indiegala in quarantine

Hello everyone, wonderful people of IndieGala. How are you hanging up during the quarantine?

Maybe some of you know me for being the director of DieYoung, but my main occupation for almost ten years has been to take care of IndieGala.

It has always been a wonderful adventure. Many times fate has put us to the test in these years. But we have always known how to face adversity. And I know we will do it now too.

As probably many of you already know, IndieGala is located in Italy. The country in Europe that probably has adopted the most drastic measures to contain the coronavirus emergency.

On March 10, all of Italy was declared a red zone.

And This is our sixth day of quarantine.

Home job during quarantine

Like many companies, we have decided, by mutual agreement with all IndieGala staff, to activate telework.
So since last week we have all been working from home, I mean everyone, both the staff and the Die Young development team, which is currently divided between the new project and the porting to PS4.
But it’s not easy at all.

Indeed, as you can certainly imagine, coordinating 15 people from home is a rather complicated thing.

While it may please you a little, isolation does not automatically make you more productive. In a job that requires initiative and coordination, contact and exchange with colleagues is a fundamental fuel of ideas and motivations.
Speaking, but also seeing each other, is crucial to remain anchored to the usual rhythm of work. Technology puts everything you need for video conferencing at your fingertips. The hardware – including the camera – is in the computer or in the smartphone and in small apps or programs.

But, trust me, a PC meeting is much more complicated than the usual face to face.

(PRO TIP: Get dressed. Not necessarily in a business suit, but handling pajamas and slippers requires psychologically more tiring concentration than you think)

That said, I hope the service we provide you every day is not affected too much. And above all, I hope that the epidemic will not slow down too much our new projects, especially Die young sequel.

Keeping them safe.

As for the everyday life… In general, quarantine isn’t all that dramatic.
If you have no health problems, there is no danger: we have houses connected to the outside, internet, water, heating, food, books.
The luckiest ones have some of the dearest affections within their home.
Unfortunately, others have to live without seeing many of the people they care about for quite some time.

I, in particular, am careful to not meet my parents, and above all to ensure that my children do not come in contact with them.
As absurd as it may seem, COVID-19 primarily affects the elderly.
So the possibility of becoming a vehicle of contagion towards more fragile people is a real concern.
Last Saturday I felt quite ridiculous, with my father looking out on the balcony inviting me to come up to his house and myself who preferred to speak to him at a safe distance.

Anyway, I’m used to it now.

This epidemic perhaps will change us forever, it has stripped us of the superfluous and brought us closer to the really important things in our lives.

Writing about these things gives me the strength to overcome these moments.
I will update you in these days, if you want, about how things are going here with us.


  1. Thanks for this post, mate! It surely is a challenge, but I’m certain we’re all gonna pull through 🙂 Wish you and everyone all the best!

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