Best PC IIndie Games 2022
Best PC Indie Games 2022

What are the best PC Indie Games in 2022? I know it’s been a while, but it’s never too late to talk about these games! In addition, you can take advantage of the spring sales to buy them at discounted prices. Today I want to talk to you about multiple games released during 2022 that you should add to your collection. 

Why try these games? Well, there are several reasons. Let’s find out by analyzing my selection of the best PC Indie Games in 2022!

Best PC Indie Games in 2022: not the classic triple-A

Before analyzing my selection, I want to make a premise. These are indie PC games. This means that they stand out from mainstream classic titles. So, expect innovative, distinctive, and hard gameplay. Each game can offer you a real challenge. In short, these are video games that can completely immerse you in their world. Are you ready to try them out? Well, then check out the titles that can be perfect for your gamer tastes!

Neon White

Neon White is a first-person action adventure. What’s the plot? Well, you’re a killer named White and your job is to eliminate the demons that have invaded heaven. However, nothing is as it seems, things can change at any moment. 

This game is fast-paced and dynamic, you’ll have to have your reflexes ready if you want to pass each level. In addition, there are visual novel interludes between the levels. During these moments you will feel like playing another game and you can forget about the adrenaline you experienced. Neon White is a unique game because it mixes various genres and does it perfectly. I mean, it’s ideal if you want a mix of Superhot and games like Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness and Tenkiame. You can purchase it here in our store

Olli Olli World

Olli Olli World is a game that I tried and enjoyed for several reasons. First, its graphic style is magnificent. You will feel like watching a pretty and surreal cartoon playing the different levels. Moreover, the game has simple gameplay but is not so easy. It’s arcade-style gameplay, you have to press some keys to perform stunts with your skate and overcome levels.

Regardless, you will realize that passing levels is not the only thing that matters. You have to hone your skills and you can only do so with time. On the other hand, your goal is to become a “god” of skateboarding in Radlandia, the land of the game. Little by little, Olli Olli World will get you involved in his fantasy world. So give it a chance!


What can I say about Stray? The game has received positive reviews from audiences and experts. Many loved it for its minimal gameplay and exciting storyline. Stray is a journey of a few hours full of emotions and sensations. It transports you into a unique experience, putting you in the shoes of an adorable cat.

In my opinion, it’s a must, you have to add it to your collection if you haven’t already. In addition, you can know more about the game Stray and lovely cats in media by reading our article about it.

Endling – Extinction is forever

Endling – Extinction is Forever has a 96% rating on Steam, so many people loved this game after trying it for multiple reasons. It is an adventure simulation game developed by Herobeat Studios. The plot follows the story of a fox, who escaped from a disaster when it was a puppy and must survive in a world destroyed by men. The life-telling component is what makes this game a masterpiece.

Besides, Endling – Extinction is Forever can make you think about the environmental issue and how man is ruining the planet because of his selfishness. In short, a real work of art, an indie game that can make you change your point of view on a very important topic of our days. You can buy it in our store at a special price.


Tinykin is a game that I loved because it has a vintage feel. This title made by Splashteam developers is a simple yet extremely immersive 3D Platform. In the game, you are a little hero, Milo, who arrived on Earth to explore it. However, something is wrong, the Earth stopped in 1991 and everything around you seems stuck in time.

It’s up to you to find out what’s wrong and solve the greatest mystery on Earth! Puzzles, tinykins, and much more: trust me, this video game will make you smile. So, what are you waiting to try it? Buy it now on Indiegala Store!

The Entropy Centre

What happens when a team of indie developers decides to create a game inspired by Portal? The answer is simple, we have The Entropy Centre. That’s right, this game has the vibes of Portal and Portal 2, some fans have even called it “Portal 3”. However, you have to do two things: overcome certain puzzles and kill killer robots. The latter increases the difficulty because you can die and if it happens, well, you’ll have to do it all over again.

Finally, there are delightful dialogues between the protagonist and Astra, the AI that proposes challenges and puzzles within his “kingdom”, an abandoned research center (someone said GlaDos?) So, if you love puzzles The Entropy Centre is what you were looking for.


Sifu is perhaps the most widely known game of this selection. The title developed by Sloclap was a great success. Sifu has engaging and innovative gameplay. Your goal is to get revenge on the enemies who made you suffer and to do so you will have to fight them all with your bare hands. Regardless, fights are not easy and sometimes you will have to die to figure out how to deal with opponents. However, every time you die and lose, you become older. As you age, your abilities will be weaker and your energies will be less. This adds an extra challenge to the game and makes it all more compelling. 

Sifu is the ultimate challenge if you think you are a hardcore gamer. Also, click here if you want to read a filmaholic review about the game.

Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper is a narrative RPG full of intrigue and interesting stories. Immerse yourself in this futuristic and cyberpunk world is a real pleasure. You can discover the story of a sleeper, an automaton that has escaped the control of a corporation. After gaining “freedom” your task will be to find your place in the world and bring down the greedy capitalism of society.

In my opinion, this game has minimal but beautiful graphics, it makes the atmosphere unique and fabulous. In a nutshell, a game that you have to try if you are interested in the story as well as alternative gameplay. 

The Case of the Golden Idol

Some time ago I talked about Monkey Island and the fact that hardly anyone develops games like the graphic adventures of Lucasarts. Well, now I have to change my mind. The Case of the Golden Idol is a game to TRY if you want to play a modern and fascinating graphic adventure. The game does not follow a linear plot but consists of 12 murders. You are in the role of a detective and you have to find out what caused these murders. You need to use your skills and see if these crimes are somehow connected.

Moreover, every victim seems to have a relationship with a mysterious golden idol. What is the conspiracy behind all the murderers? The premise can give you goosebumps and believe me, this is a game worth buying. It can involve you and become the most addictive thing you have ever experienced. So, you have to buy The Case of the Golden Idol and resolve it!


I want to close this selection with another point & click game. NORCO is a game made with beautiful pixel art graphics. Everything is fantastic from a visual point of view: the scenarios, the landscapes, and the design of the characters. The plot tells the story of Kay a young woman who must find Blake, her brother. For this reason, he follows the trail of his missing brother and embarks on an adventure in NORCO, an American futuristic city full of mysteries.

The game can take you on a journey between past and present, with fascinating dialogues, sometimes a little crazy, but well-written. Finally, NORCO is one of the Best PC Indie Games in 2022. 

Best PC Indie Games in 2022: what do you think about it?

This was my list of Best PC Indie Games in 2022. Do you agree? What do you think of this selection? Comment with your opinion and let me know what the 2022 Best PC Indie Games were for you!

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