They Always Run

Hello Guys, I’m back! Today I want to talk about the game They Always Run. Produced by Alawar Premium, this game is a 2D sidescroller hack & slash with special features and is coming out tomorrow on Steam. I tried the demo of this video game and was fascinated by it. Why? Well, read on and find out my thoughts on this game.

They Always Run: an intriguing plot

First things first, what’s the plot of the game? Contrary to what you may think, this is NOT a racing game. Yes, the title may be misleading. This is a sci-fi hack & slash set on an extraterrestrial planet.

You’re in the shoes of Aiden, a bounty hunter, chasing what are different targets. Aiden is suddenly betrayed by a spy, a “rat” and must chase him to discover a story full of twists.

Sometimes, I felt like I was on an episode of The Mandalorian. You know, enemies who want to kill you, bosses to kill, and monsters who want to rip your skin off and stuff. A regular day’s work for a bounty hunter.

I don’t want to tell you more about the plot. I anticipate that They Always Run is a game where you can identify yourself. In fact, in some dialogues, you will be the one to choose the answer to give to the interlocutors. In this way, you can give a precise characterization to Aiden and make him look like a hero or an unscrupulous hunter.

Unleash the power of the third arm

They Always Run, gameplay

What about the gameplay of They Always Run? Well, as said before, this game is a 2D hack & slash. This means that you will have to move in different environments, paying attention to all the details. There may be a lot of enemies but you can defeat them thanks to your abilities. A feature that amused me is the use of the third arm. That’s right, Aiden is a mutant and has three arms to fight enemies. You can combine the use of 3 different swords and create deadly attacks.

Plus, I also enjoyed the game’s combat system. You won’t just have to use brute force to take down enemies. In fact, on some occasions, you’ll have to be good at dodging attacks or making good counterattacks. If you can have the optics to wait and then attack, you can overcome the most dangerous enemies.

Besides, you’ll have to come up with new ways to play when you face the bosses. These enemies have unique attacks, you will hardly be able to defeat them at the first attempt. If you want advice to eliminate such enemies, study what are lethal attacks, avoid them and fight at the right time. Don’t forget to take a look at the environment around you, because there may be elements that could help you.

From this point of view, They Always Run reminded me of very famous games like Megaman X, Dark Souls, and Dead Cells. Despite being an Indie game, They Always Run has nothing to envy to triple-A games when it comes to the combat system.

Platformer and exploration

Platformer in the game

Exploration plays an important role in this game. If you take the time to explore the environments of the game, you will find the easiest way to go. For example, in the demo I played, it seemed that the easiest path was right in front of me. However, sometimes I found myself in traps, where hordes of enemies killed me over and over again.

Only then did I realize that I had to look for another way, where I could eliminate a couple of enemies with stealth and lethal attacks. Yes, there is also a small stealth component in this game. A joy for those who love silent executions like those of Ghostrunner.

The exploration in the game is easy, thanks to the intuitive keys chosen to move the protagonist. If you don’t use a gamepad, you can use WASD to move in various directions and SPACE to jump in different points. I found it very helpful that Aiden would automatically climb elements like grates or holds. This eases the parkour in the game. Moreover, you can do fast actions for those who love Speedrun.

If you explore the game, you will also find treasures that will allow you to get multiple coins. The latter, you will need to buy objects and power-ups useful to upgrade both the attack and defense.

They Always Run: an astonishing soundtrack

While playing the demo of They Always Run, I realized that the soundtrack of the game is amazing. From the very first moment, when you find yourself on the initial menu, you can listen to wonderful music. For this reason, I recommend you try this title with headphones on.

The music will become majestic and epic in some key moments. For example, after passing the first part of the game, you can get to a new area, where you can see the title “They Always Run” in the sky and a sumptuous melody will make you goosebumps. Congratulations to the developers of Alawar, who have done an exceptional job for our ears!

A pleasant and elegant graphic style

Graphics of the game

The demo of the game includes only a few settings. However, the ones I saw are really beautiful. It starts from a science-fiction workshop that reminded me of Mos Eisley’s Star Wars, to a planet full of giant crystals like Dune’s.

The graphic style of this indie game is pleasant and elegant. I enjoyed the use of colors in the background, very appropriate, with charming combinations and illustrations never tacky.

In a nutshell, it is a pleasure for the eyes of those who love the sci-fi genre.

They Always Run: try the game, you won’t regret it

From my point of view, They Always Run was a pleasant discovery. I’m sure the full game will confirm the good impressions I had playing the demo version.

When will you be able to play They Always Run? Well, you have to wait a few more days to get the full version of the game. On the official Steam page, the indie video game is scheduled for release on October 20.

So stay tuned, add the game to your wishlist and go to space for an adventure that will make you run and slice enemies!

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