5 New Steam Games

The weekend is almost here and we know your fingers are getting tingly for some action. So are ours! We’ve just stumbled upon 5 new steam games that we think you should absolutely take for a spin.


5 New Steam Games - Impulsion

Impulsion is one of the new Steam games that just came out this month. Make your way through 25 levels of increasing difficulty by manipulating physics to your advantage. You’ll need to shoot force fields to slow down or accelerate yourself and the environment! Impulsion also has Competitive and Speedrun modes to climb the leaderboards! Challenge your friends, online players and yourself! This game is so new even we haven’t tried it yet. When we do, you can be sure you’ll see it on Quick Gameplay Peek.

A Rite from the Stars

5 New Steam Games - A Rite from the Stars

A Rite from the Stars is a coming of age tale with all the charm of a Disney movie. This is a game for people who genuinely appreciate video games as a storytelling medium, and it will have you engrossed for hours. A Rite from the Stars seems like a cocktail of Legend of Zelda and Jungle Book. Of course, we mean a non-alcoholic one and very tasty!

Detective Case and Clown Bot in: The Express Killer

5 New Steam Games - Detective Case and Clown Bot in: The Express Killer

If we’d come across this last week it would have had a mention in our “6 funniest games” list. Even the marketing is funny: in the sequel from the game you didn’t know existed. Speaking of marketing, we happen to have the most exclusive deal there is. Buy Detective Case and Clown Bot in: The Express Killer from us now (10% off) and get the equally hilarious prequel for free! A bad detective with a whacky robot sidekick? Sounds like a point-and-click adventure to get into!


Au contraire, mr.Vegan actually got a mention in our “6 funniest indie games” list. However, little did we know that mr.Vegan would be as funny as it ragequit-inspiring. Play the video to see the ludicrous Steam achievement we unlocked. And remember, hamburgers can be very unhealthy. By the way, pick up mr.Vegan with 9 other PC games in the Friday Special Bundle.

Crashday Redline Edition

The 10 games in the Hump Day Bundle are all rather cool. Still, being able to pick up Crashday Redline Edition (plus 9 other games) for 5 bucks is a total steal. There is simply way more content than you’d expect from the price tag. 36 maps, 12 vehicles, 7 game modes, track editing, modding, you name it — this racer deserves much more attention! (Check out 4 other racing games worth your attention.)

Looking for more new Steam games?

If you’re looking for new Steam games, it eventually pays off to hit our Giveaways section and spend your daily GalaSilver. Our two featured giveaways today don’t need any introduction.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III giveaway

“Sprawling level design, thrilling combat, and masterful indirect storytelling make Dark Souls 3 the best Dark Souls yet.”
94% – PC Gamer

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 giveaway

“After waiting for more than 6 years for a sequel, you’d expect Tekken 7 to come back with the might of an iron fist, and Bandai Namco absolutely nailed that. A bit more serious than its predecessor, Tekken 7 is also more technical, precise and demanding without being less entertaining, thanks to its varied roster of characters… In short, Tekken 7 is a great competitive game for friends and rivals!”
8.9 / 10 – VGProfessional

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