Christmas Movies 2021

It’s that time of the year. Time in which we celebrate Christmas with lots of Christmas movies, games and pretty much everything cool. 2011 is no different, and much like last year, we’re gonna celebrate this Holliday with another batch of Christmas movies. Unconventional Christmas movies of course, because much like 2020, 2021 was still a Pandemic-filled, crazy year. So, with that in mind, we think that the unconventional year we’ve had requires some additional unconventional Christmas movies.

And yeah. You can check out our last year’s article here. But be warned. Some true classics will appear in today’s article as well. Why? We thought that Christmas without them wouldn’t be the unusual yet lovely Christmas that we deserve to have. They’ve become staples in our lives really.

Christmas Movies 2021

Christmas Movies 2021 VS Christmas Games 2021

Now, before we transition into the movie territory, we think that it’s good to start with the thing we know best. The video games. Because IndieGala wouldn’t be IndieGala without them. We have plenty of great Christmas-themed games for you to check out. Such as A Christmas Carol. Which is available for purchase here. But we have plenty of great sales to go with the theme of this article. Our Winter Scratchy Sale is up and amazing. With over 1000 games in the sale, it also allows you to win a secret steam game with every purchase. Check it out here.

Christmas Movies 2021

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But let’s get back to the topic at hand. The Christmas movies… So, without further ado…

Christmas Movies 2021

Christmas Movies 2021: Which Ones Made The Cut?

Well, there’s a cool mix of movies on this list. Indeed. There are 6 of them in total (much like the last year’s list). And with one thing in common. They’re not exactly traditional picks when it comes to the Christmas movies list.

Oh and yes. Merry Christmas from everyone here at IndieGala. We wish you all of the health, happiness and success in the world. And a Happy New Year too.

Here we go. Scroll down to find out which ones made the cut.

  • Bad Santa
  • Krampus

Bad Santa

A true classic don’t you think? Well, if you’re into raunchy, vulgar and perpetually drunk Santa in the middle of the story. But that’s what Bad Santa is all about. A miserable conman (played by Billy Bob Thornton) and his partner pose as Santa and his Little Helper to rob department stores on Christmas Eve. But they run into problems when the conman befriends a troubled kid. Yeah. Bad Santa is a cynical and rather amoral film about a man who has had enough of life. But at the same time, it’s a hilarious movie that will coincidentally put you in a Christmas mood. It has a stellar performance from Billy Bob Thornton and a fine comedic performance from Tony Cox. It’s a must-watch for every comedy fan. And for every fan of the Oscar winner Thornton.

Fun fact: Bill Murray was signed on as Willie but dropped out for Lost in Translation (2003).

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

This is the first of two movies that are directed by Shane Black that made it to the list. You’ll just have to scroll down to see the second one. Furthermore, it’s a movie that perpetuates a well-known trope in this movie. The Christmas setting. Indeed. All of his movies are set during Christmas time and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is no different. But at the same time, it’s about Harry (Robert Downey Jr). New York thief who after running away from the cops will get a taste of Hollywood life. He’ll reluctantly even get a mentor (Val Kilmer) and things will get crazy in Tinseltown. It’s also a must-watch movie this Holliday season.

Fun fact: Val Kilmer’s depiction of Gay Perry is generally considered to be the first openly gay character to front a Hollywood action movie.

Iron Man 3

Told ya we’d get to the second movie by Shane Black on this list. And this might be one of the most unusual movies on this list. Furthermore, Iron Man3 has the same Christmas theme/trope and it has Robert Downey Jr in the cast. In the titular role no less. But yeah. It’s set during Christmas (much like the rest of the Shane Black movies) and it’s great. If you’re looking for a good action flick that also has a Christmas vibe (and it’s not Die Hard)… Then Iron Man 3 should be an obvious choice.

Fun fact: The only Iron Man movie not to feature any songs by AC/DC.


A Christmas horror comedy film for your taste buds? Sure why not? Krampus is all of that and more. It’s a fantastic Christmas movie with a great cast that deserves your attention. Adam Scott, Tony Colette, Emjay Anthony are part of the cast, but Krampus is gory good fun for fans of non-traditional holiday horror. Furthermore, it has a nice nod to the great Joe Dante movies of the ’80s and you’re gonna love it. And as the title suggests, it’s about Krampus. More about the wrath of Krampus of course. A demonic force of ancient evil intent on punishing non-believers. It’s good and it’s one of our picks for this article.

Fun fact: Lolo Owen (Stevie) is Stefania LaVie Owen (Beth)’s a real-life younger sister.

Office Christmas Party

Another Christmas movie with a great cast. Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, T. J. Miller and Jennifer Anniston are at the Office Christmas Party and it’s great. Much like the title suggests, it’s about a corporate Christmas party that will go horribly wrong. Chaos will ensue and you’re going to laugh your but off. That is what originally started as a quiet and demure office Christmas party will quickly turn into a wild and unhinged party for the ages. It’s a must-watch if you’re looking for a good Christmas comedy movie.

Fun fact: Karan Soni co-starred with T.J. Miller in Deadpool (2016) and with Kate McKinnon in Ghostbusters (2016).

The Ref

This is the oldest movie on this list, but it’s also one of the best. Well, it’s from the mid-’90s but it counts as the oldest one. And yeah. It’s a black comedy by Ted Demme with you’ve guessed it. Great cast as well. Denis Leary, Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey are in it and yes. It also counts as a Christmas movie. Despite the dark premise. Leary plays a cat burglar in the Ref. He’s forced to take a bickering, dysfunctional family hostage on Christmas Eve, but they will make the seemingly simple job, not so simple. He’ll have to suffer through their bickering and overall unhappiness. It’s a great movie though. Don’t let the premise fool ya.

Fun fact: One of two films in which Kevin Spacey plays a jaded, cynical man in a failing marriage. The other was American Beauty (1999), released five years later.

What Are Some Of Your Picks For The Christmas Movies 2021 List?

Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know all about your unconventional Christmas movie picks. Don’t be shy.

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