Gameplay Giveaway Christmas Special

At just a couple of days before Christmas, it’s time for the annual Gameplay Giveaway Christmas Special.

That’s right. IndieGala is continuing the beloved tradition in which you can win multiple Steam games (and even valuable credit), thanks to your gaming efforts. And just how many games we’re talking about here? Well, over one million Steam keys are available in the Gameplay Giveaway Christmas Special, featuring many new, never seen before titles. And the special will last until December 27th (maybe even more, if you’re not naughty)! All you have to do is beat the IndieGala’s Feudlife challenge to get your secret Steam key.

And this year, in the spirit of Christmas we’re making the challenge easier for you. Yes, you heard that right. The first game of the day that you’ll play in the challenge, you’ll most probably win it with ease. The Christmas Spirit will work in your favor and it will be a breeze, even for a rookie gamer. Indeed. Odds are, you’ll win the game on your first try and we at IndieGala are excited about it. You know… Making your challenge a lot more easier to give everyone a chance. But that’s not all !!!

Oh yeah. Last year (check out that article here) we brought to the challenge over 100 thousands Steam keys. But this year we went big: we’re talking over 1 MILLION Steam keys. Oh yes we are!

Soooo…. Get Ready for a brand new Gameplay Giveaway Christmas Special with a fresh new start here.

Join the feudalife challenge today

Got Room In Your Steam Library For More PC Games?

You do have room you say? Then go ahead. Enter our MASSIVE Gameplay Giveaway Christmas Special!

You can WIN a secret STEAM KEY if you beat the challenge, from indie games gems to sprawling AAA franchises like Dark souls, Far Cry & more! If you do not beat the challenge, you still win $$$ GALACREDIT $$$* to spend on our Store!


– To play each round of the gameplay giveaway you will need 10 galasilver

– You can always convert your GalaCredit into silver if you need more.

– Adblock / javascript blockers need to be disabled to play

* Limited User Accounts excluded. Limited User Accounts can win only feudalife gold.

The home screen of the challenge. Are you ready?

Gameplay Giveaway Christmas Special: How To Get You Started?

Well, the rules haven’t changed all that much from last year. But you can read more about them again in this article. There’s an extensive explanation about the rules and regulations here. Just click and see for yourself. The page will tell you everything you need to know. But in general, the first step is as always to register at the IndieGala website. You need to have an account at IndieGala to sample the goodness of the Gameplay Giveaway Christmas Special. Secondly, you need to carefully read the rules and then you’ll be transported to Feudlife. The platform was developed by us, IndieGala, and is a retro-inspired game that will take you back to your childhood. For sure!

So, in order to win exclusive Steam keys, you will have to overcome seven different challenges. And every challenge won corresponds to a Steam key to redeem on IndieGala. Therefore, each challenge will cost 10 Galacredits. It’s the exclusive Indiegala coin that you can buy at affordable prices. Regardless, in the early stages, you can try the different challenges several times for free.

Gameplay Giveaway Christmas Special

Gameplay Giveaway Christmas Special Tips And Suggestions

Oh and here’s a tip to be the best. Don’t underestimate the mini-games. And yes. Do pay attention to the different elements of the game. Also, the giveaway is not random, you can win it thanks to your efforts and get a guaranteed Steam key. This formula rewards commitment and those who are the most motivated players. So start now!

Don’t miss out on the wonderful opportunity!

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