Metal Gear Solid Movie

The star of the Metal Gear Solid movie. I am talking about Oscar Isaac of course. You’ve probably heard the news. Oscar Isaac is about to star in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid video game adaptation. And since I already did an introduction for Hannah John-Kamen, aka the new Jill Valentine…. I figured it’s good to do the same about the next Solid Snake.

The Director of Metal Gear Solid Movie Confirmed the Casting On Twitter

But you can totally check out my Hannah tribute post here.

Details For The Metal Gear Solid Movie

Certainly, I can’t go on any further with this post, without mention of the cool details about the video game adaptation. First of all, the video game adaptation is currently in pre-production. Which means the info regarding the movie is scarce, but SONY did announce a couple of things. You know… For the fans.

Metal Gear Solid Movie
Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Hideo Kojima

And from what we do know by now, Jordan Vogt-Roberts is assigned as director of the movie. While Jay Basu and Derek Connolly are assigned as screen-writers. And aside from Oscar Isaac in the role of Solid Snake, there isn’t any other actor attached for any of the other roles. At least for the time being. But the good news is, that Jordan Vogt-Roberts is not only a fan of the game series but a personal friend of Hideo Kojima too. And he even got the directorial blessing from Kojima on Twitter. I suppose the Metal Gear Solid movie is in good hands after all. Tetsu Fujimura is one of the producers of the movie but in regards to the plot…

An advanced tank is stolen by a terrorist group and an elite soldier, Solid Snake, is dispatched to retrieve it.- that’s all the synopsis on the movie’s IMDB page. That’s it. Make of it what you will. There’s currently no official start of the principal production, nor there is any mention of a release date. I suppose that will come later in 2021. However, Vogt-Roberts has vowed to make “a riskier, balls-to-the-wall” film. A film that would honor Kojima’s legacy and further break the curse of video game adaptations. And we’ll just have to wait and see if that’s true.

Understanding The Metal Gear Solid Movie Via Metal Gear Solid Games

Ever since the first Metal Gear Solid game was introduced in 1987, the series has been one of the best game series in the entire video game industry. Additionally Metal Gear Solid is one of the best-selling video game series of all time. And one of the most acclaimed too. It’s credited for popularizing and pioneering stealth video games, but at the same time, the cinematic video games. And you have Hideo Kojima to thank for that. However, I must also mention that we do have the amazing Metal Gear Solid V game here at IndieGala. On sale as well, so you’d better hurry up and stock up. You’re going to need this entertainment for the foreseeable quarantined future.

Metal Gear Solid Movie
Some Cool Fan Art

However, I must now turn the focus on the main start of the Metal Gear Solid Movie. Oscar Isaac.

Who Is Solid Snake? Or Better Yet, Who Is Oscar Isaac?

Born in Guatemala, and raised in Miami, Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada is one of the most talented actors of his generation. He’s a Julliard trained actor and at the age of 41, he’s perfect for the role of Solid Snake. He’s an incredibly versatile actor and musician indeed. And aside from critically acclaimed movies, he’s been in several fantastic blockbusters too. From Star Wars to the X-Men franchise. And of course, everything in between. But let’s start from the very beginning.

I first got to witness Oscar’s talent in Body Of Lies. A rather mediocre movie with otherwise great cast. Leonardo DiCaprio, Russel Crowe and Mark Strong in the lead roles. Oscar had a supporting role and was incredible. But he kept popping in more and more as the years went on. In great movies such as Drive (which I highly recommend). And in not so great movies. Sucker Punch, Robin Hood, and Agora. 

tumblr_o2nna0ylZn1t2mdaeo1_540.gif (502×264) | Body of lies, Oscar isaac,  Couple photos

But I suppose the world got to know Oscar a bit more in 2013. That’s the year of Inside Llewyn Davis and the movie that got him noticed in Hollywood. He also received a Golden Globe nomination for this role (in Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical category). And things really took off for him since. The next year he was part of A Most Violent Year (I urge you to watch it). And after that, he starred in Ex Machina. Probably one of my all-time favorite movies. Not just with Oscar, but ever.

  • Metal Gear Solid Movie

Disney Come Knocking On The Door

I suppose you know what followed next. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Disney came knocking on the door, and thankfully he answered. But to be honest, I’m still mad about what Lucasfilm, Disney and Kathleen Kennedy did to this role. Poe Dameron could have been an iconic role. It was such a waste of his talent, but yeah. The last trilogy was a waste of everyone’s talent too. And speaking of wasting his talent, the same thing happened with X-Men: Apocalypse.

Think about it. This is an iconic role. An iconic villain if you will, and the movie blew it. However, out of his most recent work, I would highly recommend you check out At Eternity’s Gate. A biopic about the final years of Vincent van Gogh’s life. Led by an incredible cast and fantastic script, this is a true gem of a movie. A must watch, not because of Oscar alone, but also because Willem Dafoe and Mads Mikkelsen are in it too. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Oscar, plays Paul Gauguin in the movie. It’s so good of a movie. 

Metal Gear Solid Movie
As Paul Gauguin In At Eternity’s Gate

Triple Frontier was a fun movie with a great cast too. But what’s next for him? Besides the Metal Gear Solid movie of course? He’s a busy man for sure. And not even the pandemic stopped the career of Oscar Isaac. Well, Oscar will reunite with fellow Juilliard alumna Jessica Chastain in the upcoming TV mini-series Scenes From A Marriage.

Dune Is A Must For 2021

Not to mention, there’s the remake of the iconic 80’s movie Dune. The highly anticipated and sadly delayed movie, which i’m very much looking forward to. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Dune will finally come out in October 2021 with a theatrical and HBO Max release, and yes. I can’t wait. I’m actually looking forward to the release, since I adore the early David Lynch movies. Yes, I’m in the minority here, but i can’t really be bothered to decipher the pseudo-philosophical mess of his later career. I don’t really like the subsequent David Lynch filmography, I’m afraid. However, I have a great appreciation for his earlier stuff. Like The Elephant Man and Dune. And that’s pretty much it.

But, Oscar will also star in Paul Schrader’s crime movie The Card Counter and the dark comedy Big Gold Brick as well. And last but certainly not least… There’s the upcoming Moon Knight series. Yes, he’ll be teaming up with Marvel once again, but this time in the role of Marc Spector. I can’t wait for this actually. But then again, I’m looking forward to plenty of Oscar Isaac projects. How about you?

Before The Metal Gear Solid Movie: What’s Your Favorite Oscar Isaac Movie?

Don’t be shy. Let us know in the comment section. Is it Annihilation? Or 10 Years? How about Won’t Back Down? And make sure to tell us your personal expectations about The Metal Gear Solid Movie. Will the movie do the games some justice? Let us know.

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