COVID Movie Delay

Hi all. In the following few posts, I’m going to be focusing on the current Coronavirus pandemic. As I did before in my previous posts. And on the impact on the COVID Movie Delay, on the TV delay and on pretty much every other delay. How global pandemic impacts the most famous industries (movie, TV and even sports) and is there any hope for them? You know… For for salvaging the industries that we all love. I mean we all love watching movies and TV shows don’t we? Furthermore, we all watch football and tennis as well. Well, those things are currently on hold in plenty of countries around the world, but there are some glimpses of hope nonetheless. So, this will be a post about hope and optimism. Because what else we have left?

COVID Movie Delay

COVID Movie Delay: Which Movies Can We Hope For?

Well, several of them. Let’s start with some of the movies that are currently in production. Or, they’re lucky enough to be done with the production. I’ve already talked about the movie release delays in my previous posts, but I’ll get back to them shortly. Firstly let’s start with a video game adaptation. Since this is a blog about video games (and movies as well) and honestly, I love both of them. Let’s start with Uncharted. After a decade in prep mode, and months in production, delays and re-starts it’s finally over. The production of Unchared I mean.

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The principal production of Uncharted started back in March, and ended at the end of last month. Much like a lot of movies that are currently filming, Uncharted was plagued with production problems as well. Indeed, Uncharted had a misstep yet again when one of the stars (Antonio Banderas) tested positive for Coronavirus.

Uncharted Is Done Filming, But Elvis Is Not!

Indeed, Banderas entered self-isolation, and he’s fine now. The rest of the cast and crew spent the majority of the time, shooting on the set in Germany, and after the many headaches for director Ruben Fleicher, it’s finally done. The movie can now go into post-production. Additionally, I have to mention that the shooting was strictly regulated and social distancing was followed. But yeah thankfully it’s done and finished now. So, here’s hoping that it’s going to be a good movie.

As I mentioned, Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer is directing Uncharted, and aside from Banderas, Tom Holland is in the lead role of Nathan Drake. But Mark Wahlberg is in the cast as well, and Sophia Taylor Ali. Uncharted arrives in movie theaters in July 16th 2021. Hopefully.

And if you thought that Uncharted had a rough time, you clearly haven’t heard of Elvis’ woes. Because, the production of Elvis started in January, and it’s still not finished. Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic also resumed filming (after much delays over the summer). And much like with Uncharted, the star of the movie (Tom Hanks) tested positive for COVID-19 as well. His wife Rita Wilson as well. But it’s Austin Butler that plays the titular role of Elvis Presley, while Tom plays his manager Colonel Tom Parker. The expected release for Elvis is scheduled for October 1st 2021. If this nightmare is over by then.

Mission Impossible 7 Is Currently Mission Possible

There’s one man that you can count on to deliver the goods. Tom Cruise! The production of Mission: Impossible 7 also stopped the production, AGAIN. And while the cast and crew are in Venice, Italy no less. But this movie just shows that Tom Cruise is once again the stunt daredevil that we all know he is. He was jumping, running and flying in death-defying acts. And you just know that the 7th installment of the Mission Impossible is going to be grand. I don’t know about you but I love the MI franchise. I adore it. And correct me if I’m wrong but each passing movie is better than the last. Not just in terms of the action and the stunts. It’s a whole package and it’s good one of that. However, we’ll just have to wait until November 2021, when the movie arrives in theaters.

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The Batman Returned And Then It Got Shot Down

The first trailer for The Batman dropped in August, but the production is far from finished. Indeed, the production resumed, but COVID-19 found a way to way to shut it down again. And according to some reports it will continue well into February 2021. The main star Robert Pattinson has already tested positive for COVID-19 this summer. After spending weeks in self-isolation he’s fine and back to work, but still. It stalled the production .

The production of The Batman resumed just days ago, but according to the British media, Pattinson contracted the virus while in contact with another crew member. As of now, It’s unclear when the production will go on. Since the entire production of the movie is currently in London, with Chicago being the next location for The Batman. Also, The Batman reportedly takes place in the second year of Bruce Wayne’s time as the Batman. Long before his enemies has turned into super-villains.

COVID Movie Delay: Matt Reeves Will Deliver A Decent Movie?

Robert Pattinson took over in the role of Bruce Wayne as you may know, and I have high hopes for this movie. Recently I became a Pattinson fan, and who knows. Maybe Matt Reeves will deliver a decent movie.

However, I have bones to pick with every god damn DC movie since Batman Begins. God forbid that a Batman movie should be fun, campy and enjoyable. Gosh, in times like this I miss Joel Schumacher’s movies. I never thought I would utter these words, but I do. Why does every Batman movie has to be dark and twisted? In addition to Pattinson, the rest of the stellar Batman cast is with from Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell. Among others. The release date for the Batman is for March 4th 2022. And I want to wish this movie good luck. For one, it’s not another origin story (thank GOD), and also it has a great cast. For everything else… We’ll see.

PTA Is shooting In San Fernando Valley Again

And last but not least, Paul Thomas Anderson (AKA my all-time favorite director) is shooting again, and it’s a period piece movie set in the 70’s. As one would expect from PTA after Boogie Nights and Inherent Vice. The production started back in August in Encino, California and Bradley Cooper is in the lead role. But here’s the thing…. So is Cooper Hoffman, the son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. Anderson’s 9th movie doesn’t have an official title yet, and no release date either. But according to the set photos everyone is abiding by the precautionary measures too. And Bradley looks insane, but hey. It’s PTA’s movie – what do you expect?. But regardless of the wacky set photos, I trust PTA to deliver yet another masterpiece. Don’t you?

Bradley Cooper and Paul Thomas Anderson

COVID Movie Delay That Turned Into COVID Movie Releases

And in case you are wondering some movies did have had their anticipated releases. Months after their original dates, and with limited screening but yeah. Tenet is one of them for instance. And according to some of the YouTube reviews I watched about the movie, there were only 5 people present to most screenings.

Tom Cruise

In the entire movie theater that is. That’s according to the new special rules and instructions of course. But one different account is Tom Cruise’s summer video vlog in which the A-list actor (along with director Cristopher McQuarrie) went to see Tenet. In a packed theater in London no less. As you can see from the video, his story is a bit different. We may be poor down on our luck mortals, but he’s Tom Cruise. What do you expect? Not to mention Tom loved it, but that’s beside the point. He’s a daredevil in real life too, and not afraid to show it.

COVID Movie Delay And Award Ceremonies

And last but certainly not least, what about the upcoming award ceremonies? Well, first on the Hollywood agenda were the Emmy awards. Originally scheduled for September 21st, The Emmy’s were held online as well. Much like everything else this year. The ceremony was originally to be held at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was instead held at the Staples Center, while winners gave speeches virtually from their homes. Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek became the first comedy or drama series to win all of the four main acting categories in a single year. As well as the first comedy or drama series to win all seven major awards in a single year. Well done Schitt’s Creek.

On the other hand, The 78th Golden Globes are pushed to Sunday, February 28, 2021, while the 93rd Academy Awards to April 25th, 2021.

Hopefully, this pandemic will be over by thenIf not, there’s always Pandemic: The Board Game.

oscars 2018 GIF by The Academy Awards

Which event or movie are you looking forward the most for? Tell us in the comment section. We’d love to find out. To be honest, my current obsession is Tenet and I’m DYING to see it. But for a foreseeable future, I’m excited mostly about the Uncharted movie adaptation. How about you?

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