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Every once in a while I’ll indulge in an open-world game that’s so immersive and beautiful. AC Odyssey, is the latest of that kind, while just a few months ago, that was Red Dead Redemption 2. Totally different games, I know but hear me out. I loved playing them both for totally different reasons.

Inspirations For AC Odyssey

First and foremost, I must mention that I was attracted to the AC Odyssey because I’m fascinated with ancient history. Especially with Greek ancient history. Secondly, because my ancestors are from Greece (for instance, my grandfather was born and raised in Edessa) But also I saw my husband has played the Assassin’s Creed series so many times so I figured. Why not? Oh and we also have the game on sale, but hurry up. That sale is not going to last that much longer.

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Also, I have to mention that I’ve played this game with many interruptions, and that took more time than I anticipated. I’ve had some health issues in the past few weeks and I was unable to pick up the controller as much as I wanted to. I’m sorry about that.

Oh, and if you’re looking for an awesome and proper review of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, then feel free to check out the review that my colleague (The Italian Guy) did earlier this year. It’s a great work on AC Odyssey, and I’ll share it just for you. You’re welcome.

Playing AC Odyssey For Fun

And lastly, I feel that I must mention I’m not a gamer. I just accidentally picked up playing games out of quarantine induced boredom. Just recently I might add, and i’m still not that proficient. I’m a rookie by every definition, and i know it says REVIEW in the title, but this is not a review of the game by any means. Far from it. This is my rookie-based, very uneducated, and simple opinion about my adventures with the game. And adventure that you should take with a grain of salt. But here I go.

I actually loved AC Odyssey. Quite a bit. It was beautifully designed, and I appreciated that I can play with a male or a female character. Much like with my Tekken preferences, I chose a female character here too. Kassandra. What can I say. I have a thing for female fighters, and this game is no exception. And when I spoke about the beautiful design, I didn’t mean solely on the fantastic and colorful open-world scenery. And I’m not talking solely about the beautifully designed characters either. Which admittedly were awesome too.

AC Odyssey
This legend 🙂

No, I’m referring to the facial expressions of Kassandra but on the many more characters as well. They were on point, and at times pretty awesome. You can pick up some subtle cues just from the facial expressions, and I loved that cinematic touch. I come from the world of movies, so I immediately picked that up the visual presentation of the character. It comes with the territory of being a filmoholic I must say, but i know how to appreciate a good motion capture performance. Not Andy Serkis level, but pretty damn good.

No, i must emphasize, I didn’t particularly care about the Greek accents, but the facial expressions were pretty damn good. I guess that’s a pretty damn motion capture work. Well done Ubisoft. Well done indeed.

A Little Help Was Needed

And while I noticed some things immediately, I needed some help in other areas. And that help came from my poor long-suffering husband. Luckily he’s already played this game so he made suggestions that I play in an exploration mode. He would also remind me when I should upgrade my gear. I called it shopping spree to be honest, but yeah. You might call it an upgrade. To which I got an eye roll and „You’re such a lady. Even In freaking Assassin’s Creed.“ comments. But oh well. Or when to unlock my abilities. That’s another thing I kept forgetting. Shield beaker was great sure, but truth be told I had the most fun with the Spartan kick. Simple yet effective. It was nice just to kick the living hell out of the many mercenaries, bandits and what not.

And here’s something Martin (the more experienced gamer that is) noticed in my dialogues. I’m always nice. Even when I shouldn’t be, but it’s just in my nature to kill them with kindness. And while I’m at it, it’s a mix of my upbringing, and the pathological need for strangers to like me. But over here, my kindness almost got me in trouble, since the plague had no kindness towards me.

AC Odyssey
Hi Ikaros

But that’s my weird thing. Back to the topic at hand. The one thing that I found fascinating is the eagle called Ikaros. Oh, man, I loved how you can summon him and explore the environment from above. It was such a cool feature, and I had quite fun with it. More than I care to admit, to be honest. Forget mapping and scouting the surroundings. Forget scouting out enemies. Nope. Ikaros was my living drone toy and I loved it.

Great Tips For The Combat

Who’d knew that just by being sneaky and stealth I’d have a much better chance of killing my opponents? Oh, man, the fight scenes were rough with a capital R, but I learned valuable lessons there. I guess early on in the game I made the mistake of going strong and aggressive in shall I say „nitro mode“.

But this particular game apparently requires to be smart even about fighting. Again, I learned that the hard way too. Oh, and another thing I learned the hard way. When in doubt (or you’re in a pickle) the safest thing is to run. Just dodge to avoid certain death, and run! Get the hell out of there, ASAP. Especially when there are plenty of people around me, and I know I’ll not make it. Hey, I’m a survivor first, and an assassin second. Don’t judge. I’m a rookie.

But overall, I loved the game. It’s beautiful, immersive and engaging. It has great and interesting quests, colorful characters and lovely scenery to look at amid all the fighting and running. What else you need from ancient Greece? Me personally, a beach and a cocktail in my hand but again… That’s a topic for another post.

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Your Thoughts AC Odyssey

What’s your take on AC Odyssey? Did you like it? Or was a dud? Tell us in the comment section. We’d love to know all about it.

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