Cats in video games

Cats in video games, who doesn’t love them? All gamers know that if there are cats in video games, there will be purrrrrfects moments!

The International Cat Day is tomorrow. We’ve already covered a few select cats in movies and in video games, but what are the most famous cats in the gaming world? In this article, I will accompany you to discover the best feline characters ever created. Are you ready? Then let’s start together on this metaphorical journey!

Cats in video games: why do we like them so much?

Before I analyze the list, I want to make a little introduction. I mean, why do we like cats in video games so much? Well, I’ve got an idea about it, and I want to share it with you.

Cats are special pet animals. They are not as cheerful and affectionate as dogs. They always seem cold, indifferent, detached, and selfish. For this reason, when a cat is presented in video games, it has a very particular personality. A cat character has qualities such as cynicism, sarcasm, and brutal honesty.

At the same time, characters of this genre are funny and find themselves in funny situations. That’s why there are so many people who love cats in video games. I’m no exception, I must admit I love them!

Now it’s time to discover the best cat characters in the gaming world!

Alvina – Dark Souls II

Alvina - Dark Souls II, cats in videogames

Dark Souls II is not the best game of the saga. The experience of the first chapter is not comparable to this sequel. However, there are some positive aspects to this game.

One of these is Alvina. She is a talking cat that you find in Majula, the hub of the game. This “animal” seems to know many things about the lore of the game. Not surprisingly, she will give some very useful information to the player, also highlighting the nature of the 4 main bosses.

Alvina will give away memorable dialogues, sometimes breaking the fourth wall and turning directly to the gamer. A character to love madly.

Rover – Animal Crossing

Rover, cats in video games

Rover is a nice and welcoming character. He doesn’t look like a cat, but he does. This character belongs to the franchise Animal Crossing and appears in several titles in the series.

His job is to escort you into the city. He is a kind of guide that will help you to spend the initial moments in your new virtual world. In every video game in the series, you can develop a close friendship with Rover, but be careful not to upset him! The consequences could be unpleasant!

King Tom – Ni No Kuni

King Tom - Cats in videogames

Do you like fat, chubby, and lazy cats in video games? Then you’ll love King Tom! This funny character of Ni No Kuni will be presented as the classic slothful cat. A nice presence that will have to be encouraged to give you a hand.

Trust me, his narrative arc will surprise you, a story of redemption that will strike you in the depths of your soul. In short, Ni No Kuni is a game to try, as well as its sequel.

Garfield – Garfield Kart Furious Racing

games giveaways - Garfield Kart

I mentioned Garfield in a previous article that I wrote about cats in the gaming world. This character is an icon to me, a role model. I am a real fan. Why?

Because, he loves to eat lasagna, he hates Mondays & he wants to sleep. Basically me.

Of course, in Garfield Kart Furious Racing the cat that loves to sleep is much more lively. His competition drives him to compete against his friends in epic high-speed challenges. If you want to tear up opponents and see Garfield cheer, you have to add this title to your virtual library!

Cats in video games: Palicoes – Monster Hunter World


Palicoes is a cat and he is extremely loyal. It is the companion you always want to have at your side. This character will be a valuable ally in your hunt for giant monsters in Monster Hunter World.

As we await the upcoming movie dedicated to this video game, you can familiarize yourself with Palicoes by trying this game. Believe me, it’ll be worth it.

Kabegami – Okami

Kabegami - cats in video games

Kabegami is one of the secondary characters in the game Okami. In fact, in this video game, the main character will be Amaterasu, a wolf with spectacular powers. Maybe you remember the latter because it is present in the roster of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Kabegami is a Cat-God who teaches Amaterasu some powerful techniques to take down her enemies. The relationship between the two characters is extremely interesting and this time a cat in video games is represented as a symbol of wisdom.

Cats in video games: Morgana – Persona 5

Morgana - Persona 5

Morgana is a lively and smart character. He might object if someone calls him a cat, but hey, his shape is reminiscent of a feline.

Morgana will show different shapes during the game and give you the right advice. Once again, a cat will be your spirit guide in a video game. I’m starting to think cats are very wise…aren’t they?

Felicia – Darkstalkers

Felicia is a character that will make the eyes shine on those who have spicy tastes. This wonderful feline girl will be able to make you fall in love with her moves. Well, she often is represented in skimpy dresses, so, you know what I mean.

Felicia is a playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Another reason that can push you to try this game *blink*.

Cats in video games: what are your choices?

These were my choices related to cats in video games. Did I forget some characters? Well, let me note that!

Share your opinion and let me know what you think of my list. Also, do not forget to celebrate International Cat Day, on August 8.

Honor these fantastic animals and play the titles that see them as protagonists!

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