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Jurassic World Evolution is currently on sale here at IndieGala, and it’s a perfect opportunity for you to try it. However, if you prefer the original movies, we have you covered. You’ll love the Jurassic World Evolution: Return to the Jurassic Park even more.

So, why don’t you use the social distancing and isolation time, and check it out by yourself?

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What’s the game all about?

First of all, Return to the Jurassic Park is the third expansion pack for the Jurassic World Evolution video game franchise. Much like the name suggests, it follows the events of the iconic 1993 film. Therefore the video game is an open invitation to return to the island where it all started.

As a player, you get to take the park and make it your own. The game indeed gives you a chance to rebuild the locations where the dinosaurs can roam free.  And certainly to overcome brand new challenges as you play along.

One of the most entertaining features in the park (aside from the dinosaurs) are the Jurassic Park-inspired attractions. For example attractions like the Main Gates and of course the infamous tour.

In Return to the Jurassic Park there are two new dinosaurs (the Pteranodon and Compsognathus), and so much more. Because everybody loves dinosaurs, right?

Revisiting the two movies of Jurassic World

As a result of the dinosaur love, and because we have Jurassic World Evolution on sale, we’re going to expand our horizons. That’s right. We’re going to go back a few years back and discuss the Jurassic World movies.

 No, not the Steven Spielberg movie from the ’90s. Rather the new spin of the Jurassic Park, with Chris Pratt. While the original movie from 1993 is universally acclaimed and loved, the Jurassic World movies somehow get a bad rap.

Ultimately, we’re here to defend the Jurassic world movies and state that they’re just as beautifully done as the predecessors. Likewise, the Jurassic World- animated series has been announced to air on Netflix later this year, but for now, we’re going to focus solely on the two recent movies. Ready?

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Jurassic World

I know what some of you were thinking: A direct sequel movie to the franchise’s first film, Jurassic Park? That seems like an instant cash-grab, right? Sometimes it can be indeed.

But not always. However, Hollywood is not that mysterious. True, their main goal is to entertain, but also the earn some money as well. So, that was the intent with the Jurassic World franchise revival. To get us frightened yet again, and to make us spend some money.

Well, the news of the new movie began to spread in early 2013 and by 2014, some disappointed fans openly mocked the idea of a new Jurassic World movie. Probably the worst idea for a movie, right? Certainly for some, but Colin Trevorrow proved even the most notorious doubters wrong. Despite the fact that this was just his second feature length movie in his entire career.

Also, the director made some key adjustments, but the backbone of the story remained the same. However, the key novelty to the entire new spin of the new franchise proved to be the addition of the lovely and talented Chris Pratt.

As a result of the massive success that Pratt had with the Guardians Of The Galaxy (just a year prior), Universal Pictures just knew that he had to utilize his talent again. Most importantly his charisma. Frankly not since Tom Cruise, there has been an actor with that much charisma.

Don’t mess with Chris Pratt’s charm

The man oozes charm and charisma, and the producers can thank Pratt for much of the movie’s success. But how can a movie rely solely on the charm of one man? To be honest it can’t.

Probably the other part of the equation in the movie’s success was the fact that Jurassic World didn’t stray too much from the basic formula. If it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it? Indeed.

The Jurassic World had the same idea of a dinosaur park, same location, and pretty much the same plot. The park plunges into mayhem and chaos when a transgenic dinosaur goes on a rampage. Simple and classic.

But aside from the fact that 99% of the cast was brand new, there was one familiar face indeed. BD Wong in the role of the genetics scientist Dr. Henry Wu. More than a billion dollars in revenue and pretty good reviews brought us to…

Jurassic World Evolution t-rex

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Due to the massive financial and critical success of Jurassic World, just short three years later the sequel arrived in theaters. And frankly, I’m here to defend it even more than the previous movie.

The movie mainly received mixed reviews, but frankly, it was beyond great if you ask me. It had a brand new director (J.A. Bayona) and it marked the return of the one and only Jeff Goldblum to the franchise. Likewise, I’m here to defend the director as well. Hear me out.

I actually loved Bayona’s direction even more than Trevorrow’s. It was more fluid; it was much more creative and brought more of the scary element to the movie. Even more so than the first film.

Sure the screenplay had some flaws, but I loved the much darker tone of the film. The elements of the script were a welcomed addition, and frankly so was some of the cast. Finally, I loved the actors here. Even more then in the previous movie. James Cromwell, Toby Jones, Geraldine Chaplin, and Rafe Spall were great inclusions.

Also thanks to Bayona’s direction, the film was more suspenseful, much scarier, and thrilling. If you haven’t been introduced to the talent of J.A. Bayaona, check him out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised indeed. I know I was with The Orphanage, The Impossible and A Monster Calls. Check them out.

Jurassic World Evolution: Your thoughts

What are your thoughts on Jurassic World Evolution? And did you like the Jurassic World movies? Tell us in the comments below.

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