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Ciel Fledge Is a rather different challenge for me. Well, technically the Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator game. Indeed, I’ve written about plenty of other great simulator games, but none was about something so familiar and intimate. The raising of a daughter. Now, I’m yet to have a child, but my parents raised two daughters, so it suffices to say that I know a thing or two about this topic.

And the other reason why I picked the Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator game is because we do have it on sale here at IndieGala. However, that sale is ending very soon. So hurry up before it’s gone. But, before I go on with this post, I think that a summary of the game is in order. An introduction of sorts.

Ciel Fledge

What’s Ciel Fledge All About?

Developed by Studio Namaapa and published by PQube Limited, Ciel Fledge is in its core a simulation game. About what you might ask? Well, about raising an adopted daughter in a future world that still has hope. With rather compelling management game-play and a lovable cast of characters. So it’s up to you to take care of Ciel until she reaches adulthood and becomes ready to fledge the nest.

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Ciel Fledge: Which Movies To Add Here?

Indeed there are plenty of great movies that feature the raising of a daughter. But for the sake of time and efficiency, I will stick to the movies that are focused on the father-daughter bond. You know… In the whole raising thing. And of course, for the sake of staying relevant and current, I’m going to focus on movies that are fairly more contemporary. No, not movies that are set in the distant future, like the game itself. In other words, movies that were made after the new Millennium, and movies that are mostly about the father-daughter bond. I’m very well aware that To Kill A Mockingbird and Paper Moon are incredible. But let’s just stick to the fresh and the new(er) picks. So, without further ado…. Let’s start, shall we?

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I think that Hanna was the movie that transformed Saorise Ronan from a drama darling to a bad-ass action flick leading lady. I remember being very impressed with this movie when I first saw it. The action scenes were great, there are plenty of dark undertones in the plot, and the cast is incredible. Saorise Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett? Yell yeah. And what’s the movie all about? Well, Hanna. A teenager that’s been living off the grid with her father in the wilderness of Finland.

Hanna spent her life in the harsh wilderness alone (well with her father but mostly alone). She was mercilessly trained to be a skilled and deadly assassin. And by her teenage years she’s ready for anything and anyone. But things will become dicey when the senior CIA officer Marissa Wiegler will wind out their location. It’s a game of cat and mouse from here. Oh, and if you liked the Hanna movie, there’s also a Hanna TV show. The TV adaptation is currently in its third season and it’s also great. Not to mention, one of my favorite actors Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos star in the TV series.

Jersey Girl

Much like with Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom, I will forever defend Jersey Girl from all the hate and bad reviews. To be fair, I think that much of the hate was more directed at the Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez failed romance. Because there’s nothing wrong with it! It’s a perfectly funny and enjoyable movie with some really endearing performances. Honestly, I think it’s Kevin Smith‘s last good movie. It all went downhill from here for Kevin, and it’s the sad truth.

Ben Affleck plays a widower and a single father to a precocious and sweet little girl, and he’s really good as well. And aside from him, there’s a good and stellar supporting cast. Liv Tyler, Jason Biggs, and the great George Carlin in his last movie appearance before his death. This is a feel-good movie for me, and I’m not ashamed to say that I can watch it every time it’s on TV. There! I’ve said it!

I Am Sam

Another great movie. Sad, emotional and heart-breaking movie but a very great one. Not to mention, it has one of the best performances I’ve seen from Sean Penn, Dacota Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer. And Sean Penn is Sam in I Am Sam. A mentally disabled single father fighting tor the custody of his precocious daughter Lucy. Unlike Sam, Lucy is not mentally challenged and soon begins to understand that her mental ability will surpass her father’s. Very similar to Jersey Girl, I Am Sam received pretty mediocre reviews, but I think it’s great. It’s to this day one of my favorite Sean Penn performances (along with the one in Sweet and Lowdown). Fun fact: This is the favorite movie of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

For real!

Dan In Real Life

Widowed single fathers have been a recurring theme in this post, but don’t blame me for that! Hollywood keeps making these movies. Steve Carell is in fact Dan from Dan In Real Life. A widower and single father to three girls who will fall in love with his brother’s girlfriend. This movie was a real pleasant surprise for me. Not because of the awesome comedic timing of Steve Carell of course. We all know it’s awesome even in comedic dramas like this one.

But I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth, sass and wonderful wholesome atmosphere in the entire movie. There’s also great supporting cast in Dan In Real Life. The two time Oscar winner Diane Wiest is here and so is the late John Mahoney. Emily Blunt is here as well, and so is Amy Ryan (the Office connection is strong in this movie). But all joking aside, It’s really a good movie that’s worth watching. Again and again.

The Descendants

Honestly, The Descendants has probably one of the most subtle and subdued George Clooney performances. But the thing that makes it so special is the fact that it perfectly blends drama, comedy and tragedy. And may I add, a big chunk oft hat is thanks to the amazing performance by Clooney. Not to mention the fantastic writing from Alexander Payne, Nat Faxton and Jim Rash. That’s right! Dean Pelton from Community co-wrote the script and won an Oscar for it.

Just take a look at the scene in which his eldest daughter informs him that his comatose wife was cheating on him. He never knew anything about that, and this brand new information shocks him to the core. And in that scene you can read every single emotion on Clooney’s face. About 3 minutes of incredible acting and writing. It’s truly a testament to George’s talents as an actor, but also the talent of the young Shailene Woodley. She’s also incredible in this movie, and if you’ve haven’t seen it… I beg of you. Do it. You’ll thank me later.

Ciel Fledge And Some Of Your Picks

Which one is your favorite? Or which movie would you add here? Tell us in the comment section. We’d love to know.

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