Spring Scratchy Sale

Hear ye! Hear ye! Our Spring Scratchy Sale is still going strong here at IndieGala. Hurry up and visit it, because it won’t be here for that much longer. Indeed. It’s a perfect pairing for the glorious spring that we’re currently having. And although there’s an ongoing and seemingly never-ending pandemic…. Let’s not ruin one of the most wonderful seasons of them all. Spring.

What Is A Spring Scratchy Sale?

And what is a Spring Scratchy Sale you might ask? Well, it’s a special sale in which IndieGala commemorates the Spring. And in this particular sale, you can win a secret steam game with every purchase. Indeed. You can scratch to find your free steam key here. The offer is valid only on IndieGala.com/store. And you’d better hurry up and get it while it’s hot. Not to mention there’s a great selection of games available at our Spring Scratchy Sale. From Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise to the Resident Evil franchise. And everything in between. So, all you have to do is click here, scroll and take your pick. You won’t leave the store empty-handed, that’s for sure.

Spring Scratchy Sale

Spring Movies For Our Spring Scratchy Sale

Yes. In order to keep up with the theme of this post, we’re going with Spring- themed movies. Well, there’s no such thing, so we figured the next best thing will suffice. And we’ll take any excuse to say clear from the dark, gloomy and depressing pandemic movies. Movies like these. So, yeah. We had enough of doom and gloom for now. Think, movies with bright spring-like colors, light and sunny themes, and lots of sunshine and flowers. This is us thinking outside of the box. Or simply movies that are set during springtime. There are 5 of those movie picks on this list, but we’d also like to know your favorites as well. Which are your favorite spring-themed movies? Let us know in the comment section.

All right now. Let’s start with the list, shall we?

Spring Breakers

A movie that’s set during Springtime. A classic Spring break. And a movie that has bright vibrant colors in it. However, it’s not filled with sunshine and rainbows. In fact, Spring Breakers is a black comedy/crime movie from the very dangerous and disturbed mind of Harmony Corine. Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine star in it as well. And so does James Franco in one of his most unusual roles ever. James in Alien in Spring Breakers. A rapper who takes a bunch of girls (on a spring break vacation) under his dangerous wings. Well, this will turn out the be a spring break they’ll never forget. So, yeah. I had to start with Spring Breakers. It deserves to be on this list, don’t you think?

Fun fact: Director Quentin Tarantino stated that this was his favorite film of 2013.

Tuck Everlasting

Here’s a movie that’s warm, and bright and just wonderful. And it’s a perfect pick for our spring-themed post. Tuck Everlasting. However, it’s also one of my all-time favorite movies, and I’m just glad I finally have the chance to mention it. In one of my posts here at IndieGala no less. But at the same time, this is probably the oldest movie on this list. And yeah. It’s about love, immortality and lots of family secrets. Not to mention it has some of the best bunch of actors ever put on film. My personal favorite is William Hurt. Oh, and I highly recommend this movie. It’s worth the watch, and to this day it’s one of Disney’s best works.

Fun fact: Scott Bairstow (Miles Tuck) wanted to be in this movie so much that he did it for free.

Big Fish

Another fantasy movie, but this time from the genius that is Tim Burton. And yeah. I’ve mentioned Tim Burton’s work before here at IndieGala, but I didn’t mention not Big Fish. Which is why I think it’s a perfect fit for this list. It’s a bright and colorful and romantic movie. With hints of the southern Gothic notes that Burton is known for. Not to mention some fantastic performances and some fine music from Danny Elfman. Seriously The cast is incredible. It has 2 Oscar winners and lots of great A-listers. Including Ewan McGregor in the lead role. But Big Fish is about reconciliation and forgiveness. And a father-son story like no other. Furthermore, it’s a visually stunning movie. And yes. Deserves to be here too.

Fun fact: As a big fan of Tim Burton, Marion Cotillard slept with the film’s script under her pillow for a month. Well, until she got the part in the movie of course.

Eat, Pray Love

Why not throw a biopic in the mix? And Eat, Pray Love no less? While some may consider this movie too cheesy and by the book rom-com… Some might consider it to be a great movie. I’m on the former side though (rather than the latter) but still. The pick is more a visual preference rather than structural. And yes, it’s the second movie on this list to have James Franco in it. So, this is for all the James Franco fans out there as well. But yeah. Eat, Pray Love has 3 Oscar winners in the cast as well. And if you’ve read the book you probably know what’s it all about. Indeed. This movie is about one woman’s spiritual journey of self-discovery. Through several world countries no less. On her travels, Elizabeth Gilbert will meet fascinating people, but she’ll also meet the love of her life.

Fun fact: The third film that Julia Roberts has made in Rome. The other two are Everyone Says I Love You (1996) and Ocean’s Twelve (2004).

Under The Tuscan Sun

Under The Tuscan Sun is set in Tuscany and it’s delightful as you can imagine. Plus it has Diane Lane and Sandra Oh, in the roles. Sooo, what’s not to like? And in it, Diane Lane is Frances. A writer who buys a house in Tuscany (on a whim) after her messy divorce. However, she’ll gain so much more than the house once she gets to Tuscany. She’ll also gain a new lease on life. Not to mention the movie has one of Diane Lane’s finest performances to date. And yes. It’s a bright, and uplifting movie. Moreover it’s beautiful movie that definitely deserves to be on this list.

Fun fact: Kate Walsh plays the significant other of Sandra Oh. But both of them went on to play doctors in Grey’s Anatomy (2005).

Are You A Fan Of Our Spring Scratchy Sale?

Let us know about your spring purchases. And of course about your favorite games in it. Because, we’d love to know all about them. Oh, and if you have the chance, let us know about your favorite movie that you’d love to add to this list. Hit that comment section. Don’t be shy.

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