Far Cry: New Dawn Experience

OK let’s face it. Far Cry is a recurring topic here at IndieGala. But My Far Cry: New Dawn Experience is fairly new and I can’t wait to tell you more about it. Indeed. It’s for the purpose of my usual Filmaholic Gamer Review and I love it.

Far Cry: New Dawn Experience & A Look Back

But I did cover the Far Cry Franchise on several occasions before. First and foremost there’s my Far Cry review. I mean the Uwe Boll-directed movie which coincidentally prompted a whole series of Uwe Boll reviews. You can check it out yet again here. You’re welcome.

Far Cry: New Dawn Experience

However, exactly one year ago I announced Far Cry 6 and the actor that’s going to star in it. Giancarlo Esposito of course, and I’m thrilled about it. October can’t come soon enough, since I adore Giancarlo Esposito. But I did a little introduction of Mr. Esposito and his character in Far Cry 6 (“El Presidente”), so you can also look back at that article here. But if you’re looking for a proper game review then you should check out my colleague’s (The Italian Guy) article about Far Cry 5. It’s amazing and yes. It deserves another read which you can do it here

But I believe a disclaimer is very much needed upfront. This is not a detailed and meticulous review of the intricate details of the game. No. This Filmaholic Game Review is simply a rudimentary, experience-based telling of one rookie’s gameplay. As I mentioned before… If you’re looking for more, you should turn to the Italian Guy’s review. Seriously, it’s so good. Ok, now that’s out of the way… Let’s focus on New Dawn.

My Far Cry: New Dawn Experience Is Pretty Solid

Before I dive into the actual Filmaholic Experience, I really must mention the fact that Far Cry: New Dawn is available for purchase here at IndieGala. But not only that. We currently have almost every single game in the Far Fry series available for purchase. Furthermore, we have Far Cry Bundles (available here), limited editions (available here) and Season Passes (here). Whatever you need, we probably got it. Just click here and take your pick.

But what’s so special about Far Cry: New Dawn? Well, as I mentioned I come from the world of the movies, so visual compositions, characters and stories interest me more. Well, more than the technical details. But I will say this. The post-apocalyptic word in New Dawn does look incredible. I mean it’s downright gorgeous, considering the turmoil and destruction that it had before getting to the beauty stage.

Loved The Weapons… The Characters… Not So Much…

First and foremost let me start this article with the things I did like in Far Cry: New Dawn. Well, aside from the open world I just mentioned. I did enjoy the saw launcher more than I care to admit. And the slingshot too. Seriously, how cool was that? But after a while, I realized that a knife attack would do the trick in most of the combat scenarios, especially in the ones with me sneaking in stealth mode. I enjoyed them as well. And much like with my previous Filmaholic Gamer Experiences, I did choose a female character here as well. Called it Suzie Q (I know, hardly an original name), but I did manage to get her killed a lot. Hey, I did my best, don’t judge. Well, until I got the hang of it, but even then (OK for the most part) I depended on Carmina’s resurrection abilities. 

Far Cry: New Dawn Experience

The Twins Are Ughhhh

But before I started the game, my long-suffering husband informed me that he didn’t really like New Dawn. When I asked why… He simply said… Start the game and you’ll see why. And I must say… He was right. Here’s what happened next, and here’s my journey to this realization. Just for kicks, Martin suggested trying out Far Cry 4 and 5 (albeit very briefly) just to see the similarities/differences and to familiarize me better with the characters. And must say… It was hard switching to 3 different games in a short period, but so worth it. And necessary too.

It gave me a different perspective on how much some of the characters suck in New Dawn. Especially the twins. Oh my god! How annoying (and not interesting… like at all) are the twins in New Dawn? I mean, I’m all for female characters but these two were bugging me to no end. I loved The Judge though (although I hear plenty of the fans do too). Hey, he even has a cult following, which is awesome. He’s got a fan right here too and I got no remorse about that.

Not All Villains Are Created Equal

No, they’re not and the twins are proof of that. I mean they are supposed to be menacing and terrifying, but they were more annoying than anything else. And their presence was a thorn in my eye let me tell ya. And I think that because of this point Martin was making me try out 4 and 5. Seriously Joseph Seed and Pagan Min are miles ahead on the scare factor scale (not even mentioning the amazing Vaas). Heck, even the mere introduction of Pagan Min was terrifying. Not to mention, he’s a cool, yet calculated flamboyant psychopath and you’re scared 5 minutes in. Which just proves my point there. Not all villains are created equal.

Overall Satisfied In My Far Cry: New Dawn Experience

Yes, I am. Although some of the characters were a bit of a letdown, the combat, and the missions (which I think were around 20) were keeping me engaged. The soundtrack was a killer as well in New Dawn. Seriously, the post-apocalyptic feel got amplified with that soundtrack, and I adore it the most out of all the three games. I’m not a fan of gospel/church music so my praises go to New Dawn here.

And even though New Dawn is a spin-off/sequel to Far Cry 5 I did not start with 5. I switched briefly to 4 and 5, but only for better insight into the characters (mostly the villains). You might say I have a streak of starting game series with the most recent entries. Heck, I did that with Dark Souls and I started my Filmaholic Gamer Review with Borderlands 3. Yeah, I kind of skipped 1 and 2. But yeah. This was a great experience, and frankly, I liked the game. I can’t wait for Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 GIF by UbisoftBrasil

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