Childhood is the game I want to show you this week. It is part of our Showcase, a special section dedicated to indie video games and original projects.

Why did I choose this title? Because some of its mechanics fascinated me. Besides, there is another reason behind the choice of this video game, but I’ll talk about it later in this review.

Before going into the analysis of the game, let’s enjoy its trailer!

Childhood: what is the game about?

Childhood about

The idea behind Childhood is very interesting. This game can be labeled as a survival. However, when you play survival games, you often find yourself facing hostile situations and dark places. For example, Through the Woods is a psychological thriller game that I recently played. It has all the features of a survival game.

Childhood is atypical in this respect. In this game, you will have to put yourself in the shoes of some children, abandoned and without parents. That’s right, a bunch of little kids who have to survive in a big city. So, you will have to arm yourself with cunning and patience, trying to conquer the primary goods without having much money.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? I’m sure, now that you know the premise of the game, you’ll be even more curious to try this title developed by the Kalpa Games team.

Childhood: a reflection on this theme

As I anticipated earlier, this game led me to make a reflection. I mean, when we play survival games, we think of fantasy, horror, abominable situations. Well, this game takes us to a real dimension.

Even today, in 2021, some children have to grow up alone. They have no parents and decide to take refuge in small groups, sometimes creating baby gangs. This problem occurs in all the great metropolises of the world, without any exception. Not surprisingly, some movies deal with this topic as Piranhas or City of God.

The scary thing is that NOBODY talks about this issue. The problem exists, but there are no mass media that want to highlight it. This is shocking because it made me understand how today’s news is corrupted. A symptom that indicates that we are on the (bad) path headed towards a cyberpunk future.

However, video games, as an art form, can highlight this reality.

Ultimately, this game makes the player think. Childhood is a fundamental thing for the development of a person. Regardless, not everyone lives the years of youth in a carefree and happy way. So many people have to survive, literally. I don’t want criticism from Resident Evil or Silent Hill fans, but in my opinion, that’s the real horror.

Gameplay that mixes different genres


After lengthening a few theoretical reflections, I want to go back to talking about the mechanics of the game. In particular, the time has come to analyze the gameplay.

Well, this video game is a third-person narrative adventure. There are several actions you can do in the game to survive in the big city. For example, you can explore the game environment to find resources, food, and money.

Alternatively, you can choose to appeal to people’s compassion. In that case, you’ll have to beg, hoping someone’s nice and doesn’t get mad at you.

In any case, you must pay attention to your needs. Therefore, you will not only need money but also medicine, water, and food. Besides, remember, you’re gonna have to take care of your brother and your little sister.

If you’re tired of begging, you can try to steal the items you need. The game has a stealth system that allows you to sneak away without arousing suspicion. Be careful! If you get caught, you will pay the consequences. Carefully assess your actions and decide what to do to take care of your group.

A continuous technical improvement


For the moment, Childhood is a game in development. For this reason, during the gameplay, you will notice some defects from a graphical point of view. Moreover, some passages will seem too cumbersome.

You don’t have to worry. The game is constantly updated. Kalpa Games works passionately on this project and is committed to releasing a definitive and perfect version. As I said in another review, there is nothing better when a team of developers is committed with their heart to a project!

What about the graphics in the game? The graphics choice is particular. The developers decided to focus on pastel colors; they used a cartoon style. This choice is interesting because it highlights the world from the child’s point of view. Besides, it allows you to identify yourself even more as the main character.

Finally, I want to congratulate the developers regarding the game audio. The sounds in the game are vivid and clear, an aspect often treated with superficiality in some indie titles.

Childhood: how can you try the game?

If after reading this review you want to try the game, then you have to visit our dedicated section. Here you can download the title after logging into your Indie Gala account. Don’t you have an account? Don’t worry, you can create it simply by using your email and password.

Also, let me know what you think of this indie project. Comment below, express your opinion and discuss it with the Indiegala Community.

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