Bugs Must Die is a game that has many qualities. I have to be honest, this game reminded me of the masterpieces of the 80s. Have you ever seen those action-packed shooters? Well, Bugs Must Die is just like that!

Not surprisingly, one of the inspirations for the developers of Dragonglass Games was the game Jackal, a masterpiece released by Konami years ago.

But is it worth trying this game? Well, you can get an idea by watching its trailer.

Do you want to know more about it? Well, keep reading my review!

Fight off the infestation!

Bugs Must Die: fight the infestation

The game’s title, Bugs Must Die, should make you realize what this game is about. I understand your thought, maybe you ask yourself: “But what have these poor little creatures done wrong?”.

The insects in the game are not the annoying beings we know. They are part of a bloodthirsty insectoid alien race that wants to eliminate humanity and conquer the universe. Now you agree they MUST die, don’t you?

This is the premise behind the game. I must say that this fact has impressed me positively. Without too much doubt, the strength of an Arcade Style title is the gameplay. Regardless, the team of developers decided to make sense of the actions of the protagonists, creating a small narrative plot. A great choice because it makes the game even more enjoyable.

Bugs Must Die: choose the game mode you prefer

The different modes available in the game make any type of player feel at ease. The developers decided to offer players a wide choice.

The first mode you have to try is Story Mode. In this way, you can discover the narrative and have fun facing a real adventure. The story mode consists of 16 levels. At the end of each level, you will face a boss who will give you a hard time. With a lot of patience and quick reflexes, you will be able to achieve victory.

The Challenge Mode is also exciting. The latter consists of 8 levels that will have to be overcome by facing 8 bosses. However, this mode has a fantastic feature. In fact, by exploring the areas of the game, you will run into secret areas and fight the 8 optional bosses of the game. In short, if you want a real challenge (heh!) you have to face the game choosing this mode!

The third available mode is called Hell Mode. That’s right, it’s also the hardest. How did you figure that out? If you choose to face the game this way you will only have a basic weapon at your disposal. As you defeat insectoid enemies, the loot will always be better and you will upgrade your equipment.

The ideal choice for every player

Bugs Must Die is the ideal game for anyone who loves action. Why am I sure of that? Well, as you can see, the different modes available fit everyone’s needs.

The try-hard gamers, those who always want to try impossible challenges, can try to complete the entire game only with basic weapons, sporting their superb skills. If you’re in this line-up of gamers, I suggest you try Fallback too, you won’t regret it!

Alternatively, you can try the game as an average gamer. You will face different levels at a challenging but not impossible difficulty. Besides, you can improve your vehicles and weapons, strengthening them thanks to the coins that you collect during your explorations. I’m sure you’ll have fun and spend several hours in front of the PC!

Bugs Must Die has just one word to describe the gameplay: frenzy!


I showed you Bugs Must Die’s mode, plot, and difficulty. What about gameplay? Well, the game is a top-down shooting. This means you will have a top view and you can take a look at the different elements in the game area. You will have to use your reflexes and try to avoid as much as possible the hell of bullets.

In addition to exploring and rushing through the map, you’ll have to destroy enemies. For that reason, you’re gonna have to try and fire fast. Remember that on some occasions you will only survive if you are faster than your opponents!

Besides, you can use four different vehicles to increase the destruction of evil insects. If you have reached the limit of patience, you can vent using the Superweapons. A simple command and BOOOM, death and chaos will be unleashed on the whole scene.

Once again, this kind of gameplay is recommended for those who love action. If you’ve played frantic FPS, like Superhot, you’ll enjoy playing Bugs Must Die. Alternatively, if you want to try a more relaxing title, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Graphics take you back to the 80s

Bugs Must Die’s graphics are inspired by the great arcade games of the past. I mean, if you want to take a trip through time and childhood memories, this is the game you have to try.

The colors are bright and pixelated characters are cute to admire. Of course, some things could be improved from the point of view of fluidity. However, the game has no big problems.

Moreover, I enjoyed the style of the game’s bosses. The main enemies resemble the pop icons of the East-West culture. A treat that left me with a smile on my face.

In short, thanks to this title you can relive the nostalgia for retro stations!

Bugs Must Die: are you ready to kill crappy aliens?

As you can see, there are many positive features of this video game. If you’re thinking of trying it, I can tell you that you’re making a great choice.

Plus, you should know that you can try this game for free. On our DGGames page, you can download a trial version of the game.

After you try it, you can do two things. First, visit the Bugs Must Die Steam page and buy the full game. Then comment on this review and express your opinion about this top-down shooter game.

Save the galaxy and everyone will look at you as the hero who killed the insectoid aliens!

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