult enemies to defeat, believe me that at some point it will become almost frustrating to kill them.

Personally, this has given me a lot of thought, as the game makes a very good use of this issue. Who are the real enemies, the zombie beasts that now act by instinct or the “rational” humans who act selfishly because they choose to do it?

The realization of this reality will be far more frightening than the monsters of the game.

Watching on television people fighting or beating each other to ensure necessities in this period of quarantine made me think of Dying Light. The message is clear: we shouldn’t be afraid of zombies, but of humans, the most ferocious beasts on Earth

Get Dying Light now and start kill zombies

Ultimately, I advise you to play Dying Light, it will amuse, scare and even make you reflect at the same points. You can also express your opinion about the game or about my thoughts, by sharing your experience in the comments.

Take advantage now of the special price, or even better, the enchanted edition at an even more attractive discount and remember: Good Night and Good Luck!

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