Game Fest 2021

Hi there. The Game Fest 2021 article is not one of my regular articles. Indeed. It’s a rather different one, and based on an incredible experience I had last weekend. Yup. Unlike my Filmaholic Gamer Reviews (which you can look back here) I’m about to share one special event I attended last weekend.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Game Fest 2021: The What, Where, Who?

Well, as the title suggests it was a gaming event in which teams competed in 6 different games. Indeed. In the span of 2 days (Friday and Saturday) more than 30 teams competed in FIFA22, Dota2, GP, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Tekken 7. The top 3 winners (first, second and third place) took home nice prizes (cash and cool computers) and there were plenty of prizes for the audience as well. Sadly, I didn’t win anything but my friend was in the team that won second place in Tekken 7. You can safely assume that the Reunion team had the full support there.

As you can already tell we do have Tekken 7, and it’s available for purchase here at IndieGala. And if you care to check out my experience about that very same game… You can do that here.

In a Galaxy Far Away….

Just kidding (but not really). What about the where part of this article you might ask? Well, take out your Google maps folks, because it’s gonna be a fairly unknown location (for most of you anyway). The Game Fest 2021 was held in Skopje, North Macedonia. A teeny tiny country just above Greece that probably most of you haven’t even heard of. That’s OK I get that a lot. Believe me… I do get that a looooot.

But why was it a big deal for me and pretty much everyone there? And the rest of the gaming community I might add? First of all, because it’s a bigger event than last year. Secondly, the gaming tournament was held in front of a live audience, and not online. Like the last year’s one tournament. For me, it was a sign that although the pandemic is still very much ongoing, there are glimpses of hope. Hope that things can go back to the way they used to be. Yes, everyone with a vaccine certificate and a mask watched the event. But we did it. We mingled and enjoyed ourselves for the first time in ages. Yes, it was in an enclosed space (it’s December after all), but there were no COVID clusters after that. Everyone was COVID-Free after the Game Fest 2021. Which is awesome.

Cool Cosplay At Game Fest 2021 Too ….

Yup. Which goes to show that cosplay is not dead yet. Even in the middle of a pandemic. And plenty of great video game characters were honored at the event. Such as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite (a game which you can purchase here).  Marauder from DOOM and Malthael from Diablo 3 too. Furthermore, Lady Dimitrescu from RE Village was there as well. And yes. RE Village is available at IndieGala as well. But other games were honored too. Trough their finest characters of course.

Skyrim was present (Yup we got Skyrim too) and here’s a fun fact. Skyrim had the winning costume of the event. So kudos to Sara, the girl that had to wear the leather get up for several hours there. You’re my new hero. Oh and yes Diablo as well. Don’t let me forget. Metal Gear Solid: Sons Of Liberty was honored at the Game Fest 2021 with a cool cosplay costume. Check out our MGS stash here. But so was Minecraft to be honest and yes. They were awesome. Plenty of cool games and lots of cooler cosplay costumes.

So, there. It was a small but very fun event which honored some of the finest games out there. Regardless of whether it was through a gaming tournament or through cosplay. I’d love to report on the next Game Fest 2022, but hopefully pandemic-free. Here’s to a better tomorrow then. And even better 2022.

Game Fest 2021: Any Similar Events In Your Country?

Let us know about any similar events. Feel free to share photos and tell us all about them. We’d love to know more.

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