Far Cry 5 Steam

Far Cry 5 (Steam/Uplay) takes you back to the US. More specifically to Hope County, Montana. The land of the free and the brave, but also the place of reckoning. And of course the home of one wacky cult. And the best part: during this weekend only you may try the full game for free! More info on the official Ubisoft webiste.

What’s Far Cry 5 Steam/Uplay All About?

Doomsday cult in the fictional Hope County, and one junior deputy sheriff who will get entangled in the mission to bring down the leader. Joseph Seed is the powerful and dangerous leader of Project at Eden’s Gate, and it’s up to you to bring him down. Can you handle it?

Far Cry 5 Steam

But the open world is a thing of beauty here, and along with it, the gameplay as well. Not to mention, the soundtrack which truly elevates the experience of playing Far Cry 5 Steam/Uplay. Ubisoft really did well here, don’t you think?

But aside from the impressive open world, Far Cry 5 Steam/Uplay has an equally impressive storyline too. It’s easy to follow, intriguing and with a great amount of suspense. But the story is very dramatic at the same time, with a stunning climax in the end. Not the mention, with a great deal of humor, among the dark and scary stuff you get to witness.

Far Cry 5 Steam

Great Visuals And Cool Story

But as much as the visuals are fabulous, you’ll probably come for them. But you’ll probably stay for the over-arching storylines, fascinating characters and multiple endings. Of course and the immersive experience will make you want more and more. And of course and experience that will make you fall in love with the franchise too.

But there’s the realism too. For instance the realism in dynamics of the bullet trajectory. And how realistic the guns are in this game. However, probably the best thing about the whole thing is the polar opposites in the entire story. A fundamentalist cult in such a serene and remote place. A good contrast don’t you think? But hey, if you care to check out our Far Cry movie adaptation’s review… Feel free to do it here.

And yes. We do have Far Cry 5 available for purchase at IndieGala here (Uplay version). However, if you’re not a fan of this particular game, then you should check out the rest of the projects in the iconic game series. Just click here. Don’t miss this weekend Far Cry 5 franchise sale

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