Die Young

Die Young is a survival game developed by Indiegala. Perhaps you remember that I had already mentioned this game, in the list of open-world games to try in this period. However, I think it’s time to dedicate a post to this little pearl. Let’s find out together what you need to know about Die Young!

Must the main character die young?

Die Young and main character

The first thing that struck me about Die Young is the main protagonist. You will have to lead the beautiful young woman in an unfortunate adventure that will bring her face death.

The girl is accustomed to glitz, luxury, and a worldly lifestyle. However, due to reckless actions, you will find yourself wandering on a mysterious island, where flora and fauna are everywhere.

The seemingly idyllic landscape hides a sect of murderers and lunatics who want to take the girl prisoner. Not exactly the ideal situation, is it? You will begin your journey to survive and you will have to adapt to the new lifestyle in the wild. There will be the twists and turns, in a story developed in a great way that will always keep you with bated breath.

I have to tell you the truth, I liked the evolution of the main character. A kind of transformation and formation that through pain leads her to be more mature. It also seemed to be a sort of statemtn about the highest class of society, the one that enjoys a good economic condition and exploits the labor of the lower classes, giving themselves luxuries of all kinds.

A message that in my view makes us understand that only through hard-work, can we “survive” in everyday life and, well, on a deserted island populated by maniacs.

Die Young and its gameplay

Enemies are everywhere

Die Young’s gameplay differs from survival horror classics. Of course, you’ll need to satisfy your basic needs here too, so you’ll have to drink and eat. However, succeeding in these actions will be quite simple.

Also, you will have the opportunity to build weapons and fight against the enemies you will meet in your path. Remember that this is not the best solution, since you are a docile girl and you will face enemies much bigger than you. Besides, the weapons you can build are not very effective, they mostly allow you to gain time and energy.

In short, combat is not the answer in Die Young. So, how can you make the most of the gameplay? Simple, focus on your agility. The main character can climb and overcome obstacles, so she can escape from freaks. You can try a kind of “parkour” similar to that of Dying Light. Of course, it’s not the same, but it will be efficient and will allow you to survive.

If you want my advice, what you need to do in Die Young is run and hide. It may seem cowardly, but this survival is realistic and you will not succeed in exceptional actions like in other videogames. Plus, this aspect increases the adrenaline of the game atmosphere and makes it all more exciting. Trust me, if you want a game that keeps you on the lookout, then you have to try Die Young.

Explore the Island

Explore the island of the game

Die Young’s game world is another very interesting aspect. The exploration in the game is really enjoyable because it allows you to discover those that are favorable points and secrets.

Besides, thanks to proper exploration, you will always know how to anticipate enemies and where to hide. In this game, exploration is completely linked to survival, so you should not underestimate it at all.

Die Young graphics

I also enjoyed some graphic details of the island. You should know that this is an indie, not a triple-A, so the development budget was not endless. Regardless, I was impressed by the commitment to make every context photorealistic, well maintained, and defined.

I advise you to try the game following the recommended requirements. In this way, you will admire the details of Die Young!

Immersive soundtrack

I also want to make a small mention of the soundtrack of the game. The music is engaging and original. Most importantly, they help create a tense climate and an adrenaline-filled atmosphere.

Not surprisingly, many like me once finished the game have decided to keep the soundtrack of Die Young and believe me, it’s worth it!

Die Young: survival awaits you

Ultimately, Die Young is a game that will get you excited. In addition to a story to discover, it can transport you thanks to its pure survival gameplay. If you have already tried the game, then you can let me know your opinion about it by sharing a comment with our community.

Alternatively, I suggest you try the game that you can find in our store. I recommend that you also take a look at the deluxe edition of the game that includes additional items in addition to the main game.

If you already played Die Young and liked it, then why not take a loot at Exit Limbo: Opening? It’s a new game by Indiegala, a side-scroller beat ’em up you have to try absolutely!

Finally, time to survive, will you do it, or will you die young?!

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