Plague Inc: Evolved

All right now. My Plague Inc: Evolved Experience is next on my agenda and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Why you might ask? Well, reason number one is because this is my first real-time strategy/ simulation game to make its way into the Filmoholic Gamer Review repertoire. And I’ve had plenty of pandemic movies to write about already. Trust me.

And when I mentioned in my Borderlands 3 Filmaholic Review (available for revisiting here) that I’m all about diversity and spicing things up… I wasn’t lying. I love that. So, it’s because of my intense desire to try new things, I chose Plague Inc: Evolved.

Plague Inc: Evolved

However, What’s The Genesis Of My Plague Inc: Evolved Experience?

Well, the genesis would be actually me telling you more about Plague Inc: Evolved. And later in this article about my experience with it. But first things first…. Developed and published by Ndemic Creations, Plague Inc: Evolved is a simulation/strategy game in which I (and I suppose all of you too) play as a pathogen. And a pathogen determined to kill and wipe out humanity as we know it. That’s the bare essence of the game, but for a bit more, scroll down to find out what more actually entails.

However, I must mention that we do have Plague Inc: Evolved available for purchase here at IndieGala and it’s currently on sale. Just click here and get yourself a nice and entertaining game. Because let’s face it. It is. But this is my experience with it. I’d love to know yours. Oh and just to add something here. We do have Plague (available here) as well and Plague Road (available here). Very different games but with a similar disease in case you’re interested.

Plague Inc: Evolved

My Plague Inc: Evolved Experience Is Different

Do you remember how in my Borderlands 3 Filmaholic Gamer Experience I mentioned that I played the game on two separate platforms? PlayStation 4 and PC? Well, this experience was quite similar, but because of different circumstances and motives. First and foremost, let me just say that I didn’t play it on two different platforms (my PC and my mobile phone this time) because of any difficulties. Far from it.

I spent the majority of the past couple of weeks in and out of hospitals so I used My Plague Inc: Evolved as a source of entertainment. Indeed. I spend hours and hours waiting. Either queuing in line outside. Or in hospital waiting rooms, labs and pharmacies, clinics and general doctor’s offices inside. I’m fine BTW, don’t worry. These were different doctor’s visits. Not COVID related. But the game was doing a good job at killing my boredom in the process. Waiting is so much bearable when you have something to do. Or something to keep you occupied.

But yeah. My Plague Inc: Evolved was a life-saver (oh the irony) these couple of weeks. In these times of uncertainty as well. Oh, and in those hours of waiting and waiting I had a light bulb over my head. At one point I got a strange sense of meta-feeling among my Filmoholic Gamer Experience. You know, since I played mostly with a virus and there’s a raging global pandemic on every corner of this world. As I said… The irony was duly noted in this article.

My Plague Inc: Evolved Experience: Short And Fun

Yeah, there’s a bit of waiting in the game too, which I found frustrating at times. However, the fast-forward button was again… a lifesaver. And thanks to that button, I managed to play through the game cycles in 20 minutes (give or take). What I find also frustrating after a couple of rounds, was the ominous and depressing music. But it’s not something I’ll get to whine about too much here. It made the atmosphere, even more, bleaker, but damn it…

It fits nicely to the game I must admit. And I struggled with the game at first (yes I struggle even with simulations apparently). But I managed to get the just fairly quickly. In Casual mode too. First and foremost, I made a conscious choice to mostly stick with viruses solely because of the similarities with our lives at the moment. Keeping it real I suppose is the appropriate phrase here. And after a while, I found a way to maximize the impact of the virus. Undetectable symptoms, speedy and fairly transmissions, and high fatality.

Later on, I find out that geography plays a huge role in the spreading of the virus. It’s good to start with a landlocked country (preferably from Asia for even more authenticity). And then to think about spreading the virus through air travel for instance. Yeah, the strategy was hard to balance, but I did figure it out eventually. Hey, I even brought Greenland to its knees, which was not easy let me tell ya. Greenland is one tough cookie in this game.

Hit Way Too Close To Home

Look, as much as I’d like to pretend that the authenticity and the realism of Plague Inc: Evolved didn’t bother me… They did. I recently lost a dear friend to COVID and things have not been good lately elsewhere too. The world is still struggling with the virus, and It’s the sad truth. However, I must admit, the Necroa Virus was a tad more light-hearted solely because of the zombie theme in it. Yeah, somehow in my weird and twisted mind it felt a bit less morbid to turn everyone into a zombie. Yes, you might say that after a while the realism and authenticity got tiresome. To hell with it. I wanted zombies after a while, and with lots of mutations too.

The Simplicity Is On Point

I actually love the simplicity of Plague Inc: Evolved. The basic premise is simple yet clear enough and the many pathogens keep things interesting. I guess there’s something to be said about diversity even in these scenarios. Not to mention, I was entertained for the most part and that’s a huge accomplishment. The game managed to make even the dullest, mundane activities less boring and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

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Are You A Fan Of Plague Inc: Evolved?

Let Us Know what’s your favorite pathogen to play with. And of course, share your Plague Inc: Evolved experience with the game. We’d love to know all about it.

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